Why do I imagine scenarios in my head all the time and …

  • Why do I imagine scenarios in my head all the time and talk to myself pretending I’m inside that scenario? Am I mentally ill?

    Your practicing!

    Are the scenarios teaching you anything?

    Seems to me that you’re testing hypothetical scenarios and trying to understand!

    Many perspectives you can imagine..

    Don’t see this as negative – look at it as a positive.. try to understand if it has any other effect on you other than what’s conscious or that you understand..

    Are you playing out scenarios in and setting your subconscious up to be able to handle situations, on autopilot? Well then you better know deeply who you are! Do you?

    We have a lot of primitive inside of us that was left from when we were apes. Haha!

    We’ll save that for another day!

    Back to you!

    It’s about learning yourself. I talked to myself all fday.

    It’s how I can really control who I am.

    I be the person I want to be and I practice! Yes, sir!

    It depends on the reason you’re doing it? If you’re doing it to talk to an imaginary person that you’ve made up inside your head then you have a really good imagination!

    Use your imagination to be creative! Creativity is part of the equation!

    Find out what you’re good at! Your life will suffer until you do! Unless you find enjoyment in the pursuit of happiness!

    Is the juice worth the squeeze? Ha.

    If it’s telling you to kill people you’re f*cked. And so are the people you kill. Or scare.. not.

    Figure out what you’re saying to yourself????

    Hopefully it’ll be the key to understanding yourself!

    The longer it takes you to get things straight!. The longer it’s going to be before you’re happy!

    It’s your life, you should!

    Be happy about your journey but keep your eye on the prize!

    Even if you don’t have a prize yet. Even if you don’t know what you want yet. That prize is understanding yourself and saying to yourself I may not be like everybody else but I’m happy with myself.

    Perhaps I’m okay with that!

    And that is me. Not all good — perhaps some bad, mixed in.

    Think – Why? Because expectations can hurt if you can’t fullfil, as well as be the path towards happiness if you meet or exceed those expectations. Things that hopefully make you take risk at the expense of possibly not turning out how you wanted but was experience that made a difference in what you understand as all good.

    Once you get it, you won’t be asking questions like this!

    If you are having a hard time, go to therapy, find a therapist to help you figure it out.

    Don’t be ashamed to go to the therapist.

    Doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you!

    I mean you’re trying to figure out who the fck you are!

    There’s nothing more important than that!

    Figure out who to fyou are! And run with it.

    Figure out what you like and what you don’t like!

    Figure out what the hell you’re saying to yourself and find out whether it’s a good or bad thing! Don’t hide from the bad! If you do, you will be stuck! Explore it, maybe it’s not so bad. You have nothing to be ashamed about!

    You have a front row perspective for this conversation.

    You know more than anybody what’s going on with it!

    Listen to yourself.

    Until you figure out who you are you’re going to waste everybody’s time including your own! However, if you’re looking for yourself that’s a different story!

    You have to go through…

    …trial and error! Good and bad! Right and wrong! Proud or easy.

    If you’re having problems figuring it out, see a therapist, be 100% honest with them! Or you will cheat yourself and waste time!

    Tell them what you want! Never be afraid to tell somebody what you want!

    It’s okay to take your time to figure YOU out! Because it’s your ticket to the promise Land!

    The minute you don’t do everything you can to find yourself while respecting yourself you welcome the enemy!

    This can be an unsavery bunch. People who need to..



    Make fun of

    Be Envious of





    SADISM — this can be simply making you feel good or one way just to say the opposite or make you or let you feel comfortable just to lay on some uncomfortableness just when you open up and be vulnerable. Opening you up just to close you down.

    Understand when you are being played with.

    And actually mean it!

    That doesn’t mean don’t reciprocate. You reciprocate and tell somebody else doesn’t reciprocate. If you are giving more than you’re getting, you got to be vocal about it! Put your foot down! Don’t be afraid to walk away from something that isn’t working!

    This is your life here!

    You have to be able to listen to people. Listening to people is the answer. Listening to yourself is the answer. It’s a skill!

    Once you figure out yourself you’ll know the answer to your question. But by then you won’t even be asking it. you’ll be telling somebody exactly what the fyou expect an exactly what you expect from them. Because you’ll know yourself!

    And knowing is the whole battle!

    Once you figure out who you are you can run to where you want to be as fast as you fcan!

    Get to running!

    You got to figure some sout!

    Don’t feel bad about yourself! Only feel bad about yourself if it helps you learn about yourself.

    If it’s a behavior that you need to feel guilty about use that guilt to change your behavior.

    Shame usually comes from a negative perception from peers towards yourself!

    Feel shame when you’re supposed to feel shame and use it. Never hide from it. Never hide from the truth. This may sound cliche but the truth will set you free. Whoever came up with that is a fgenius.

    It’s about understanding why that is genius!

    They’re the last people you want to learn from! However, if you do get mixed up with one have a good set of


    that you will!!!


    tooth and nail!!!!!

    If you’re already in

    arning experience will be priceless

    They will make you walk into a wall repeatedly till you say stop! Not literally, however figuratively!

    Until you walk away. Gain the strength to be okay to just walk away! Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do!

    It’s hardest sometimes to leave a person even though they are causing you great pain. Even if they intentionally hurt you.

    The sooner you make it so!

    The sooner you are honest with yourself the sooner you are able to navigate the path we call life.

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