Which is more painful, getting hit in the balls or having …

  • Which is more painful, getting hit in the balls or having period?

    When a woman has her period, she sits for on average five or six DAYS and NIGHTS dealing with pains. It messes up our eating and sleeping schedules, bring cramps, makes us breakout, makes us bleed and have to buy seven-dollar packs of pads that hardly get us through a period. For some there is the worst pains- feeling unmovable, just sitting there emotional and crying from pain, and for others there is a condition called Endometriosis, where you experience period pains twenty-four-seven. And when we complain, we are met with hostility, people saying ‘Don’t talk about that in public’ and pre-pubescent brats saying disrespectful things like ‘well getting kicked in the balls is worse’ or ‘I don’t want to know about you bleeding from your thing’, when normally they’d be ALLLLL OVER talking about women’s anatomy. We bleed through clothes & RUIN our underwear!! We bloat and feel like crap, but we still go to school, work, etc., just being told to stick a tampon in it and take pain killer. Pain killers rarely help, though, and we still have emotions we can’t handle running wild. But, sure, a few minutes of pain where a weak boy cries and falls over is way worse than suffering and feeling like Hell. Honestly, I wish I could be kicked in the balls once a month versus dealing with period pains.

    And what trumps periods? Childbirth and pregnancy! Where you sit, in labor, for sometimes twenty-four hours giving birth, only after having nine months of puking in the morning, being emotional, breaking out, carrying an extra human, and having to stay home alone for days because you have to take time off from work, not to mention the OB-GYN visits, Ultra-sounds, and strangers randomly touching your tummy and moving their hand too close to my one body part or another. You also have to buy new clothes you may never wear again and sometimes never being able to see your child again or having to raise it single-handedly, or society frowning on mother’s who may not give up their careers and stay home, who don’t let the father’s (if father is present) ego has inflate because he’s ‘bringing home the bacon’. And after childbirth, women are forced to loose baby weight that is hard to loose.

    Speaking from my own experience, period cramps are occasionally such a strong stabbing sensation that its difficult to walk or stand. White hot pains shooting through my entire abdomen, sometimes even down through my thighs and back. Ive broken a bone, and period cramps can be much more intense than that. Aside from my own uterus, I know many women who have had to call out of work or miss school for a day because of period pains. One of my friend’s mother’s had to get a hysterectomy just because of her period pains. She wasn’t even fourty years old, but she was consistently missing days of work at a time, even while taking Midol. Aside from my very first period ever, up until I started taking a birth control that worked well for my body I had painful cramps every single period. All day or most of the day for one to seven days every month. Usually not bad enough to spend a day in bed, but enough to warrant taking aspirin like I was having a migraine. Cramps are what we feel when our uterus is shedding its inner lining. Our organ is skinning itself. Only the extreme lucky few can say periods are “painless” like Alice Twain claims. (No offense Alice, but your list is extremely misleading and inaccurate imo. Hitting your elbow is a 7 while a period ranks in at a 2? For real?)

    Admittedly, I don’t have testicles and so cant really say which is worse. But the thing that always puts period pains (or childbirth, which is honestly an entirely different animal) decidedly over testicular trauma for me is how long it lasts. Again, I don’t have testicles so I can’t accurately say how long the feeling of a kick to the nuts lasts. However, I’ve heard it usually only lasts a few minutes, or at most an hour. Period pain lasts for days. Every month. Have any of the men here ever been kicked in the nuts for 24 hours a day for up to seven days every month?

    Also for the men here, if you happen to have migraines that might be one thing I can liken the pain to so you might be able to imagine it more accurately. Usually cramps are very fasts shots of pain or a dull-ish aching feeling that makes you feel really sluggish and tired. Sometimes they are really bad like the ones I described above. Migraines start as an ache in my eye or in the back of my head, leading to my entire head throbbing with my heartbeat, and eventually so intense that I can’t lift my head or open my eyes. Because moving my eyelids is painful, both on my eyes themselves and in my eyelids. Its bad enough to make you involuntarily cry, which ultimately makes it even worse. I would say that average periods are around the throbbing stage of pain, with some being close to the black-out levels of a migraine (for some of the period, not all of it). Migraines are worse. The sharpness of both of these types of pain varies, but overall I feel this is an accurate description.

    Lastly, men, Im sorry, but being kicked in the nuts will never be worse than childbirth. Please let that one go.

    Actually periods is like a gastritis. And gastritis even worse than periods. Because cramps are really strong than that. And im always saw lot of female go to see doctors to get medicine for gastritis and not for periods. And i had gastritis when i was 12 for 5 years and i got ot of medicine and didn’t work anything. Finaly i stoped it from a new medicine with vitamins. But you can eat chocolate during periods but if you have a gastritis, you can’t eat chocolate or oil foods. And actually gastritis is not common for younger age people, but i had it. And im boy. So i ask from symptoms about their periods and they aren’t compared to gastritis because gastritis is having a period everyday. And believe me , don’t compare periods to getting kick in balls , compare it to gastritis that every person can experience. And you can stop periods from birth control pills or IUD , but you can’t stop getting in kick in balls. In my opinion its better to have period than having gastritis. Only one thing you didn’t bleed from gastritis but you will have to go toilet frequently because of gas coming out of you’re ass and even from a mouth. And you will feel extra pain that not have in periods, and it is burning fire inside your stomach. And remember periods is natural body function but getting kick in balls are not a natural function. And if you have a big period pain , then meet a doctor and get a medicine because its your hormones imbalance. I even meet a girl that nothing feel during periods and some of them have small cramps. Extremely painful periods is not a nomal thing and you want to get medicine.

    It’s to all intents and purposes impossible for anybody to know without having experienced both sorts of pain. And that’s impossible because even a post-op transgender person wouldn’t experience the same feelings because if M-F they don’t get ovaries and a uterus and if F-M they don’t get real testicles. So in either case they’ll never feel the same pain.

    However painful menstrual cramps are for some women however (it’s obvious that some women have a worse time of it than others) the average woman, in fact I’ve never heard of any woman, fall to the ground rolling in agonizing pain or even passing out from the pain as I’ve seen happen with men kicked in the balls.

    Yes, menstrual cramps can be debilitating in extreme cases and be significant enough to have to take time off work even. However even in the most extreme cases it never seems as bad as a testicular concussion with a foot.

    That being said, the majority of men can go their entire lives without ever being kicked in the balls whereas almost all women spend a couple of decades or more having monthly periods and so cumulatively having menstrual pain would probably add up to being worse for those women who are most affected than the rare chance of a man being kicked in the balls during his life,

    In either case, I wouldn’t dismiss the pain expressed by either gender. Pain isn’t fun (well, for the majority of people anyway).

    I don’t think there’s anyone who has experienced both, and I’m not sure there’s an accurate way of measuring pain in detail enough to say anything objectively.

    I will say, though, that especially with periods, it can vary wildly from person to person and month to month. Even hour to hour. As I have never been kicked in the balls, I can’t compare the variance there, but I imagine the strength of the kick, where it lands, etc. could also change the level of pain.

    My guess is that being kicked in the balls is, on average, worse, especially because some women have mostly pain-free periods. Being kicked is basically always going to hurt. However, I do imagine particularly nasty, singular cramps can rival or beat a kick to the nuts. I’ve doubled over from the pain, and I know some women have it even worse. Men virtually always physically react to being kicked down there, but you’ve likely interacted with dozens of women experiencing moderate to severe cramping without you ever realizing. However, part of that is that the pain of being kicked is sudden and acute, whereas cramps are chronic and can be prepared for better.

    So I’d say it’s tough or even impossible to say, but I’d lean towards getting kicked in the balls.

    Is getting kicked in the balls worse than menstrual pain?

    You are, in effect, asking about one of the tremendous advantages of going to a male gynecologist. Many women, as a knee-jerk reaction, say they want to go to a woman because they can relate to their own problems. Big mistake.

    A male has no reference point regarding female ailments, other than what was taught during residency. As a result, every problem becomes a serious problem, every complaint is unbearable, every pain is excruciating.

    A female gynecologist is a lot less likely to be empathetic, giving reasons like, “Oh you have cramps? Me too. Take some Tylenol or Motrin.” She is even less likely to provide any empathy during moments like childbirth. “What are you, some kind of wimp? I went through this; you can too.”

    Recently there was an article referenced on Quora about how women are being “tricked” out of getting an epidural during labor, and in reading the article it appeared that the major problem was in deliveries attended by midwives, a primarily female profession. Believe me, as soon as a patient of mine hits the bed, I’m on the phone to the anesthesiologist for that epidural. (Part of the reason is selfish. I’ve developed an aversion to being kicked in the head during the second stage of labor.)

    The lack of a reference point is why the question is unanswerable. I have no idea what menstrual pain feels like, and half of the world has no idea what it is like to be kicked in the balls.

    Depends on the scale of each. There are women who have so many repercussions and emotional distress, but i have met many women who also don’t experience these things and pass the period pain like nothing special. So it varies according to each organism.

    On the other hand testicular pain from being hit in the groin again varies. If you are hit by your kid (and you will) is not on the same scale as being hit with a metal bat intentionally. There are many repercussions here as well since the nerves of the male testicles are connected with other organ nerves and if you experience any rupture as well, all the worst.

    To sum up, it is difficult to compare. If you would compare both on the highest scale of pain and incidents, the testicular pain from injury would be way more painful and you would need medical help to alievate the issue, which could not be said about a really painful period pain. On the other hand pain to the groin is at best rare and not systematical as period pain is and you endure it for days straight. Nevertheless it is pretty unfair as a comparison as one is an injury that harms males whereas the other is a natural way for females to be healthy.

    I’ve been kicked in the balls. It’s no fun at all. I’ve had my 4 year old son jump into my lap while leading with his knees. He was astonished when the next thing he knew Daddy was rolling around on the floor in a ball. For about 5 minutes. In tears. Clutching his crotch. That was even less fun. But it went away in half an hour or less.

    I’ve never had a period. I never will. Maybe it hurts more, maybe less, but I’ll never know. But this I do know. Five days vs. half an hour? If it only lasted a day, one day out of twenty-eight, that’s 48 times worse than anything my balls have ever done to me. There’s no way it hurts 48 times less. And besides, when my nuts catch a boot or a knee, it’s an accident. Those damn ovaries? They’re on a schedule.

    No thank you. Not a good trade. I’ll keep the dangle berries, if you please.

    Well here is the problem. There is no way for one person to experience both so there is no way to do an actual objective comparison. I mean a person might try to describe the level of pain they feel to someone else, they can try to describe the sensation. But in reality they are the only ones actually experiencing it.

    There are also different levels of pain for each experience, even among those experiencing it. Some guys don’t feel much when they take a shot in the nuts, and there are a few who actually enjoy it. A woman’s experience of a period can vary not only from woman to woman but from one period to the next.

    About the only measure we have is that a kick to the nuts, provided it does not do physical damage, can be intensely painful for a few moments, then it passes. A period however goes on for several days and most women cannot afford to stop what they are doing to ride it out. They have to get on with life.

    Until we can hook up in some way to be inside another person’s mind/body to see what they see and feel what they feel there will be no way to answer this question objectively.

    No body will be able to find out which is worse…

    I’m a girl and periods hurt ALOT but I’m not gonna sit here and say that “getting hit in the balls dont hurt” or it “isnt worse” or that it “only lasts for about 2 minutes” because I’m not a male I’ve never been hit in the bollocks before so I cant say what it feels like or how long it lasts for, but what I’ve heard from other boys I can guarantee that getting hit in the bollocks hurts more, I mean yeah it probs dont last for 6 days like period pains do but they have to wake up everyday with a pair of balls and has to be cautious incase someone is a little bastard and hits them in that region, we only have pain for 6 days and that’s it all month … so us girls are quite lucky, and not only that it’s very sensitive on a boys bollocks so that’s also another reason it could be more worse than periods!!!

    It depends. Getting kicked in the balls hurts a crap ton more than period pains. A shot in the nuts lasts hours to a day, but periods can last a week or even more. So basically the pain of getting hit in the balls doesn’t last as long and (hopefully) doesn’t happen as frequently as periods do. So the question is Do you want your pain quick and excruciating or slow, longer-lasting, and more often but much less painful. But you also have to factor in the person. Each person reacts to pain differently, so in the end, it is tough to determine the answer since it depends on the person’s reaction to pain as well and body type and opinion. What I’m trying to say is that it is all on you.

    Hard to say, Anonymous.

    When a man volunteers to be hit in the testicles consistently and unceasingly by various changing implements for 4–6 days in a row, we might become closer to finding out.

    A less smart-arse answer is that it is my observation that for some women, period pain equates to being hit in the testicles. They double over with pain, are immobilised, feel nauseated and sometimes vomit.

    However I have never seen a woman assume the fetal position for a few minutes due to her period and then get up and walk. She is always curled up in pain for hours, and often days.

    I have also never seen a man take to the couch or his bed, calling for a hot water bottle and fumbling for the strongest painkillers he can find after being hit in the balls.

    I am going to guess that the two kinds of pain are simply too different to really compare. Getting hit in the balls is an acute and sharp pain, but for a relatively short period. A woman’s period last for days. However, the actual pain that women experience from their periods also differ between individuals. Additionally, there are all the other inconveniences (emotions, pads/tampons, blood on clothes) that is not there for being hit in the balls.

    What I can say, is that kidney stones (which I have had a few times) often feels exactly like being kicked in die balls, but also endures for a longer period. So it could be theoretically possible to compare period pains with kidney stones (which both men and women can get) for a comparison. Although kidney stones is probably closer to repeatedly being kicked in the balls.

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