When do we use ‘to’ and ‘with’ with the word …

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    “Communicating to “ requires that a specific piece of information was conveyed to someone: “I communicated to the organization that the date had been changed to Wednesday.” “Communicating with” is more open-ended, and does not require a specific fact to have been conveyed: “I have been communicating with the organization” or “I have been communicating with them about the date.”


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    Both of those prepositions are used after that verb, and some people may use them interchangeably.

    I (a native USA speaker) tend to use “to” if the communication is more or less unidirectional, and “with” if multidirectional.

    For example:

    “I communicated to John the teacher’s request that he remain in the classroom after the rest of the class has been dismissed.” (There was no discussion; I was relaying a message from the teacher to John.)

    “I communicated with Mary about our supervisor’s response to the first draft of our report.” (Mary and I have been working on a report, and we needed to discuss our our next steps in light of what our supervisor said about the first portion we had completed.)

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    TO. A has information.B does not

    A sends info to B. A communicates TO B


    A sends a message to B. B answers back. A responds to B. >>>both are providing information to each other


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    Usage depends on what you mean to communicate. Examples:

    Different kinds of “to”:

    • “You communicate to get information across.” Structure: “communicate” + “infinitive verb” (“to” can be replaced sensibly with “in order to”)
    • “You communicate to the PM; I’ll reach out to the provincial premiers.” Structure: “communicate” + “prepositional phrase”

    Different kinds of “with”:

    • “You communicate with passion.” Structure: “communicate” + “the preposition ‘with’ as a function word indicating cause, means, instrumentality”
    • “You communicate with animals.” Structure: “communicate” + “the preposition ‘with’ as a function word indicating action, transaction, etc.”
    • the means, cause, agent, or instrumentality

    I am going to communicate with you by speaking face to face.

    We will have a cup of tea and talk with one another. That is communication.

    I will send an email to you.

    I will write a letter to you. That is a communication.

    I will telephone you and speak with you about a certain subject.

    I know it is old fashioned to use WITH but I like it. It sounds more friendly than speaking TO you, if you are sitting across a table having a friendly conversation.


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    The I am communicating with you.

    In my communication to you, you were notified of the date and time of our meeting.

    Henry communicates with me on Zoom.

    How are we going to communicate?

    You’ll be able to communicate with me as required.

    Andrew disabled his translator and Eric was no longer able to communicate with him.

    He was trying to communicate: to improve their relationship.

    Andrew was the one who wanted to communicate telephonically.

    Theo could not communicate with me except by writing in Braille.

    It wasn’t as if they used it to communicate anyway.

    The magician used his magic to communicate with the children.

    Why is it so difficult to communicate with you?

    How do you communicate with your staff?

    They used the dead to communicate with the living through mediums.

    Communication is most important for devlopment of any and evrything.

    When there is no communication people won’t able to share there perspective. They will have to anylise each and everything themselves.

    Without communication everything will become senseless, life become emotionless , and its impossible to imagine the world without sharing and caring.


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    I assume that you are asking about instances when “there are” would be grammatically correct. As in a sentence like, “there’s two more on the shelf.”

    I think it is for ease of pronunciation. I doubt that someone who used my example sentence would say, “there is two more.” They understand the grammar. But in casual speech, people often use contractions. That much is perfectly normal and grammatical.

    The correct contraction would be “there’re.” But that is a little difficult to say. You need to break up what would be an extended /r/ sound with a glottal stop. Except for the glottal stop, every sound in that word is articulated in the front of the mouth.

    It is easier to say “there’s.” All the component sounds are articulated in the front of the mouth. The usage of “there’s” this way is common enough that it won’t cause confusion. So using it makes the person’s speech more fluid, and there is no loss of meaning. No harm done: the person’s listeners will understand perfectly what is being said.

    A good communicator can connect with people on a basic human level. They can convey a message confidently yet infuse their speech with the human component. If you try to be too fancy with large words or complicated concepts I believe you lose people along the way. To be authentic with a bit of vulnerability is also the signs of a great communicator. People want to feel understood and valued. In our quest to appear to be so intelligent with our long laborious speech we have forgotten what is most important. To find common ground with those we are speaking to. When you do this guess what? You have made a connection. Not fake by just agreeing with someone but a true connection. When you care what others think they appreciate what you have to say. They mirror you. So for me I would have to say those that value others ideas and thoughts while keeping it simple infused with emotion are the best communicators.

    Communicate by letter

    Communicate by phone

    Communicate in the workplace

    Communicate in English

    Communicate to make yourself heard

    Communicate to express a thought

    Also communicate with someone


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    “Please contact with me” is improper grammar, “Please communicate with me” is correct grammar, but not how you ask someone to actually message you.

    Saying either is fine in the sense that the other person will understand you are not an English speaker.

    The second sentence, “Please communicate with me,” is grammatically correct, but no one who speaks English would use this as a way of asking someone to phone, email, message, etc. It has emotional implications.

    What you say depends on the situation. If this is a friend, or a potential friend, a casual contact, or a work situation.

    If you’re in doubt, use the specific means of contact. These can be used in almost any context.

    ‘Send me a text.’ ‘Send a text.’ ‘Send me an email.’ ‘Feel free to send me an Email.’ ‘Let’s talk again.’ ‘Is it okay if I add your contact?’ ‘Do you use Skype?’ Etc.

    For correction, “Please contact with me” would be “Please contact me.”

    This would rarely be used, it is formal, but also using ‘please’ like this in English makes it sound desperate in many contexts.

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