Will taking CBD oil late at night keep me awake?

  • Will taking CBD oil late at night keep me awake?

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    It should not keep you up at night, in fact CBD helps promote sleep by relaxing you and helping deal with stress and anxiety as well. Also there are CBD products such as gummies, capsules and mints that also contain melatonin which also aids in sleeping. I personally have been taking over the counter sleeping pills for a few years now and when I started using CBD I had forgotten to take my pills and was surprised when I woke the next morning after falling asleep without them. Under normal circumstances I would have never fallen asleep without the use of those sleeping pills.


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    I’ve tried both. Hell I’ve tried all sorts of cannabis products.

    If I didn’t have cannabis I don’t sleep much if at all. Now what’s better for sleep? My personal favorite for sleep is just bud. A nice indica dominant strain, rip a fat bowl of Northern Lights, read for 20 minutes, then call it good night.

    But if I weren’t restricted to just “weed” or cbd oil, I’d suggest edibles. Though, I am in a new ball field with edibles. First time seriously having them, has been thoroughly satisfying. I will continue to use edibles, as the high is much more relaxing and sleep inducing.


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    Why shouldn’t you take CBD before bed?

    There should be no reason why you should not use CBD at any time. I use it before bed every night and then again during the night, for chronic pain control.

    Baring other medications you may take or specific diseases or conditions you may personally have, CBD can help you control pain if thats your goal-it’s the most common use for CBD tinctures oils and creams.

    I’m curious where you heard that person should not take CBD before bed as the information is quite incorrect, for the majority of people.


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    It takes about two or three hits off the pipe to put you to sleep. I have no idea how to equate that to mg’s of anything, but it can’t be a lot.

    CBD is very expensive, far more than most good drugs.

    Ambien is so good the instructions advise one to be in bed before taking it! The reason, no matter what your sleep issue, it knocks you out in roughly 5 minutes. No amount of CBD will do that (IMHO).

    CBD is good, no disputing that. But when it comes to sleeping, Ambien is the oracle we worship, if there is no convenient partner about. I will take sex over any medicine any day (night) as my favorite sleeping pill (although it doesn’t promote instant sleep).

    Sure, it take negotiation and compromise to get there—but there is no way to beat the payoff.

    No it will not keep you awake, actually CBD oil has been shown to promote a sleep that is rejuvenating and refreshing.

    There are several clients and people i know personally that started using the cbd oil only to see if it would help out with there insomnia. Everyone i have sold to and or talked to have resolved there issues with being able to sleep. They also have accomplished this with no prescribed sleep enhancing drugs taken only the CBD oil.


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    In most cases, no, although it depends on the individual. Some people take CBD oil just before bedtime and it helps them sleep. However, there are cases where people experience the opposite effect. In this scenario, the best advice would be to leave a gap of several hours between the last serving of CBD and bedtime.

    When it comes to Cannabidiol, everyone is different. It sometimes requires a little fine-tuning with the timing and size of the last serving to see results.


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    I’ve taken numerous CBD products and none have made as much of a difference as this one. I take 1 every night before bed and I sleep like a BABY! I work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week so sleep is very important for me and this has made all the difference. I also have noticed a huge decrease in my anxiety and the biggest of all my social anxiety. I didn’t expect this to have any effect on that but I swear I am a better socializer these days lol! GET YooForic tincture oil. It’s amazing. Digestion, sleep, anxiety. It cures all.


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