What is the intellectual revolution that defines society?

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    These revolutions contributed a lot to the people’s daily lives. The complicated tasks can be more easier and humans do their jobs with lesser effort because of the new technologies invented.

    What intellectual revolution?

    The first revolution came with Aristotle. His idea that all knowledge comes from experience, i.e., empirical observation of the facts of reality led, in time, to the 17th century revolution undertaken by Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon saw that reality to be commanded, must be obeyed. He imagined an empirical science to improve the quality of life on earth (while his age sought mainly to understand God and eternal life). That fueled the discoveries of Galileo, Newton and the scientists of the Royal Society. John Locke examined the moral world and built a revolution on a belief in the natural and “unalienable” rights of individuals to be free. Shortly thereafter, Adam Smith study of how economies succeed and fail initiated a revolution that estolled the advantages of leaving marakets free and allowing an “invisible hand” to balance supply and demand for the benefit of all mankind.

    Intellectual revolutions or thought movements have had in recent centuries enormous weight in the transformation of Western societies, be it Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche for fascism, Karl Marx for communism / socialism, where Charles Darwin for atheism each of his ideologies to and continues to transform our perception of the world and of life in society.

    Believing that technology is the sole culprit is blatantly ignorant, because its ideologies are responsible for millions of deaths. The common point between all these ideologies is to have tried to fill the void produced by the revolutions, that have abolished theocracies and monarchies.

    Indeed up to 2 centuries, religion and politics were inseparable. The fact of being in agreement where not is the question, but once again each of ideologies have as common point to be secular, which marks a turning point in the history of the world, because since always the man since the antiquity to revolutions was governed both by the spiritual and the religious. The most recent revolutions are more concerned with the individual himself than with the system that governs him.

    Especially with the “Frankfurt School” which brought together from 1920 many intellectuals such as Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse etc … Here again the role of these intellectuals will be demonstrated that the man is not born with predetermined values, ​​but that on the contrary it is to him of the created (I make short) it can be shaped to match the evolution of society.

    In truth when we look at the history we can see that at first the revolutions put an end to the power of the religious, then lack of landmarks of the ideologues promise that their new secular system, will be better for everyone and finally in a world that has found a balance of facade with democracy, where the law of the market reigns with little social assistance have sold idelologies at the individual level, that will jump all moral locks, allowing the market (capitalism ) to open on land still unexploited because considered immoral (pornography etc …).

    I honestly believe that it is not just worthless, but actually harmful to society.

    Every single generation that has ever lived likes to see themselves then, or ourselves today, as superior to our fathers.

    The Bible gives a perfect example of this when Jesus confronts the fact that the scribes and pharisees of his time, used to brag about the idea that they would not have committed the sins of their forefathers by condemning the prophets of God. But in the end it was these very braggarts who condemned to death, not just a prophet of Gog, but the very Son of God Himself.

    In Nazi Germany they actually thought that they were following the latest scientific advances of their times,

    but more often than not they were simply following unproven, racial superiority theories that have since been proven to be totally wrong. But at the time they puffed up their chests with unwarranted conceit and proceeded to slaughter millions for the conjectural good of humanity in general and the Germanic peoples in particular.

    At the same time in America and maybe other countries too, we were also influenced by this insane scientific conjecture, sometimes forcing women to be sterilized in the hope of reducing genetic defects.

    Today we have the exact same pride that they did, both during the time of Christ and in the 1930s-40s.

    It is just that we have a different set of lies to follow.

    In China forced abortions for the so called good of our planet are performed by the hundreds of thousands, every single year.

    In China condemned criminals are kept waiting for death until their organs are needed and then killed with surgeons waiting to harvest their sell-able parts, with many of these being religious and political dissidents who have done nothing worthy of death within any sane society thus bringing into reality the worst night mares of the modern age.

    Today to believe in the literal God of the Bible is mocked and laughed at by these very braggarts.

    Today, the theory of man made climate change has become just as vital to the left as any religious dogma of any religion that has ever existed, while if you dare to question the sketchy science behind this, you are also laughed at and mocked.

    In fact it is the very laughter and mockery of the so called adherents to science which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that their theories are, at best, not at all proven.

    This is how I personally feel about the arrogant pride of modern atheism and those who wish to reinterpret the Bible to make it fit into the dogmas of pseudoscience;

    While this is how God humans who think that they are smarter than God:

    The day that mockery and ridicule took over our intellectual community was the day that real science and scientific advancement began to die.

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    Intellectual does not exist, intuition is finely tuned into the Universe, as we are all of the same essence and origin. If anything that has no origin, it sees things as itself in relation to others and things also forms, this in itself posesses in creating concepts and theories based upon one’s individualism and observing through one’s own perception of mind.

    It has a great bearing on language which defines society or society uses to define itself.

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    Is James Clerk Maxwell in scope?

    He carried on with Michael Faraday’s crazy ideas.

    MF left school at the age of 14.

    He was convinced that electricity and magnetism were connected. He though in terms of “fields” of influence. Crazy, crazy!

    Maxwell developed his equations of electricity and magnetism that forever changed our world, based on MF’s intuition.

    Everyone, every day, is influenced by Maxwell about 20 times each day.

    Einstein said the Maxwell is the grandfather of us all.

    Progress? You decide.

    Intellectual? You decide.

    Revolution: without a doubt.

    Of all kinds of revolutions a political one is the most accessible for everyone with enough ambition. You need talent and luck for transforming things like music, science, philosophical thinking and suchlike. While taking power, thanks to Marxists, is a tested-and-tried, equal-opportunity, cookie-cutter tradecraft.

    You need to decide what kind of revolutionary justice you want to impose on the world. There are generally four types of revolutionary ideologies. Here’s a simple matrix of revolutionary ideologies:

    Once you decide on your ideology, you need three things to be in place:

    1. Party
    2. Funding
    3. Revolutionary situation


    Party affiliation, irrespective of headcount, allows you to tell friends from foes. It enforces a common language and small rituals that people use to instantly recognize who they can trust. Run a tight ship, get rid of everyone who disrupts the chain of command. Party membership also allows to keep track of who of your comrades is good at what, decide who are real stars and who are just hot airbags with the right vocabulary, and make sure everyone does what they are told when the revolution arrives.


    Funding revolutions is one of the hardest sales jobs of all. People who excel at it, typically hold a central place in revolutionary parties. Much will come from very questionable sources. Besides, a lot of it will go to procuring weapons, explosives and other things that do not like daylight and publicity. Therefore, the first rule of revolutionary funding is: you never talk about revolutionary funding!

    Revolutionary situation

    Revolutionary situation is defined by Lenin as the point in time when rulers no longer are able to rule, while their subject refuse are getting sick obeying them. In practical terms, this means:

    • A split between two or more groups of traditional elites. They start hating each other more than your wicked revolutionary ideas. You can quietly grab power with your tiny fighting force, while they are busy beating crap out of each other.
    • The moment of profound discontent among the public. It may be caused by a sharp worsening of economy, or a war going pear-shaped, or anything else that makes everyone think that all the guys “up there” are thieving, lying, quarrelsome, incompetent dicks who know only one thing: to keep themselves in power. For them, you come across as determined guys who seem a bit be too opinionated, but clean and probably knowing what they are doing.

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    This sounds interesting, but without further details I have no idea what you are talking about. I have never heard of this point of. I doubt if “society” can be so defined.

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