Which TV stations are considered conservative news channels?

  • Yeah Fox News isn’t “fair and balanced”

    If it was, after Donald Trump said ”I declassified those documents with my mind”, Sean Hannity would have said “ What the fuck are you talking about, you fucking idiot?”.

    But guess what, he didn’t.

    As an independent, I watch several stations, not to find Fake News but to see which stations refuse to cover certain news stories. The error of omission is telling. There are reporters that constantly give their own opinion on every story, avoid them. Especially telling of bias are the reporters who are horrified when one party does something but make excuses when the other party does the same thing. Watch, observe and make up your own mind for yourself. I have lived long enough to vote in 16 Presidential elections and I assure you that no one today is worthy of being called a reporter compared to the reporters of the 60′s. With few exceptions all so called reporters today have sold out the ethics of their profession. There is a fitting name for people who sell their honor for money.

    That depends on whether you are talking about local or national channels. Nationally, the best known conservative channel is Fox News; since its debut on cable TV in 1996, it has consistently promoted right-wing Republican perspectives. Some of the national Christian television networks also lean conservative when covering news stories. Additionally, Sinclair Broadcasting is well-known for being conservative; Sinclair owns a number of stations, and those affiliates broadcast conservative commentary on a regular basis. There are also local TV stations, especially in red states, that may cover the news in a manner consistent with a conservative point of; or they may cover the news in a neutral manner but have conservative commentators, and/or syndicate programs hosted by conservatives.

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    As far a tv channels both streaming and on cable there have been a batch that popped up since 2011.

    1. Fox News is a right leaning network that began in 1996.
    2. The Blaze is former Fox Host Glenn Beck’s tv and news site. It began as GBTV but merged in 2018 with CRTV, Hosts change aside from Glenn.
    3. The Rebel is the Canadian version of The Blaze but it carries some US personalities. Hosts come and go from the service but Ezra Levant is the owner and main host. It started after the attempt to do a cable news channel called Sun News failed in 2012.
    4. One America News Network is a cable and OTT channel that began to rival Fox in 2013. It does newscasts and talk shows.
    5. Newsmax TV arrived one year after OANN. Its from the company doing the Newsmax Magazine. It has conservative news and commentary.
    6. The First is a new service since 2019 that runs conservative shows.
    7. Infowars started as the home of The Alex Jones show and related website. But now it houses three shows and other content and related sites.
    8. Right Side Broadcasting Network is a YouTube channel covering Trump but lately they began doing shows with Trump’s family members and other conservatives at night.
    9. The news blogs Lifezette and Daily Wire seperately carry conservative web shows.

    FOX is clearly the dominant one. But there is another which is, in my observation, more severely slanted in the Conservative direction: One America News, or OAN. It’s an offshoot of AWE (A Wealth of Entertainment), formerly known as The Wealth Channel. The majority of AWE’s programming is not politically oriented, but when they occasionally break for news, it’s the OAN people presenting it. All of this is owned by Herring Networks, Inc.

    Update: I should have added NewsMax, also very conservative. In the time since my original answer, I have become more familiar with this one also.

    Disclaimer: No news site is perfect and no news site is completely free of bias.

    That said…

    The National Post in Canada is pretty good. A definite conservative slant, but still sticks to facts.


    In the US, the Wall Street Journal is a good source, as is Forbes.

    There are no good sources for conservative news, nor are there good sources for liberal news. There are only good sources for OBJECTIVE, factual news. When you start looking for news with a conservative or liberal bent to them, that is when it is no longer news, but opinion.

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    If you want high quality conservative politics, I’d try The Hill.

    A2A, Wendi Woody. This is hard to answer because there are so many forms of news outlets these days. This should be gauged by experts. Here is a list of the best conservative news outlets compiled by ThoughtCo.

    10 Best Conservative News Sites

    I would think that many on the best list are also some of the most conservative.

    Number one is Washington Free Beacon. If you notice, Fox News didn’t make the list. To be successful as cable news outlet, you have to appeal to a broader audience. You have to attract a broad range of advertisers. Making really extreme conservative arguments won’t fly like it will on a more targeted website.

    How conservative media must be evolving, The Drudge report didn’t even make this list. Matt Drudge must have ticked them off.

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