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    Environmental Heath is a subset of public health. Both are extremely broad but public health also includes things like metal health, drug addiction, medication management, healthcare etcetera. Preventive Medicine is another branch of public health that has significant overlap with Environmental Health.

    Environmental Health looks primarily at how the environment affects people and how we can minimize illness and injury. EH practitioners consider it to be the most successful and least recognized career field. Although lifesaving medicines and techniques get big press, most of the additional high quality life years over the past century are from Environmental Health.

    You can get more information about EH from National Environmental Health Association: NEHA | another great source is WHO | World Health Organization and one of my favorites is http://paho.org

    While both have links but there is still a difference. Environmental health deals with issues like air quality or soot that is created by burning of different kind of waste or soot due to unclean fuel use and etc. Issues like pollution of aquifers, untreated sewage dumped in the sea or industrial pollution come within environmental health. Public health deals with health of patients and communities. Issues like well being of mother before and after delivery and that of the baby, infections transmitted as a result of unsafe practices like hepatitis B or C, unsafe sexual indulgence leading to sexually transmitted infections and HIV. A current public health concern globally is how to deal with ageing as peoples lifespans are increasing.

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    I was a Public Health major with an emphasis on environmental and occupational health. Public Health is all about making the masses healthier. This deals with access to healthcare, vaccinations, fluride in water and the effectiveness of different programs towards target groups. In environmental health you can think of it as how does the environment impact the health of the masses. An example would be how does air pollution impact the health of a community, are certain air pollutants more harmful to health what are the threshold of these contaminants and so forth.


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    Public health is defined as the science of protecting the safety and improving the health of communities through education, policy making and research for disease and injury prevention. The definition of public health is different for every person.

    Environmental health is the branch of public health that is concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. Health is the science, practice, and study of a human’s well-being and their health and preventing illnesses and human injuries.


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    Academically, environmental health is one of the core disciplines that make up the field of public health, along with epidemiology, health behavior, bio-statistics and others. On a practical level, it focuses on the health risks and opportunities related to the physical environment. Public health professionals typically hold degrees in public health with specialization in one of the core areas.


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    Environmental health is a part of public health. Public health has lots of different fields but to name a few:

    • Health Policy
    • Biostats
    • Epi
    • Environmental health
    • Community Health
    • Mental Health (Smaller)
    • Nutrition and Physical Activity


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    Public health is more broad since it involves issues such as flu epidemics, vaccination programs, food and restaurant safety, etc.

    Environmental health typically involves air quality, water quality, hazardous and solid waste management, and radiation safety.

    The focus of environmental health is either the environment as such or effects of the environment on human health. Public health focuses human health with some determinants understood as behavioural, some as environmental and other related to the health service system.

    Environmental health is a sub set of public health .


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    Environmental health is part of public health

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