Why is depression so hard to overcome?

  • When I was 28 years old, I had been married for five years to the love of my life, we had two good incomes and no children and I had moved up the ladder to a supervisor’s position in my trade

    On the surface, everything in my life seemed to be going extremely well, yet inside of me was a deep well of constant pain and despair that I could not escape

    Most days it felt like I was slowly dying from the inside out

    Surely, there had to be something wrong with me! I had felt these terrible, debilitating feelings since I was 16 or 17 years old

    Out of sheer desperation, I went to see my doctor, because I had no idea where else to turn

    He diagnosed me with clinical depression, what a huge relief!

    At last, I had some hope that I could solve the problem and get on with my life

    How wrong I was! I continued to go in and out of a deep depression for the next 15 years of my life

    It really was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs

    But now everything is different! I know exactly why I had struggled for all of those years and I have fixed the problem

    But it took a very long time and a lot of searching to put all the pieces of the puzzle of my depression together

    Only then could I understand clearly what was going on inside me

    Right back at the beginning of my journey, I had no idea what depression was, when I first spoke to my doctor

    He told me it was a form of mental illness that would need medication and even therapy to help me overcome it

    Not knowing any different, I believed him! After all, I had a lot of respect for him as a qualified medical professional

    Now, because I believed it was a mental illness, I looked no further and blindly accepted this as being the absolute truth

    I then went on a long journey of trying anti-depressants of all types

    Unfortunately, for me, the medications did absolutely nothing

    All I experienced were horrible and even debilitating side effects that made the problem even worse

    I was one of the unlucky ones apparently, one of the small percentage of people who get no relief from medications

    I kept persevering though and trying many different and new medications over the years, because I was determined to get better

    That was until a psychiatrist said to me one day; “ You’ve tried all the medications, and all the combinations of medications that are available, there is nothing more I can really do for you”

    I was absolutely devastated and heartbroken! That was the absolute lowest point in my life!

    I remember leaving his office and walking out into the carpark in a complete daze, where I sat in my car with my head slumped on the steering wheel, crying in utter despair for what seemed like hours

    I wanted to give up and crawl into a hole and never come out, I couldn’t face the world anymore, it was too hard, it was simply too painful to go on

    I had an illness that could not be fixed because no medication was ever going to help solve the problem

    There was no hope of recovery now! Wouldn’t it be easier to just opt out?

    But the answer to that is always no!

    I picked myself up and decided to keep looking for any possible answer to my depression that might be out there

    Only once I had let go of relying on a medical solution only, because nothing worked and it seemed like nothing ever would, did I open up my mind to think outside the box

    I had no other choice!

    Over the next 8 to 10 years, I went on an amazing journey of self discovery that opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities of healing

    As it tuned out, the underlying cause of my depression was not a medical problem at all!

    From my experience, here is why depression can be so hard to overcome;

    Your depression may be a chemical imbalance, but there is no test or scan to prove it, so it remains a clinical diagnoses from a medical professional

    But even if it is, did the chemical imbalance come first or was it a result of you being depressed in the first place?

    Your depression might be hereditary, or a result of childhood trauma, or psychological, or partly emotional, or a combination of all of these

    But again, there is no test to prove any of this, so it gets back to being a clinical diagnosis from a medical professional’s training and experience

    There is no way to test or tell which medication will work for you, so it is all trial and error with anti-depressants

    How people respond to medications can be different too, as we are all unique and so is our physiology and biological make up

    It can take time for you to find the right therapist and therapy, that you will relate to and respond well too, so this can take time as well

    It’s important to keep going with your treatments, especially if you see no progress in the short term, or even medium term, because you could improve rather quickly when you do

    There is always hope, remember that!

    Your current life situation, past experiences and your daily stress levels are unique and different to other people, so no one person’s depression is the same as someone else’s

    How you handle stress, deal with feelings of overwhelm, make decisions and problem solve in your life are all unique to you as well

    Your life story and what you have had to endure in your past is different to any other person too

    So, there are many variables to how you developed depression and therefore many variables in trying to treat you depression

    It can all sound a bit overwhelming can’t it? This is why you must be determined to find the solution that will work for you and keep going, when it might seem hopeless

    Just look at my story

    I have fell into a deep pit of despair several times over the years trying to find a solution and could have given up and thrown in the towel, yet here I am!

    That old saying; “it’s always darkest before the dawn” was absolutely true for me and it can be for you, so always keep searching and asking questions

    If things aren’t progressing for you, read about people who have healed from their depression and find out what they did to get better

    If you aren’t happy with your therapist or doctor, then talk to another one, then another if need be, find someone you resonate with and feel comfortable being around and keep going

    Eat a healthy diet, get some regular mild exercise, stay in contact with friends and family, or make new friends, and stay involved in life as best you can

    Allow yourself to have fun and enjoyment in your life and stimulate your mind and energy by discovering new hobbies or interests, like taking an art class or doing yoga for the first time

    You can also read up on the different ways of looking at depression; from a medical point of, to an alternative and even a spiritual point of

    This is what I now know; the more you fill your mind with new possibilities, the more inspired, energised and hopeful you can become, that you can heal completely

    It took me many years of research and reading widely to wrap my head around this idea, but I’m so glad I did

    This is what I discovered about my depression that might stun you!

    There is knowledge and understanding of what makes up a human being that science and the medical world does not understand

    Having said that, I have the utmost respect for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and medical doctors who treat people with depression and other mental illnesses

    They do very important and necessary work in our community, and you should never ignore what they say

    But the fact is, from what I have discovered, they do not know everything that there is to know about being human on every level

    Here is why I have dedicated my life to helping people become free from their depression

    I have discovered there are three realms of human life, that may be at the root cause of most people’s depression

    These can be even more reasons why your depression has been hard to overcome

    1. Your natural energy could be depressed, not just you
    2. Your mind, not your brain, and how it has been formed from an unhappy childhood, could be contributing to your depression
    3. You have lost touch with your natural connection to mother nature and therefore you have lost your true natural identity

    So the underlying solutions for your depression could be; healing your mind, reinvigorating your energy and finding your connection to life and the natural world, so you know who you really are

    I can tell you with my hand on my heart right now, and look you square in the eye; these areas of human life were the solutions to my depression!

    But again, none of these can be tested for, to prove them to you

    You can however discover what negative beliefs and sabotage patterns you hold in your mind, so that you can begin to dissolve them to help give you inner peace

    You can also reinvigorate your natural energy to feel more alive, self-confident and optimistic for your future

    You can also uncover your true identity and work towards building a fulfilling life from your own natural talents and abilities, that you may not even know you have

    These are the things that I have successfully achieved and will continue to build upon for the rest of my long and happy life

    Yes, your depression might be hard to overcome, but never give up!

    Keep searching for answers and asking questions of what your depression might be and keep an open mind;

    Look at it from many different angles and read as many stories as you can of how people have dealt with their depression, or at least how they learnt to live a great life in spite of it

    Fill your mind with positive stories about any person who has won the battle over their depression and how they did it

    Find someone like you, who understands the mind, the natural world and human energy and discover everything they know to help you heal from your depression

    Develop the inner strength and determination that you can win out over your depression and never stop looking until you do

    I hope this inspires and helps you in some way to move forward towards healing, because life can truly be rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable if you keep going, no matter what you are faced with right now!

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