What is the meaning of high white blood cell and low red …

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    A total blood count (CBC) is a group of tests that supply info about blood cells like Red cell (RBC), Leukocyte (WBC) and platelets.

    High WBC count is related to infections, inflammatory conditions, leukemia, myeloproliferative disorders while low levels may be seen in aplastic anemia, bone marrow conditions, autoimmune conditions etc

    Low RBC count can be seen in Iron shortage anemia, Vitamin deficiency anemia, Aplastic anemia, Chronic kidney illness, Particular medications, such as drugs for HIV infection and chemotherapy drugs for cancer and other conditions, Cancer etc

    Go see a medical professional. An excellent internist. Low. Rbc might mean could be internal bleeding however one may think it would take white cells with it and you blood would be like hypovolemic. Rapid medical diagnosis is essential. A high wbc is normally high In infections. Bone marrow has one progenitor of red and white blood cells and differentiate. I had leukemia. My white blood cells didn’t mature and leave the bone marrow and the level of my rbc was low as well. Internist then perhaps a hematologist. Hemolytic anemia? Some people with other leukemias have high white blood cell count however these cells are also inadequate. These both red and white come from the exact same progenitor cells and separate later. A trip to the doctor is extremely essential,. Even going to the ER. Lower Rbcs and platlets can also appear with leukemia. An increase in WBCs alone can and most often due infections. Somebody with a severe understanding of hematology needs to evaluate. This does not sound great to me.

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    You have an infection and anemia … or the elephant in the space, you have a blood cancer that triggers a high WBC and low RBC.


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    High WBC we see in

    • bacterial infections
    • swellings
    • tension
    • some blood illness e.g. leukemia.

    Low RBC we call anemia can be since of

    • blood loss whether intense of persistent (ladies losing much blood throughout their periods comprise the largest part of anemic individuals)
    • deficiencies in building blocks required to make RBC e.g. vitamin B12, folic acid, iron
    • as a sign of a persistent disease e.g. chronic kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
    • due to the fact that of typical bone marrow cells are changed by irregular one in illness of the blood e.g. leukemia, multiple myeloma etc.
    • since the bone marrow isn’t making any RBC any longer e.g. aplastic anemia
    • since RBC’s are being broken down e.g. by auto-imunity having antibodies attack one’s own RBCs.

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    I would have to ask “high relative to what?”

    However otherwise, a high WBC count is associated with infection, and I think you’re speaking about a low Hematocrit

    State there was a patient in the ICU with a high WBC count (maybe >>10) and a low hematocrit (perhaps 40>>) who is febrile. In the lack of a shallow sign of why these laboratory values need to be, one would likely perform tests to look for some sort perforation of the GI system to see if that is the mechanism by which the blood cell count was low (bleeding into the GI tract) and germs (if that is the reason for the infection) were able to infiltrate past the bowel lining.

    When the number of erythrocytes( RBCs) and leucocytes( WBCs) are higher in regards to PPM (parts per million), than a particular level then one has a high RBC and WBC count.


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    High leukocyte count isn’t a specific illness, but it can indicate other problems such as, infection, tension, swelling, injury, allergies or specific other illness. A high white blood cell count usually needs additional examination.

    Low RBC count generally describes the anemic condition of the body. Such a problem can be caused due to many factors consisting of serious ones like sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

    If you are trying to self analyse your reports. DON’T. Get it analysed by an expert. In case it was simply interest. No probs there.


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    I agree with Erica’s response. High wbc count is associated with immune response to infection, usually. Red blood count could be low momentarily, for any variety of reasons, however if too low, you’ll feel bad: headaches, tiredness, shortness of breath and possible fainting. If it’s severe, you’ll feel it, whereas your immune system might be combating an infection that has actually just begun or not wide-spread, and you wouldn’t necessarily see it.


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    Ask your physician. He/she will offer you the full description you require. For starters, high white blood count can show that your body is battling an infection. That can Likewise be determned by your doctor.


    Go see a medical professional who can take a total medical history and do an extensive examination personally. Even great physicians with a lot of experience require more info to do more than state possibilities. The web does not have all the responses. You require to see somebody face to face for this question. Unless you are writing a novel and need details for among your characters?

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