What Is the Distinction Between Weed Oil and Cannabutter?

What Is the Distinction Between Weed Oil and Cannabutter?

THC weed oil and cannabutter: what is the difference and how do you use them?

With 4/20 around the corner and more legalized leisure cannabis than ever before, both heavy stoners and novice tokers are asking the very same concern when it concerns weed in the kitchen area: What is the distinction between weed oil or marijuana oil and cannabutter (aka cannabis butter, cannabis butter, or weed butter)? While they do have a lot of similarities, puzzling the two can have major repercussions– getting annoyingly stoned, destroying a pan, or perhaps squandering your weed. To genuinely understand their unique and comparable qualities, we require to look at how they’re made, how they’re utilized, and where you can get them.

How They’re Made

While historians have discovered dishes involving weed going back to 15 th century Europe and even 10 th century India, pot brownies were introduced to pop (or should we say “pot”?) culture in the 1968 motion picture “I Love You Alice B. Toklas” Objectively, the most common method to make weed-laced treats is marijuana butter, however baking with marijuana oil can be much more efficient. While these 2 items have lots of comparable uses and come from the exact same cannabis plant, they’re produced and used in extremely different methods.

Cannabutter/Marijuana Butter (and Cannabis-Infused Oil)

What is cannabutter? How do you make it? How do you use weed butter?


Part of weed culture given that the 1960 s, weed butter (or whichever other name you want to call it) can be made in a variety of methods. The procedure starts with some version of decarboxylation– or activating the THC. (Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychedelic chemical substance of cannabis– what gets you stoned and what separates marijuana from hemp.) Decarboxylation can be done a plethora of methods, however generally includes cooking the weed at a low temperature for a prolonged time period in butter or oil. Bear in mind, however, like any other meal you’re making, too much time in the oven or too much heat will torch the active ingredients– rendering the THC ineffective.

While weed butter is best for baking in my experience, vegans and the health-conscious can rest easy knowing that using olive, vegetable, canola, or coconut oil for the procedure will produce an extremely similar product (which is cannabis-infused oil). One thing to think about in choosing your oil or butter is fat content– the greater the fat content, the more THC it’s capable of taking in.

Finally, strain the weed from the oil or butter utilizing a cheesecloth. The ended up product is a powerful and efficient weed-infused ingredient, ideal for nearly any cooking application– minding any food preparation processes that could burn the THC.

Marijuana Oil

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Now that we have actually gone over cannabis- instilled oils, let’s dive into their likewise monikered cousin: marijuana oil. Similar to olive, vegetable, or coconut oil, marijuana oil is made through a chemical extraction procedure. Unless you’re using a solventless approach, the excess yield– or item that isn’t cannabis oil– requires to be gotten rid of in order for a clean, non-toxic last outcome.


Another prospective point of confusion: CBD oil, which is not the same as marijuana oil. CBD-only products, which have actually escalated in mainstream appeal, do not consist of any THC– suggesting they won’t have any of the psychedelic impacts of THC/marijuana, however are extensively promoted for the health benefits of CBD (or cannibidiol), such as treating chronic discomfort, and assisting to decrease tension and anxiety.

Hemp Oil

And After That there’s hemp oil, which contains neither THC nor CBD, however is commonly utilized for all sorts of items from soap to supplements. For the functions of this short article, that’s all we’ll say about CBD oil and hemp oil– so back to cannabutter and marijuana oil.

How They Can Be Ingested

Marijuana Butter (and Cannabis-Infused Oil)

Marijuana butter and cannabis-infused oil can be consumed in a range of ways. As soon as you have actually developed the item, it can be utilized as a cooking active ingredient for any dish– minding that a lot of baked goods work best with butter. One thing to consider is the temperature level of the dish you’re preparing– heating up the marijuana butter or oil to temperatures surpassing 245 degrees Fahrenheit will burn the THC. For a more simple application, the butter can be used as a spread on toast or perhaps just dosed orally by itself. Some choose cannabis-infused oil as a medical ingredient in topical salves, creams, and ointment, as it can be soaked up through the skin once it has gone through the decarboxylation process.

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Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil drawn out through heat and pressure can be utilized in topicals or consumed by itself orally, however the taste and consistency leave a lot to be wanted. The most common way to take in cannabis oil, also referred to as “concentrate” or “dab,” is by vaporizing or smoking it, but it can likewise act as a component for an easier approach of making weed butter. By simply melting the dab with some butter or oil at a low temperature level, blending them into one substance, you have actually made marijuana butter! Bear in mind, however, that cannabis oil requires to stick to the very same temperature cap of 245 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the destruction of the THC. One downside to cooking with butter stemmed from marijuana oil versus marijuana is the stickiness of the item– specific types of oil can leave a hard residue on cookware. (For those reading this suggestion too late, attempt saving your pan with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol! It’s super effective.)

If a gram of marijuana oil is 70 percent THC (dispensaries normally divulge this details on the package), that indicates it contains 700 mg of THC. With 48 teaspoons in one cup of butter, each teaspoon serving would boast 14.5 mg of THC if you melted the cannabis oil gram with the butter. Another significant distinction is taste: Some types of cannabis oil have extreme tastes which bring over to whatever you’re cooking.

Distinctions in Availability

One major difference between marijuana butter and cannabis oil is their availability. In states where marijuana is legal, cannabis oil can be easily discovered at nearly any dispensary. In one-gram packages, marijuana oil can be found in a huge selection of consistencies, including shatter, wax, fall apart, cake batter, sauce, diamonds, and more. While dispensaries in legal states aren’t difficult to discover, marijuana butter can be. While many shops carry a mass-produced industrial edible cannabis oil or butter product, other stores only bring smokable cannabis oil and conventional bud. It can be a niche product, and I ‘d suggest calling ahead to check availability. As somebody with the benefit to access legal weed, I have actually still discovered the most consistent method to have cannabis butter is to make it myself. For those in less marijuana-friendly states, marijuana oil can be impossible to discover and utilizing the standard approach of making an individual batch of weed butter is their best choice for experiencing edibles this 4/20

Marijuana oil can be used to make marijuana butter, but not all marijuana butter is made from marijuana oil. While nearly anybody with cooking experience can make marijuana-infused oil or butter, making cannabis oil must be left to the chemists, and while weed and cannabis oil are mainly easily offered in legal states, pre-made marijuana butter can be tough to discover– leaving both legal residents and those getting their bud on the black market in the very same boat: making it at house

Or Leave It to the Pros

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Disclaimer: This article has to do with cooking with cannabis, which might or might not be legal in your location. Neither Chowhound nor its parent business encourage or back any reckless behavior or unlawful activity. If you pick to use cannabis, please do so responsibly and only where allowed by law.

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