Why do I get physical symptoms of anxiety even when I’m …

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    Trauma. There have been tests and studies done that confirm when a person is traumatized, whether by an ied exploding next to them in Iraq, or being raped, or getting in a bad car accident, every single cell in the body is impacted. Releasing this trauma can best be facilitated by working with therapists who have a feel for this (even if they don’t explain it all this way, and even if they don’t call what you have “trauma”) or with spiritual people who have a demonstrated giftedness in this area of their ministries.

    I had a close acquaintance who had a severely abusive childhood. How he is still standing is beyond me. By 35 he was nearly completely shut down by rheumatoid arthritis and on sleeping pills and anti-depressants and other medication for his physical and mental ailments that were ALL a result of his childhood abuse.

    He happened to go to a conference where a healer was speaking; this healer had learned that trauma has this huge impact on the whole physiology of a person, so she had begun to approach people needing healing from this vantage point. She quietly prayed for this man after identifying who it was in the crowd that had all the symptoms that she felt called to pray for. She laid hands on him, and he was healed. Today he speaks in front of groups, he is off all meds except one, and he moves around like any other normal person, and is dealing with the little bit of extra weight he put on during all the sedentary years.

    You can be healed, and it behooves you to keep looking for your answer. Persistence is a winner’s approach.

    Yes, it is anxiety. Hence why you’re asking on here, because you’re worried. You’re symptoms are anxiety, because you’re always subconsciously anxious, the anxiety just doesn’t feel the same as it did when it first hit you. You have what’s called Generalized-anciety disorder. You don’t even have to have a trigger in order for you to feel anxious, it just hits you, as soon as you wake up, as soon as you lay down or do anything. The anxiety hits you first THEN come the anxious thoughts. I’m the same. Headaches, shaky hands, chest pains etc. It’s hard, very hard to deal with. It hits me every night, I fall asleep and sleep well… then I wake up, I’m fine for a few mins then boom headache, shaky hands. But it isn’t your thoughts at this point causing you anxiety, it’s your anxiety causing you the anxious thoughts. I struggle with it daily.

    Just a quick question, do you have tight neck muscles in the back of your neck? Because if so then that possibly could be the cause of the headache… these muscles are connected, so all the tension comes from the back, neck and into the head. They’re called tension headaches, however not many people know that severe anxiety can cause chronic migraines that are agonizing. If you have severe anxiety for long periods and it then develops to subconscious anxiety you probably have chronic headaches. Im not diagnosing you of course, this just comes from personal experience. It’s saddening to hear. I’m on painkillers daily but they never help me, just talk to a doctor, get help if you can. Though not many doctors these days truly care.

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    The conscious mind is calm but the subconscious mind is stressed/anxious, some get physical symptoms some develop mood swings or OCD’s that are not considered clinical.

    Science is showing that anxiety is generated in the right brain, conscious and subconscious thought are just noise levels in our head.

    There is no conscious anxious thought it is all subconscious we may have suppressed it this can cause PTSD, I practice EGMi which blocks right brain use maximising left brain logical/positive thought and feeling.

    In this state of mind there is no anxiety conscious or subconscious and we have nothing to suppress, TMS is trying magnets to do this with some success but who wants to wear a magnet hat.

    It’s not easy to say why you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety

    when you are calm. A little more information would be helpful.

    What I know about anxiety is that it is caused by recent traumatic or

    unpleasant events or you have residual anxiety from an earlier time

    in life, perhaps your childhood.

    Since you have been diagnosed through testing, I wonder if some

    short-term counseling has been suggested as well as some mild

    anti-anxiety agents.

    I am hesitant to offer other solutions such as meditation and

    breathing exercises because in some cases these exercises may

    cause more anxiety.

    You may want to provide more information and experts at Quora

    can help you with some alternatives to my suggestion.

    Take care

    Right this instant, I’m feeling just like you describe. I’m apparently calm, there’s no danger, no worries, and yet I feel it. You know why? I’m not really “calm”, and neither are you. There’s something, somewhere in your mind that keeps identifying some sort of danger, and is afraid or wants to running away from it. I know what it is that’s making me feel like this, and if you’re anything like me, you know it too, whatever it is that is keeping you like that.

    I don’t really know how to make it stop. What I do is simply take a break, walk around a little bit, breath, and then just try to complete what I was doing. It helps, but at least in my case, I rarely feel completely relaxed.

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    I struggle with physical symptoms even when I don’t feel anxious, too. If you’ve had anxiety for an extensive period of time (I’m talking years), then the physical symptoms will still be there even when you’re feeling calm. I would start doing things to help even when you’re feeling calm. There’s meditation, acupressure tapping, taking a walk in nature—basically anything that relaxes you. And do those things (or whatever you enjoy doing) even when you’re not in an anxious state. It could have major benefits and your physical symptoms might start to lessen.


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    I experience the same thing. I could be watching TV, talking to someone, or even laying down and suddenly feel lightheaded and shortness of breath. I went to the ER twice last year thinking I was having a heart attack. They found nothing wrong. I’m taking anxiety medication and I am a lot better, but still experiencing the lightheadedness and shortness of breath. It comes out of nowhere. But I also think it is subconsciously from a deep sense of danger. I feel the body plays tricks on me and make me believe there is something wrong with me physically. But it is anxiety.


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    I would have to agree with some of the other posters, more than likely, if you are experiencing these symptoms in a calm state, you are actually still experiencing anxiety. This is rare, but it can occur, especially when you aren’t focusing the majority of your attention on your anxiety itself. If this continues to occur, I would suggest meeting with a psychotherapist who can help you identify your anxiety triggers and teach you coping mechanisms.


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    You may be calm but negative thoughts may come and that could give you anxiety. Just being calm is not enough. Learn to relax. Practice it daily. Then whenever anxiety hits you just use that technique. When you do this repeatedly it will start happening automatically

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