Who is Gon’s mother(HxH)?


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    Yes. Gon has shown multiple signs of being an unhinged person growing up. Gon being the person he is, he grew up off of his curiosity. His caretakers, Aunt Mito and his great grandmother, both allowed him very much freedom when he was younger. He was younger than 4 years old when he was hanging out all over his home island with no super vision what so ever. Therefore, Gon did not generally grown up off of what was right or wrong, but what was simply “good or bad”. Gon grew up with no childhood trauma unlike many of the people he knows like Killua, who grew up being tortured by his family, or Kurapika and Leorio, who lost people that were important to them. Gon has always identified someone as good or bad based off of how the benefit him. If you have anything of good use to him, he considers you as good. On the other hand, if you are absolutely no use to him, then you could drop dead for all he cares. With this, we come to one of our first examples of Gon being mentally unstable.

    In season 3, when Gon and Killua had been captured by the phantom troupe for the second time, Gon asked Chrollo a question: “How can you kill people that have nothing to do with you?” However, in season 5, Gon allowed his emotions to take over, as he had gone through the 5 stages of grief for the first time in his life, and he threatened to kill Komugi, an innocent girl who had nothing to do with the situation, but because she was considered a weak spot to both Meruem and Nefer Pitou, Gon decided to use her life as a threat.

    The next bit of my reasoning is lying. Gon has lied to others or not kept his promise before. So when it comes to punishments’ for breaking those promises or lying, he does whatever the other person wants. And he’s serious about it too. He will voluntarily stick thousands of needles in his eye, and be okay with it. So this just says how serious he is about lying and other people lying to him. Not only that but Gon will let you lie to him, just so he can feel justified about jacking you up with no remorse what so ever. I have 2 primary examples for this. The first one is when Gon is fighting Genthru on Greed Island in season 4. Genthru tells Gon that he surrenders, but is just lying to Gon so he can lure him over and strike him. However, Gon knew from the very moment Genthru’s mouth moved, that it was a lie. So Gon let Genthru hit him, because that was the all clear signal for Gon to absolutely screw Genthru up without a second thought. My second example is when Gon first meets Meleoron in season 5. Gon saw promise and great benefit in Meleoron, which is why Gon gave him a warning. Knowing that Meleoron was going to be turning traitor to his own kind, he told Meleoron that if he was just lying to Gon so that the Chimera Ants could get the advantage, then Gon would kill him without thinking twice. When Gon did this, he allowed his bloodlust to leak so Meleoron would not only see, but feel how serious Gon was.

    These two images above are both images of the scene in which Gon threatens Meleoron. The first one is from the 2011 anime. The second one is from the manga.

    I have now come to my next reasoning of Gon being psychotic. I probably should’ve put this one first since not only is it all from the first season, but definitely relates with my first paragraph. Season 1, the hunter exam. During that exam, Gon watched almost 400 people die, and didn’t even give a FIRST thought about them. Now I say it like this, because out of everyone in the hunter exam, Gon is the only examinee who has NEVER experienced or seen anything like that. All of the other examinees are either adults who have gone through horrible things, adults who have already been properly educated as to what is happening around them, or it’s Killua, who has been dealing with death, killing, and torture since he was a baby. Gon out of a good 400 something people, was the only one who had never even SEEN a dead body up close before, and when he had seen people getting killed right before him, he didn’t even bat an eyelash. This is all because, THEY HAD NO BENEFIT TO HIM. Therefore, Gon didn’t care whether they lived or died, because to him, they were useless. And this is again because of Gon’s perspective on what is Good and bad. Anything that helps and benefits him is good, and anything that does the opposite is bad. If Gon had actually been taught properly, he probably wouldn’t have become a hunter, because he would hate his dad from child neglect.

    This is my FINAL reasoning to Gon being crazy. This is the part when he actually went crazy. Season 5, Kite’s death. Now generally, we could understand why Gon was so angry. Kite wasn’t just another person or mentor to Gon. He was like a big brother. Gon originally met Kite when he was 4 years old. Kite is the reason Gon was able to find out his dad was still alive, and might not have become a hunter and met all his friends if it weren’t for Kite. So Kite is a very important person to Gon… and then spoiler alert- Pitou kills him- BUT HE COMES BACK ALIVE DON”T WORRY! When Kite dies, Gon goes through the 5 stages of grief for the first time in his life, as he had never lost anyone important to him. I mean, Gon literally said that he couldn’t care less who his mom was or if she was alive or not, all because he had never met her. So when Kite dies, Gon goes through the first stage- denial. Gon still believes, or wants to believe, that Kite is still alive. Then Kite gets turned into a puppet but isn’t actually alive, but Gon, Killua, Morel, Knov, Shoot, and Knuckle don’t know that, which is why when they save Kite’s body from the Chimera Ant nest, Gon doesn’t know that Kite is just a walking corpse. However, Kite’s appearance now looks as if he has been tortured, and this is what unlocks the second stage of grief for Gon- anger. At this point, Gon is ready to let his bloodlust take over whenever, so when he gets tested by Morel, and Morel says something related to Kite’s death and what happened to him, Gon nearly kills Morel unconsciously, without realizing that it was Morel he was up against, and not Pitou. Our next stage of grief is of course- the bargaining. Gon wants Pitou to heal Kite, still not knowing that he’s actually dead, and then he’ll make the decision as to whether he still wants to kill Pitou or not. However, because Pitou was in the middle of healing Komugi when Gon found them, Pitou manageably ( with the help of Killua) was able to get Gon to agree and wait for one hour. After that hour is over, Gon and Pitou go to see Kite, in which once they get there, Gon tells Pitou to heal him. Pitou tells Gon that because he was able to respect their whishes to heal Komugi, Pitou agrees to tell Gon the truth, that Kite is already dead. This brings us on to the 4th stage of grief- depression, however, it’s not only depression for Gon, it’s also a large sense of anger and rage (the second stage). Basically when I say this, I mean that Gon went through the depression and that depression turned into anger and hate. Gon then used that anger and hate, to kill Pitou. And even had Pitou was defeated, Gon kept going. It wasn’t til the very end of that battle, in which Killua found Gon, turned into his adult form. We finally move onto out final stage- acceptance. At this point, Gon has accepted everything that’s happened. Kite’s death, Pitou’s lying, and the consequences Gon will suffer from his transformation. He’s accepted it all. So generally, this was by far, the most traumatic thing Gon had ever gone through so far. You could only imagine what would happened if somebody super duper close to him like Killua, Aunt Mito, Ging, or great grandmother were to be killed. And even if it wasn’t one of them, I think Gon would definitely go in rage mode again, DESPITE all of the risks Killua and Alluka took to save him.

    So there you have it. All of my reasons that I believe Gon is unhinged. Have a good day.(✿◕‿◕✿)

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