Why did BTS need to disband?

  • Why did BTS have to dissolve?

    Jimin has chosen to start a spiritual journey to discover his jams.

    Yoongi wished to end up being a mattress review and Jin wants to end up being a professional competitive eater.

    Namjoon is writing his autobiography “The Art of Raising Kid” & & Taehyung now designs for Chanel with the hopes of making Gucci envious and ask him to model for them.

    J-hope works for theme park to identify if the rides are child friendly. They decide the outcomes based upon the intensity of his screams. Jungkook retired to the Mountain ranges and no one has heard from Jungkook since he delegated the Mountain ranges to practice meditation and listen to Justin Bieber throughout the day.

    Yes, Unfortunately are beautiful Bangtan young boys have actually disbanded. I am really sad to see them go. They have actually all decided to go their different ways.

    Jin, our earliest is going to open a food business/restaurant and he is a CEO. It is called WorldWide Handsome’s Eat Jin Cafe.

    Namjoon is formally running for U.S. president and South Korea president. NAMJOON 2020!!!!

    SUGA has launched a line of massage chairs with integrated in toilet and refrigerator (so that he can simply lay around all the time). It also features integrated in speakers so you can blast AGUST D all the time and night long.

    J-Hope has actually opened a dance academy called Sunlight Hope World Dance. He is also the international ambassador for Sprite.

    Jimin has also opened a restaurant. He has opened a special Mochi store. Each flavor is devoted to a specific BTS member in remembrance of the great old days when they were still a group. (I believe Jungkook’s themed flavor was carrot?? I heard it was actually great?)

    Taehyung is working as a flower arranger. As you know from previous Run episodes and Bangtan Bombs, V has actually taken a talent to flower setting up and decided to take an expert course on it. He is presently making wreaths to assist RM with his president campaign.

    And Jungkook, our lovely maknae … Jungkook Is now a part of EXO, Astro, Seventeen, TWICE, and Monsta X. The other firms realized that he was so remarkable at whatever he needed to be in their groups so now if you stan jungkook you are not just an ARMY and now you are a CARAT, EXO-L, AROHA, ONCE, and MONBEBE. So this is why we should not have any fan wars due to the fact that there is no point. All Kpop idols are incredible and good friends and their is no point comparing them because they all work so hard which’s why they have numerous fans *

    Hi! Thank you for reading my JOKE. (i must be doing online school however I’m procrastinating by composing this) It is a joke. Our kids are still together and will remain together as long as they possibly can. Suga said they are dealing with an album so no they have not disbanded. Please enjoy this joke and my life lesson about pointless fan wars. Please stan BTS and MONSTA X:0) (BTS return soon and Monsta X comeback next month!!!) THANKS FOR READING THIS!!!

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    TW: death, suicide, Jonghyun

    remember: this is a personal opinion after reading an article in which BTS discussed their response to Jonghyun’s death. I’m not attempting to be disrespectful, however rather looking at how sorrow affects individuals in various ways.

    I think Jonghyun’s (SHINee) suicide was another contributing factor to it all. This is from a post about their response to his death

    ” We went to provide our acknowledgements that early morning. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. It was so shocking, due to the fact that we had seen him so frequently at events. He was so effective,” BTS member RM said, while fellow BTS member Suga stated he hopes Jonghyun’s death will influence more compassion within the industry.

    Maybe it was another eye-opener to the band?

    Edit – 20/ 7/2019: guys, keep in mind I said this could be another contributing factor. I didn’t state it was the primary reason

    The first time they nearly dissolved, was because of lack of money from the company & & that was in 2014 during their N.O age. They might barely afford to make an M.V.

    But this year at the 2018 Moms in Hong Kong, the boys had actually considered disbanding due to fatigue or just continuous struggles. However also due to the fact that they are at the outright peak of their profession.

    ” They were afraid of letting the fans down.” (Source: Korean Drama Pattern, YouTube)

    Success has been pressing them past their physical & & psychological limits causing them to get harmed.

    Let’s pray that they are strong enough to pull through, however still rest enough. And Success giving them longer breaks in between performances, resurgence phases, & & their vacation time.

    The band has always been under a remarkable quantity of pressure (check YouTube for videos – here are lots of them and they break your heart ).

    The band has actually had many people, consisting of other kpop groups, stating they did not deserve their awards. There have been many persons in the news media who have actually maligned them. Hip hop professionals accused them of selling out.

    There were also a couple of scandals previously in 2018 where innocent errors were blown escape of percentage by the media. One was where Jimin, a Korean, was knocked by Japanese media for wearing a tee shirt bearing an atomic bomb mushroom cloud and celebrating the emancipation of Korea from years of Japanese abuse and oppression. The Japanese media and federal government came out so aggressively that BTS appearances on some Japanese TELEVISION programs were cancelled.

    The pressure on them boggles the mind. They are the hardest working young males ever.

    All I can say is thank God they have each other which we have them. Which they got each other through. And that ARMYs gave them the love they needed to remain strong when times were bad.

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    Are you anime tourist, since this hasn’t happened.

    You may think this since Suga release a mixtape under the name Agust D. Well, he was just using a different name since he didn’t want to be limited with what he was enabled to state under the name Suga of BTS. This was his solo project for a while about him outlining his anxiety and social anxiety. Suga is still with BTS.

    You may think this since RapMonster launches his own mixtapes. Well, he likes to make music and this is simply what he does on his own often. He even collaborates with other artists from time to ime, however RapMon is still the leader of BTS.

    You might think this since J-Hope says he will quickly release his mixtape. Exact same offer as Suga or RapMon. He wants rapping and wants to release more for his fans and because he wants to. He does his own solo projects in addition to dealing with BTS household.

    You, ay believe this because of all of the reports and chatter about BTS, but you need to just listen to news that comes directly from iBigHit Home entertainment or BTS themselves. Lots of people comprise rumors or falsely believe in fake news. Some fake news spreads like a wild fire, however what’s accepted doesn’t make it true.

    BTS is still a huge household that is continually growing happier and closer together.

    BTS does not require to nor are they dissolving. In truth they all just signed a 7 year contract. How precisely this will work when Jin is 26 (Korean age 27) and Yoongi aka Suga age 25 (Korean age 26), has of course, not been made clear. You utilized to be able to delay enlistment until the Korean age of 30, however that was recently lowered by 2 years to age28 So all able bodied guys should get into compulsory military service by the age of28 There is rumor that they are trying to carry out exemptions for idols, other than this time it would not be all idols. You would need to satisfy specific requirements. This is primarily for those big artists that have helped make a name for Korea. There seems to be a stagnant mate on it at the minute, as there have actually been no additional discoveries of that coming to light or really getting passed. Time is ticking close for numerous artist in the KPOP market including BTS that we all love. We will need to wait to see how BigHit handles this. With the brand-new BigHit group TXT (Tomorrow x Together) debuting this year, it makes me wonder if all members intend on entering together to serve their necessary enlistment to get it all out of the method at one time. By doing this it minimizes the time they are out of the public eye and the music industry.

    Let’s face it, the music market as a whole no matter what country it remains in, is a ruthless and cruel business to be in. Time is not your pal in the music market when it pertains to taking a hiatus, specifically in the KPOP world. If they choose to stagger the enlistments like numerous firms have their groups do, it would be a number of years before we see them all together for a comeback, instead of getting it all done in one go. Then they would not be gone as long, and have a much higher chance in my opinion of preserving their very same level of success. If they wait too long, it’s not that they will not succeed, but the reality is that time goes on, and the possibility that they can keep and have that very same level of success reduces the longer that they remain out of the pubic eye. Just remember the old stating, out of sight out of mind. You and I may not like it sometimes, however that is reality. I like this group and have for many years now. I wish them all continued lifelong success, health and happiness. Whatever occurs, I am sure they will make the best decision that fits their goals in life. Which ever choice that is, I will support their choice totally.

    Darling, where are you getting this details. BTS is most certainly NOT dissolving. Not after what they have accomplished this year, particularly since next year is supposed to be their “turning point” and with their fanbase growing any minute, they wouldn’t dissolve. I don’t think they will dissolve in the future. They may have a few members addressed a time due to the fact that of military task, but they would not dissolve.


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    The method I translated it and my theory is that they had such extreme success that they felt they could never ever live up to it. the fifth year of being a group is infamous as the year where it all goes downhill, so i believe possibly they were afraid of letting their fans down and failing, or losing their fandom, specifically with all the toxicity in the fandom. they work so hard, and are so passionate, and the quantity of popularity they have (and the reality that it was a bit unexpected) is nearly unmatched. it seems like a lot to handle, particularly thinking about that they are practically supporting their own company. it was such a successful year for them, but with success and fame comes hardship, extreme attention, and the threat of exhausting. I think it is good that they still stood firm, and this news acts as an important pointer of the pressure that comes with popularity, as well as a reminder to go easier on the boys!

    Okay being an A.R.M.Y I need to respond to. It has actually not dissolved yet!!! Well you may have seen some fake news/rumors but they have actually not announced anything formally.

    Furthermore, right now they are at the peak of their popularity. After release of Blood Sweat Tears, they came and won Signboard Top Social Artist beating Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Recently they concerned AMA’s after release of DNA and performed it survive on the AMA stage.

    They went to numerous interviews – Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden and Ellen to name a few. They have likewise released MIC DROP REMIX a cooperation with STEVE AOKI and DESIIGNER. I do not see how they have dissolved as of yet

    I hope this answers your concern.

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