What is the significance of a high Kappa/Lambda ratio?

  • If you have to ask ‘Is CBD oil as a scam?’ then you have never used it, so you are vulnerable to all kinds of information from various sources with different political and cultural motivations.

    There are many scams in this world that continue to be held up as legitimate.

    ‘Scientific research’ is one of them. We rely on it for information so much, yet the majority of scientific research relies on corporate funding and thus is subject to corporate influence into results. Scientific research is another way of corporations influencing people’s purchasing decisions. We can no more rely on it than we can rely on Old Betty down the street to tell us whether something works.

    Another scam is the FDA. This is an organization that refuses to approve and regulate CBD oil because it has safety concerns.

    Meanwhile, 120,000 Americans die every year from FDA approved drugs that they have been prescribed and yet, Epidiolex (whose only active ingredient is CBD) is approved as a safe drug to treat children with epilepsy.

    So, first you should be asking, are the authorities that I am relying on to tell me about CBD oil a scam?

    And, if so, where does that leave you?

    You should know that CBD oil is not new. We like to think it is a ‘new discovery’ and that we are so smart in working out about CB1 and CB2 receptors and other crap that we don’t really understand.

    CBD oil has been around forever and anyone with an ounce of passion for the benefits of cannabis as a plant (Which BTW is exactly the same as hemp. The two have been split up for legal purposes only following the introduction of the 0.3% THC limit) would know that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.

    In relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation, it works on opening the channels of the body that have been blocked by swelling, or stress-induced muscular tension. In doing so it allows blood, oxygen, and other compounds to resume their natural flow and bring your body back into balance. It doesn’t have to be complex.

    Presuming you buy from a trusted source, what you get with CBD oil is something very powerful indeed, but without any kind of psychoactive or mind-altering effect.

    This is why it poses a real threat to yet another scam: The pharmaceutical industry.

    Pharmaceutical drugs appear to be very effective because they work by masking the side-effects of a deeper problem in the body. This has an instant effect which people like. It is an excellent business model because it means that

    1.) You have to keep taking the drug to feel ok.

    2.) The longer you take it, the bigger dose you need of it.

    These companies and authorities such as ‘The Cancer Council’ and the rest are businesses and businesses don’t have values, they have business rules.

    If they were to find a cure for aids, cancer or any other of the ‘big diseases’ tomorrow, they would go out of business and no business will ever do that. So when they talk up this charade of ‘The war on disease’, have no doubt, it is a real scam.

    Sadly today, medical companies are able to financially influence politicians, research companies, and family doctors into taking actions that align with the companies financial goals, regardless of the consequences on the well being and health of the people.

    I can tell you right now. CBD oil is not a scam. It is real. Scour the internet for real people (Your best source of information in this day of corrupt research). You will find endless videos and stories of children, adults, and dogs that are getting not subtle, but strong benefits from CBD oil. You could list the conditions that it is helping but it would be too long. It helps all these things not because it is complex, but because it is simple. It works on the root of the issue – blocked channels within the body.

    Anyone who says it is a scam is either buying from a scammer or has never had any experience with CBD. So I say, think for yourself, don’t get dragged along by the nonsense that you hear. Try it yourself and get people you know to try it and you will soon find out the truth. You don’t need corrupt people in white coats to tell you what is true.

    Hope it helps



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