Why are fitness standards higher than health standards?

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    Well people do not understand wellness- they assume if they are toned that they are healthy. But I really wellness is 70% diet 30% exercise.

    Diet is the fuel that keeps your body going.

    Exercise just makes you toned and and feel good.

    more or less fitness fuels the ego diet fuels the system.

    Cause fitness is more than health. You don’t need to be athletic to be healthy, though it usually helps. If you do fitness, that means simply being healthy isn’t enough for you. You want to be stronger or look leaner(depending on what your fitness goal is) and often fitness and health are not the same thing. For example, a lot of bodybuilders aim for a single-digit body fat, while that’s not a good idea for obtaining optimal brain-activity. Your brain needs some fat to feed on. So I’d say 10–15% body fat is perfect.

    Have you ever googled yourself? Do a “deep search” instead.

    This search engine reveals so much more. Type in your name, wait 8 seconds, brace yourself.

    I feel it’s because one form of health can be seen sooner (physical health), than that of the benefits of daily vitamin, nutrition, and good sleeping habits. I spoke to a woman, that owns a health shop nearby my place- let me tell you, when she told me she was 75 years old, I nearly tipped over. She looked easily 58/60 years. She told me, that her mother had them on vitamins since she was 16years old. She said that people don’t realize, when they are young – how important health is, and becomes when you are older. Safe to say, I am 100% committed to eating HEALTHY and have a daily supplementation stack, and only training (working out) 3 times a week. I used to barely focus on vitamins and train twice a day, 2hours at a time. It led to depression and burnout. Living the way I am now, has not only made me a better person but has helped me cope with losing my father in March, to Covid. Okay no, I don’t believe it was primarily covid- it was my father’s diabetes and paired with pneumonia. But the cause of death is of course listed as Covid by the hospital.

    Fitness and health can beed in many ways. Often time’s people may describe good fitness as being healthy and active. Some differences between the two terms include but are not limited to the following. Fitness is a state or condition of being physically active. Fitness is a result of general nutrition and proper conditioning, and fitness is a state of general physical and mental well-being.

    Health is a much broader term and will vary from individual to individual. People may describe themselves as healthy but that will depend on your description of what you feel is healthy. Having an average or below average body mass index (BMI) may classify you as being healthy. Keeping your body fat percentage below a certain number may also assist you in being healthy. Health can include being free from disease and injury. Again, health has a much broader outlook and can vary.

    Essentially many differences are present between the two but plenty is open to discussion. Your main goal should be to keep high levels of fitness which should help result in a healthy lifestyle along with sound nutrition.

    Fitness is a measurable state or condition partially determined by genetics. Health is also a condition but is not as easily measured or defined as fitness. Health is not merely the presence or absence of disease; rather, it’s a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being, a complex of factors that represents all levels of vitality from the highest to the lowest (or death, to put it bluntly).

    On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines fitness as “the ability to perform work satisfactorily,” thus making the definition of who is fit and who isn’t somewhat dependent on personal inclination and social context. One’s ability to perform work satisfactorily depends on the type of work involved and on how one defines “satisfactorily.”

    To a competitive runner, for example, fitness is measured in faster times and longer distances; fitness means fit or conditioned for beating the other guy, the clock, or one’s previous best. To the Olympic athlete, fitness is ultimately measured in terms of gold medals and world records. To the plodder, fitness is measured perhaps in simply getting through the next mile

    I was exercising all my life because I love it. Fitness make me feel happy. Example : I go to the gym in the bad mood being ready to kill someone, or very tired after work day. After hour of exercising I am ready to hug all World.


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    Are they?

    If you’re at very high fitness levels, I agree with you. Many Olympians abuse their bodies to win.

    If you’re talking about lower level fitness levels, there is often no conflict. You can be fit and healthy.

    Take a look at these two personalities below,

    Tom Cruise – Of course everyone knows.

    Who can forget this guy, Chandler Aka Mathew Perry.

    The age difference between these two personalities – 8 years.

    Well Tom Cruise is 8 years older than Matthew Perry.

    Tom is 56 years old

    Perry is 48 years old.

    This is why fitness is important.

    Edit 1: Almost 90% of the comments in this answer says Matthew was drug abused, so we should not compare both.

    Guys please understand, major part of fitness is about your lifestyle. If you are drug addict, it means you are not concerned about fitness. You ought to compare with someone who is clean which will show why fitness is important and that is exactly what I did.

    This is not a wrong comparison. If I have compared with someone who is physically challenged, I’m wrong. Drug addiction is not an excuse. It’s a mistake which will make a huge a leap of difference in your fitness.

    Stop Commenting that Mathew is a drug addict so he is not fit. That’s the point I’m trying to convey.

    All people have strength , endurance , flexibility , coordination and speed.

    These physical characteristics are developed in different ways in each person according to the effort that must be made daily. The individual state of these qualities is what is called physical condition

    These skills can be improved through constant physical training.

    To achieve this, I suggests 5 tips to improve your physical condition.

    1. Train your flexibility:

    To be more flexible you must be constant in your training, since it is acquired over time.The flexibility releases tension, relieves muscle spasms and improve your strength.

    2. Train by circuits:

    When you perform aerobic activity you work at intervals, this type of training is much more intense and increases the maximum oxygen consumption.

    3. Train by changing the intensity:

    After three weeks of intense training, relax and reduce the intensity of your routine by 40%, then return to the usual intensity the following week. In this way you recover to gradually increase your resistance.

    4. Train with new disciplines:

    To incorporate new movements into your routine complemented with exercise such as Tai Chi or Yoga , in this way you work your muscles from other conditions.

    5. Play:

    Have fun while exercising with sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, or squash. The competitive game forces you to make the most effort and gives you information about the areas that you need to work on the most.

    I recently spoke with a good friend of mine. She has a teenage daughter. Her daughter was in tears all day because another girl called her “fat.” After I hung up the phone I sat and thought for a minute about how ridiculous the notion is ( and expectations) where beauty is concerned. What it is doing to this generation of girls. It’s horrible.

    Think about this for a minute…not that long ago Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of beauty. ( and sex appeal.) She was a size 16. By todays standards, a size 16 is not only unacceptable, it is the antithesis of what “beauty” is. What happened exactly?

    Do you know that I have never owned a scale? I could give a sh*t about a number. Now…my Mom on the other hand weighed herself every morning. She only really ate on Saturday nights when my parents went to their most favorite restaurant. During the week she ate cottage cheese and cut up carrots. That’s it! And she drove herself crazy. I tried to tell her how incredibly beautiful she was and to give herself a bit of a break. But as I have said before she was a pretty persistent woman. Never hard on me in any way really…but very hard on herself.

    This is a theme I’ve been seeing for way too long now. When I was in college there were girls who only ate a rice cake all day. And there I was eating a cheeseburger. I have been very blessed with a very fast metabolism. However, I know that will not last forever.

    I am in no way saying that you should not take care of yourself. You can not eat cheeseburgers every day. But to let a number on a scale define your beauty and your worth is something I just can not wrap my head around.

    I did not have a daughter. But I promise you this…if I had, I would have told her each and every day that true beauty comes from what is inside of you. Your heart. Your mind. Your imagination. And that eventually ( hopefully) the right people will be attracted to you for these very reasons. I would remind her that the real value of a person has nothing to do with your size.

    I hope someone is reading this and starts eating good food again! Or maybe puts their scale away for a time, and starts enjoying life a little bit more. I have always said that I was born in the wrong time. I realize it’s an antiquated notion that everyone will feel the way I do. Beauty is a state of mind. And once you start to feel beautiful others will think you are beautiful too. It will literally radiate from inside. Ok. I’m done now. Off to eat some ice cream. (Not the whole container but a good bit.)

    Life is short. Enjoy yourself, but everything in moderation. As I always say….Balance is the key to everything.


    DO NOT eat from any fast food or chain restaurant EVER. That is lowest poorest quality, highly salted and sweetened “food” from the rock-bottom cheapest sources imaginable (how do you think they can sell it so cheaply and make a profit?)

    • Exercise daily at least 45 mins, enough to increase your heart rate.

    DO NOT EVER snack on packaged “food”. Eat only fruit or vegetables for snacks.

    • DO NOT EVER drink carbonated “soft drinks”.

    ONLY eat the amount of food you could hold in the palm of your hand. NEVER stuff yourself, you are expanding your stomach. You must shrink your stomach to feel satisfied with small amounts of food. Eat 4 times a day if you must, but eat lightly, just to satiation only.

    • Eat biggest meal at NOON. Never stuff yourself in evening.

    Make all your food from PRIMARY SOURCES, not cans and plastic bags.

    • Avoid all red meat entirely, eat fish or chicken from good sources like Whole Foods
    • NEVER eat processed crap like bacon, sausages, deli meats in general, in fact never eat in a deli.

    MINIMIZE ALCOHOL, very high in calories and very toxic to the body.

    Get enough sleep.

    I am 70 and have better vital signs that most teenagers.

    Standards for most things are far higher in Europe ,Food standards are higher .The standard of driving is far far higher ,standard of health care far higher .The working envioroment is much better.The standard and profesonilism of the police is higher .The standard of Government is higher.Even the basic infrastructure crumbeling in USA ,fast and modern in Europe .

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