What should I do if I think I have depression?

  • What should I do if I think I have depression?

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    Why exactly do you think you have depression? More importantly, do you want to be depressed?

    A lot of people may not realize it but they actually WANT to have an illness because it grants them comfort. For example being sick will cause your parents to care for you more. In the same way if you get diagnosed you will not only know that you are depressed (if you are) but you will accept it as something normal.

    Being depressed however should not be considered normal in the sense that it lasts forever. Yes there are clinically depressed people but that is not what most people are experiencing when they say that they are depressed. Instead of talking to your parents and instead of wanting to get diagnosed why don’t you try to diagnose yourself…and i do not mean it in the medical term. You don’t ne

    , Life experiences with mental illness health.

    Originally Answered: I’m severely depressed. I’ve been crying for the past 3 hours. Why should I keep on living? I’m just a burden to my husband. There’s no help for me. This is my darkest hour.

    You should keep on living because this state is temporary and being dead is permanent. Once you’re dead, there’s no getting better.

    Finding his spouse dead, that would be more than a burden to your husband; that would scar him for life, in ways you cannot imagine. So if being a burden is problematic for you, stay alive long enough to divorce him first, so cleaning up after your death won’t be his responsibility.

    I don’t consider that last bit to be actual advice, because that would also wreck your husband, and you would still end up being dead. Neither are good outcomes; neither are necessary. I hope it grants a bit of perspective, though.

    What you need is assistance from someone who actually knows how to treat depression.

    I’ve been going through this with my own spouse; he has been depressed

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    , Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2016

    Thoughts when I’m:


    • Food:
      • “I had eggs yesterday, I’ll have cereal this morning.”
      • “Hmm, my body’s not feeling too great; I need to watch what I eat.”
      • Mum: “What would you like to eat?” Me: “I’m craving for some noodles. Sushi sounds good, too.”
    • Interests:
      • “I’ll read a few chapters of this book before turning in.”
      • Friends: “Want to join us for netball this weekend?” Me: “I’m not much of a sports person. Have fun anyway!”
      • “I’ll start saving x amount of money from this month on; hopefully I’ll make enough to go to Japan at the end of the year.”
    • Studies/work:
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    • Food:
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    , Has struggled with depression/anxiety, and ADHD for 13 years

    Hi, I’m sorry that your acquaintance is feeling so depressed – depression is really a nightmare. With that said, I would like to comment on the duration of his/her depression – six months is a really long time, and if they visited a psychiatrist or therapist in the United States, they would certainly diagnose them with major depressive disorder. Now, on to the second part of your question. You said they feel normal for a week after six months of depression. There are a few things that could be occurring here:

    • Everyone experiences depression differently. Maybe your friend just had a really good week and their mood improved.
    • Your friend could have what is known as “atypical” depression. This is a subcategory of depression, and its name is a bit misleading – it is actually the most common type

    Originally Answered: What are some of the most effective ways to fight depression ?

    I have Depression, Generalized anxiety disorder and Paranoid personality disorder. Only God knows how I survived and face everything on a daily basis.

    I see a lot of people answering this question with tips like: “ oh, oh be grateful for what you have, stay positive, go out for a walk”,like its gonna make a difference. Its completely stupid. Its not gonna work if you have a problem on a clinical level. These tips are just imaginary and temporary solutions.

    First you need to understand depression. A person only gets depressed when he suppresses his feelings. Suppressing is the opposite of Expressing.

    We people suffer from depression because there is something, there is a natural emotion, there is a feeling, a sense of joy, a response arising in your physical body BUT YOU SUPPRESS IT. We suppre

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    Hello. I have had some really low points in my life too, but a couple of things kept me going, and I hope that they’ll help you too.

    Firstly, if you want something badly but aren’t having it — in my case I wanted career success but wasnt seeing it — what I did was to consider the possibility of me never attaining it. Yes it sure hurts like crazy and makes me feel so low but once you’ve learnt to accept it, you’ll realise that it’s not the end of the world, you still have many other things to live for.

    Just think of what makes you feel good (e.g. a good drive, a long walk by yourself) and do them. Sure with depression it feels a lot less enjoyable as it was before, but it’s still better than nothing. Go forth and do the things you used to enjoy, even if they don’t feel so good now.

    There’a thi

    , Depression survivor, helping others to cope.

    What are the worst signs to look for in deepening depression?

    For me:

    • Tiny Setbacks.

      When a tiny setback, like getting to your car and having forgotten your keys, feels like an epic calamity.

      “Shit. Maybe I didn’t put them on the hook. They could be totally lost. I can’t believe this is happening. How am I going to fix this?”

      When the tiny setbacks just make me want to go to bed … the depression is deepening.

    • The Dementors are sucking my life force.

      A constant “sucking wind” is drawing life

      away from me. I’m only now beginning to learn how to describe this aspect of depression.

      The closest I’ve come is the Dementors who suck the souls out of people in Harry Potter. Except not quite as rapidly or intensely. It is a feeling of having all the good

      slowly being sucked out of me by some out

    , lives in Auckland, New Zealand

    People seem pretty pro pharmaceuticals and psychiatry in their answers. There are options. Recent studies show intestinal health and inflamation are linked to depression and anxiety and are better indications of mood disorder than the chemical-brain-imbalance theory which has no credible evidence after 60 years.

    Naturopaths are the main profession that are educated about this gut health and the other multiple physiological causes of mental health trouble. Maybe you are deficient in vitamin D or magnesium? Use a naturopath to interpret full blood tests which you can order through your GP.

    The best predictor of positive client outcome in therapy or counselling is going to be the alliance you feel you have with the therapist. This will be regardles of approach so find an approach that you feel

    Trust me, nobody wants to be depressed, I have been there done that and I am still fighting through it. There are no advices for you to get out of depression it won’t happen in a single day. It will take time. But in the end it’s up to you how you tackle it.

    • The most important thing is to get your thoughts out of your mind, give them words. Talk to anybody, let it be a stranger, a friend, or a relative. Just get it out of your system. You can also try writing it down. The reason behind this is when you tell your story your thoughts are already filtered, you yourself get a realisation of what is happening with you. You start accepting the reality.
    • Second thing is never try to run away from this situation. Nothing lasts forever. Remember the times when you were happy. They may have gone now bu

    , An enthusiastic Learner..

    Originally Answered: I absolutely know I’m depressed but I don’t want to get “undepressed” again. Can I do anything about it?

    Buddy you are so lucky because so many people are writing the answers for you and sharing their best possible experiences..

    I wish if I would had got some mentors to take me out of the depression at that time.

    I would recommend to try these

    The time you realize that you are getting anxious or depressed, the 1st thing I recommend to do is don’t think anything.

    Yes I am serious!! Don’t do anything.

    Just be there watching, become an empty mind. Don’t think anything. Don’t react. No logical thinking, no deals, no time management, nothing. Just Don’t do anything. Initially it will be difficult not to think anything, because your mind is use to think of various clutters and images popping us. However try it, do it for 30 seconds at start. Then next day, do it for a minute. If you can’t increase t

    , former Professor of Bioethics Member of Animal Care Comm. (1980-2005)

    Depression takes many forms. You have psychological paralysis. There are some activities that you are motivated to do, but unable to do. You might be motivated to pay your bills, but unable to even start on it. Why this is so is a complete mystery to you and everyone else. People who suggest various activities are well-meaning, but just don’t understand what’s happening to you. I suggest that you first enlist the aid of a friend or relative to do the relatively simple acts that you are unable to do—-pay the bills, make necessary phone calls go, to the grocery store, etc. This will relieve a lot of anxiety. Then take the small steps approach. Never try to do an entire task such as paying all your bills. Strangely enough, there are some tasks you can easily complete, such as reading and answ

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