Who would win in a fight between Black Panther and Captain …

  • Captain America and Black Panther have fought a couple of times.

    Their first fight was a brief one in Tales Of Suspense #98. The fight ended quickly, but its only a test BP does to make sure its the real Cap.

    Though he actually fought BP before this, but not T’Challa. He fought T’Challa’s grandfather Azzuri in Black Panther #1, 2005. The fight took place in 1944 and Azzuri won. People actually use this to claim T’Challa already won without knowing it was his grandfather Azzuri and not actually T’Challa.

    This was also an inexperienced Cap who also used his triangular shield which he used in his very early issues. The same fight was retold in Black Panther/Captain America Flags Of Our Father#2 where it was shown a lot more closer.

    However we don’t get to see how the fight ended, because the Howling Commandoes who are watching the fight get captured in the next panel.

    Not only was this an inexperienced Cap who used a different shield, there is a big difference between T’Challa and Azzuri. Azzuri was known to be ruthless, Cap had no intention of fighting with him, T’Challa doesn’t go for the kill, while Azzuri just slaughtered people every time they entered Wakanda.

    Cap has admitted that they are both equal when they have fought.

    However, in combat Cap is better. BP has only studied every martial art on earth.

    While Cap has mastered every martial art on earth.

    And he can adapt to moves and learn them more perfectly than those who spend decades to learn it.

    Which was proven in his another fight with Black Panther in Contest Of Champions II #4.

    Cap wins but it was not a fair fight as BP said since both were holding back, but BP does say Cap was able to adapt to his every move and was able to counter it. However this is not how Cap holds back. Cap holds back so that no one even gets to know that Cap held back against him.

    But here BP somehow got to know Cap was holding back, which means he was holding back more than he usually does while BP was holding back like he usually does.

    They had a sparring match in Black Panther #23–24, 2005.

    Most people just crop this scan to the part where BP says “I could have crushed your head like a grapefruit, Steve.” to claim BP wins, but Cap clearly says later “In a real fight? I don’t think so.” and then BP says “You have got to let your wounds heal. If you keep pushing it like this, you’re not going to be ready.” which means Cap was injured too before the fight. Honestly, BP’s strength is nowhere near Cap’s level, we are comparing a guy who almost blacked out by lifting a small piece of concrete slab.

    to a guy who lifted a fallout shelter and only sweated and then tanked a grenade at point blank range and was completely fine.

    Cap can react at light speed so most of BP’s attacks are just going to get blocked.

    He can also dodge lightning without any of it.

    Honestly the only advantage BP really has his durability, but here’s the point. His suit doesn’t make him have more stamina than Cap, he would tire eventually while Cap just adapts and blocks to majority of his attacks, and Cap has fought for hours with Nuke who is bulletproof and tanks explosions without any injury and Cap was holding back too.

    Although he later bodies him when he stops holding back.

    Cap also makes Nuke bleed in the end, which means Cap’s punches hit harder than explosions and bullets.

    For those people who think BP’s suit is indestructible.

    Notice how much his suit gets damaged, and this is only Iron Fist.

    Here, his suit gets shredded by Wolverine who had lost his powers.

    This shows that Adamantium is stronger than vibranium and Cap’s shield is way stronger than adamantium too as stated by the creator of both Captain America’s shield and Adamantium.

    So Cap’s shield (which is made of Proto Adamantium) >>>> Adamantium >> Vibranium. So its pretty reasonable that Cap can damage BP since his shield is way stronger than Vibranium, and if Cap is not holding back, he can even make T’Challa’s suit tear away like how Danny did as I showed above.

    Here Cap chops Ultron’s adamantium neck. This easily shows that if Cap wanted to, he could easily harm or even kill BP.

    His suit got overloaded by Immortal Hulk just swinging a broken piece of Hulkbuster at him. Hulkbuster is nowhere near Cap’s shield in terms of dealing damage physically or durability. If it was Cap’s shield being thrown at BP, T’Challa pretty much would have almost been killed or might have been killed.

    Many people use this to say BP is way ahead of Cap in every department.

    People say BP had the Silver Surfer in a hold he can’t escape from. However the writer Dwayne McDuffie of Fantastic Four #545 said this.

    “Read the scene again and this time pay attention. The Surfer allowed the Panther to “restrain” him in the hope of finding out what the FF was up to. A panel later, the Surfer’s assistant blasts the Panther unconscious. The Surfer is irritated because he wanted the Panther to talk, which he thought he might do if the Panther believed he had the upper hand. Most of the people who bitch about this have only seen a scan of one page, or have poor reading comprehension skills.”

    This is enough for those people who think BP actually defeated Silver Surfer. Then some say BP was able to catch up to Silver Surfer’s board so he is way faster than Cap, that’s a heavy outlier, if that is the case, then Cap has dodged Mjolnir more than once too.

    And Mjolnir transcends time.

    So does that mean that Cap’s reaction speed transcends time? No it doesn’t, but for those who play with outliers, then it seems fine to say Cap’s reaction speed even transcends time. But whatever, we know it doesn’t.

    So yeah, I would say The Sentinel Of Liberty takes it.

    Captain America wins.

    Edit: Thanks to Doesn’t Matter for pointing this out in the comments.

    The Cap vs Azzuri fight has been retconned a ton of times. They first fought in Black Panther #30, 1998.

    No clear winner but Cap seems to have the upper hand.

    Then the fight in Black Panther #1, 2005 (written by Reginald Hudlin) was told by Everett Ross who’s notorious for being a somewhat unreliable narrator.

    He even says “Don’t shoot the researcher, General.” indicating that he was a researcher and he had not actually witnessed the fight first hand, rather the information was relayed to him. He was even challenged by General Ross on this but he is also a racist who thinks an African nation cannot have advanced technology or a fighter good enough to beat Captain America.

    Then, this fight was retold in Black Panther/Captain America Flags Of Our Father #2 by the same author Reginald Hudlin where we never see the full fight and there was no winner.

    And lastly this fight was again retold in Rise of the Black Panther #1 where it is again shown with no winner but it is very clear Cap had no intention of fighting and wasn’t even trying that hard to defend himself.

    So basically, this fight has been told differently on 4 occasions. In the first one, Cap seemed to have the upper hand. Then, we have a hear say version of the fight by an unreliable narrator who has no proof to back it up that Azzuri won. Then, in the 3rd fight by the same author who wrote Azurri beating Cap, there was no winner (which again makes me think that the 2nd fight told by Everett Ross shouldn’t be considered as the truth that Azzuri actually defeated him). And then in the 4th fight, it was a draw and Cap had no intention to fight and wasn’t even defending himself properly. The 2nd fight is sorta contradicted by the other 3 fights, making the 2nd fight all the more questionable.

    What is more interesting is that when BP is fighting a construct of Cap, Ramonda said that Azzuri always pulled his punches against Cap, and then T’Challa said that Cap pulled his punches against Azzuri too.

    Think about it, T’Challa says “The Captain pulls his punches too.” How does he know Cap was holding back against Azzuri? He even uses the present tense for pull, which is “pulls” which makes me believe that he is also talking about Cap’s behavior of always holding back and pulling his punches against even himself (himself here refers to T’Challa). T’Challa might have noticed Cap held back against him every time, so it makes sense for him to say that Cap also held back against Azzuri, which is clearly evident in multiple Azzuri vs Cap fights. Its like none of the Cap vs Azzuri fights are actual proof of how would win between Azzuri and Cap.

    Let me know what you think after reading my answer. Have a nice day everyone!

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