‘Yellowjackets’ Star Sophie Nélisse Breaks Down The Finale’s ‘Painful’ Death & Shauna’s ‘Regret’

‘Yellowjackets’ Star Sophie Nélisse Breaks Down The Finale’s ‘Painful’ Death & Shauna’s ‘Regret’

The very first season of ‘Yellowjackets’ ended with an awful and stunning death. HL spoke Specifically with Sophie Nélisse about what this loss means for Shauna moving forward in season 2.

Yellowjackets had actually been building up to a significant death, and it was one of the last characters fans expected. Jackie was the one to pass away in the season finale after spending the night outside following her brutal fight with Shauna. Jackie adhered death as the very first snow fell. The next early morning, Shauna kept an eye out the window and saw snow. She went to Jackie, who was already dead. Shauna shrieked over losing Jackie and the words she can never reclaim.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Sophie Nélisse about Jackie’s destructive death. She thinks Shauna may even “go numb” over losing Jackie but still thinks Shauna is too “logical” to go down the course that Lottie and others are heading towards. Sophie likewise talked about season 2 and who she thinks the Antler Queen is. Read our Q&A below:

Ella Purnell
Ella Purnell as Jackie. (Showtime)

What was your reaction when you read in the script that Jackie was going to be the one to pass away?
Sophie Nélisse: I indicate, we knew that she was going to pass away from the start. She was just expected to be in the very first season, so we knew this all along. But we didn’t know how she was going to die, so that was rather unexpected. I didn’t know that it would come right after the battle. I didn’t know the regret that Shauna is going to have to go through after this. I believed it was a really strong minute, and I love also the beat right before where there’s like this little dream series. You’re like, oh, everything’s going to be fine, we all enjoy her now, and then it just makes her death so much more unpleasant. It’s really unfortunate. I think I shed a tear while checking out the script.

Sophie Nélisse: I think that’s Jackie gradually passing away. I think Shauna senses something. That’s why she worries, but I believe it’s certainly Jackie passing away and her slowly going to this sort of heaven.
How do you think this guilt is going to impact Shauna, specifically as the stakes continue to get higher out there?
Sophie Nélisse: I believe she’s going to have a truly difficult time afterward due to the fact that even though things were going sour with Jackie, I don’t believe they’ve even ever truly had such a big battle before. I believe likewise simply having the baby is kind of a consistent pointer of Jackie, which is also so sad.

Sophie Nélisse and Ella Purnell as teenager Shauna and Jackie. (Showtime)

In the midst of all of this, there’s that scene at the very end with Lottie, Van, and Misty. This supernatural darkness component has actually been brewing over the course of the season. We’ve seen Van very much entering that instructions. Do you believe Shauna thinks any of that or could lean towards in the wake of Jackie’s death?
Sophie Nélisse: I feel like Shauna so far seems too reasonable to think that at the moment. I think she believes a little bit more like Taissa and has always been clear-headed, but I do not know. I absolutely believe increasingly more characters will lean towards that spiritual type of cult thing due to the fact that you need something to hang on to. You require something to believe in order to endure or to keep the peace. Although I think that cult thing is what might begin troubling things. Some people will go one way, and I think perhaps 2 groups will kind of come together. I’m really curious to see what’s going to occur. But up until now, it does not appear like Shauna’s type to believe in that sort of thing. And likewise, in the future, with how she is with her sarcasm and dark humor, I feel like she would make fun of that example. But again, when the stakes are so high in the wilderness, I believe your mind just type of latches on to whatever is there to latch on to.

Shauna believes about tasting the bear’s blood. I believe after that night’s episode and just almost killing somebody, I think she’s beginning to simply be curious to taste it or see what it’s like. I think it’s all part of the dark side that Shauna has, like when she cheats with Jeff and her bad side that she suppresses all the time.

People have actually been questioning who will be the first individual they eat. And now with Jackie dead …
Sophie Nélisse: I know. I suggest, it may be Jackie. I do not know. However that would be sad. I do not understand if she would even be able to eat Jackie. She would start sobbing. She would gag. I feel like she could not. She would vomit all of it out. At some point, they’ll have to. You do not wish to wind up needing to consume anybody. At some point, they’ll have to accept it. Either Jackie or I have a theory, but that would be just exceptionally revolting. However like, technically, I don’t believe my kid could make it through due to the fact that we’re barely eating. I do not know if it’ll even make it through the pregnancy. Then, what if we consume my kid? That would be ridiculous.

As soon as it comes out, I think she feels guilty because although what she said was real, I believe she would have rather it be done in a more considerate and calm way and have more of a sit-down discussion with Jackie about things in the perfect world. I believe it’s a turning point for Shauna’s character to just finally be able to not care about other people’s viewpoints and lastly say what she has on her mind. I believe it’s a critical minute for her to finally stand up for what she believes.

You certainly see Shauna’s power in that moment with the rest of the group. Regardless of whether or not they liked Jackie or didn’t like her, they rallied around Shauna.
Sophie Nélisse: I haven’t seen Beaches

Sophie Nélisse
Sophie Nélisse as teenager Shauna. (Showtime)

Jackie’s death indicated saying farewell to Ella. When I do a scene generally, I believe of someone that I’m close to that’s passing away.

I know you didn’t understand earlier in the season, but do you understand who the Antler Queen is?
Sophie Nélisse: I still do not know, however I’m actually leaning, like everyone else, for Lottie’s character. Specifically in episode 9 when she uses that thing on top of her head, I feel like it would be Lottie, and it makes sense because she’s the one that’s sort of been putting the cult together up until now. I believe it is going to be Lottie. She would be a great Antler Queen. I would absolutely follow her.

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