What is the reason for a sudden, sharp head pain?

  • What is the reason for a sudden, sharp head pain?

    • When you say it’s sudden and you mean that it was zero in one minute and 10 in the next minute, and the headache is so severe thay you cannot do your routine work, it could be ominous like an intracranial bleed. In this case please go to the emergency department of a hospital.
    • It is better to err on that side.
    • But if it came gradually and is not severe, the data you have given is not enough, partly so because no-one on quora can examine you.
    • Detailed examination itself could be therapeutic in patient’s whose symptoms suggest a psychosomatic etiology.
    • Please visit a physician.
    • Possibilities are you may need glasses for reading or distance, sinusitis, dental causes, tension headache, migraine, hypertension, etc. This list is not complete.

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    I would suggest that anyone who experiences Any sudden change in a brain related sense seek a medical opinion.

    My sister in law didn’t think anything of a visual problem and is in the hospital recovering from a stroke that left her in a coma for almost two weeks. I believe she was aware but unable to communicate or open her eyes.

    If it is serious enough to seek an answer here, it serious enough to ask your doctor. It is easier to prevent damage than to repair it when it involves where you live, your brain!

    Update: She is responsive and doing some therapy, but I am not sure if her vision has returned.

    The problem with headaches as a symptom is that there a lot of factors which may cause this symptom. It is a non specific symptom . It’s causes may be as benign as a headache which may have been caused from lack of sleep, motion sickness, Error of refraction of your eyes, It may come muscular tension of the muscles around your head and back. From Vascular problems such as Migraine headaches and to more pathological ones such as from Hypertension, Chronic Sinusitis and others which are too many to mention. If the said headache has been manifesting for more than a month and the character, location and then intensity has not changed or is even increasing in severity. Then it’s time to seek professional help. Go and see a Doctor so you can be diagnosed properly.

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    Your description isn’t helpful, sorry!

    Only if you feel what docs term a
    thunderclap headache you need to consult a doc or visit an ED immediately to rule out an acute bleeding from a rare vascular malformation in your brain: subarachnoidal bleed.

    But these people are quite sick.

    Otherwise, rest, only seek immediate medical attention if running a high fever, having rigors, or getting confused.

    All the best!


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    I imagine it could be whatever your medical care provider says it might be after they’ve had a chance to evaluate and examine you, likely running tests and such to help them determine a legitimate diagnosis.

    Try asking your doctor instead of a bunch of strangers on a social media forum, the majority of whom aren’t medically trained, and none of which is able to evaluate you or perform an examination.

    It has various reasons. Some primary reasons r like


    High bp,


    Usage of mobile phones in dark,

    Reading in dim lights,

    Thinking too much,

    Staring at computer or laptop screens too long,

    Staying in noisy environment,

    Prolonged usage of earphones.

    Headaches due to these reasons are temporary and can ovrcom using simple medicines. If it continues it may b due to secondary reasons for instance blood tumour, blood clot and so on.

    Take care.

    Thank you:-)


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    The brain doesn’t have pain receptors. So it’s either intracranial pressure pushing outward into the skull or the blood vessels on the head have constricted and it creates a quick migraine. Could also be hair follicle or sweat gland or just skin. Don’t know what’s causing the problem though, hopefully I narrowed it down for ya.


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    It means that you have a vision problem. It also reveals that your concentration span is short and that, you are not comfortable with bright lights.


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    It could be something as simple as eye strain, stress or allergies.

    Or it could be something as horrific as a brain tumor.

    If it continues, see your doctor. No one can diagnose you remotely on Quora or anyplace else on the internet.

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