What is the difference between an advantage and a benefit …

  • What is the difference between an advantage and a benefit?

    An andvantage is a upper hand you an say over something which is to be accomplished and benefit is the real seek of something let me explain it with examples, Rachel and Linda both are bright student in their classes but Rachel has a slight advantage over Linda is that she is much more fluent in English than Linda , now benefit , the beef it’s of working smartly not only enhances work productivity but also the process of carrying it out in compare to just working hard , I have explained the difference and meanings of both benefit and advantage which I guess it’s clear to understand


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    My writing skills benefited by writing this answer which will be an advantage for me over my peers.

    Benefit is something which does good for a person whereas advantage means benefit due to an action or event over something else.


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    The advantage is a condition or circumstances that puts one in a favourable or superior position.

    A benefit is an advantage or profit gained from something.

    Taking an Advantage of someone has a negative side compared to the situation but it is on the negative side compared to Benefit.


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    Just in the way you would use them in a sentence

    One of the benefits of/advantages in this job is that I get to practice my French in conversation with the customers.

    You’ll also say..’I benefitted from’… but you cannot say ‘I advantaged from’… instead, you’ll say ‘I got the advantage that…’ or, ‘I got that advantage because..’

    English is a quirky language .

    ‘I said that’.. never, ‘I told that’.

    ‘I told HIM that…’but never ‘I said him that..’

    and ‘I said to him’ .. never, ‘I told to him..’

    Get used to it.


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    “Pros and cons” have a broader application and generically means positives vs negatives. These could include not only items that are benefits and detriments but also things that one simply likes or dislikes:

    • “Pros of dating Jimmy are our shared love of anime and his fondness for Mexican food; cons include his love of country music and that weird hat he insists on wearing.”

    “Advantages and disadvantages” is a subset of “pros and cons” and describe things that are benefits vs detriments and are usually associated with some sort of result or consequence:

    • “The advantages of dating Jimmy include his having his own car and his having a regular job; a disadvantage of dating Jimmy include having to deal with his odd work hours.”

    If one were to try to use “advantages and disadvantages” to describe a simple preference rather than a change of opportunity, there’d be an underlying question “how does this thing benefit you?”:

    • “Advantages of dating Jimmy are our shared love of anime (since we could attend conventions together) and his fondness for Mexican food (since I’m pretty good a cooking Mexican).”

    A problem is something that costs you time, money or energy. It is something that you want to have fixed. A machine that mangles 1 product out of 1000 it makes is a problem. Having a bottleneck in your process is a problem. The solution for a problem has to be more cost effective than just living with the problem.

    A need is something that if you don’t address will kill you. The factory that produced a single sourced component you use just burned down and if you don’t find more or get a replacement your out of business once you run out. Your major competitor just dropped their sales price below your Raw Costs and if you can’t do cost reductions they will steal your entire market share. You NEED those parts or cost reduction (Both of these have happened to me). People will pay whatever they have to because the only other choice is to die.

    Not having shoes is a problem.

    You need food.

    Something that is necessary is something that must be done. For a human to survive, food and water are necessary. Things that are necessary are called “necessities”.

    Something that is important is not absolutely needed, but should be prioritized (a priority). Food and water are necessary for human life. Shelter is important. Here are some other uses of these two words:

    • It is important to keep your doors locked when you leave your house.
    • It is important to get a good education.
    • It is important to be kind to those around you.
    • It is necessary to handcuff criminals so they do not attempt to escape or attack a police officer.
    • It is necessary to stop at red lights so you do not get hit by other drivers.
    • Gas is a necessity if you want to drive your car.

    Should be fairly obvious:

    Advantage: with a properly defined set of attributions, separation of powers should lead to a system of checks and balances where only the “good” decisions are being made. In a democratic system, where the “powers” are elected, that set of checks and balances should work “good” for the benefit of the people. In a dictatorial system (see what I did there?) where the head honcho nominates the “powers”, that should work to his/her benefit.

    Disadvantage: with an improperly defined set of attributions and faulty inception(creation, construction) rules, they deadlock and they can’t get anything done. Which is why dictators usually reserve the right of overriding their parliaments, government and courts even though they delegate power for most scenarios. It’s also why dictatorships are far more efficient in crisis situations (war…) then democracies.

    Q: What are the differences between the words “Something” and “Anything”?


    Something means a thing that is unknown. It is often used in positive sentences. Anything means a thing of any kind. Use it in questions and negative sentences.

    There is something about her that I like.

    Is there anything about him that you like?

    But that’s not the only usage about something and anything. Many times the two are used in the same conversation.

    Mother to son in principal’s office: Is there something you want to say?

    Son quiet.

    Mother continuing:
    Is there anything you have to say?

    What is the difference?

    “Something” implies that the noun in question is finite; is used when there are fewer possibilities; and is selective.

    “Anything” implies that the noun is infinite but this is somewhat unrealistic so it is implied that there is a larger set of possibilities than with “something”; it is not selective.

    Girlfriend to boyfriend: Say something.

    Boyfriend quiet.

    Say anything.

    Words in UK English are not morally judgemental, so aspiring to be recognised as a person of merit can simply be a strategy to gain advantage over other people.

    The semantic difference between merit and advantage is that merit is the empirical possession of qualities considered beneficial to others, or to whoever possesses them, but advantage is the possession of some condition or circumstance which is entirely and exclusively applicable to the person or thing with advantage. Merit could give someone an advantage, but to have advantage over others is not necessarily meritorious. Merit is not an advantage.

    There is merit in not killing someone who intends to harm you, but if they have a weapon and you do not, they have advantage over you. Advantage is essentially comparitive, but not qualitatively positive.

    Features are what the object is offering. It has nothing to do with your expectations.

    While Advantage is something when the features aligned as per your needs.

    For eg. Let’s suppose a designer wants to buy a laptop for his work. He went to a shop sees two computers :

    Comp A : 2 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk, AMD A8 Processor.

    Comp B : 8 GB RAM, 2 TB Hard disk, Intel core i7 Processor, NVIDIA 2 GB.

    Both A and B provide some features, but for a designer it is advantageous to go for option B. As per of his requirement he would require the features of B on top of A.


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    Let’s take the noun ‘benefit’ first. It means an act or an object which is useful to someone. e.g. ‘a stick is a benefit to someone with a bad leg’. ‘Purpose’ is another noun and means ‘reason for’, e.g. the reason for the stick is to help him walk properly.

    But ‘benefit’ can also be a verb and means ‘to help’ e.g. he was benefitted by having a stick to walk with’.


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    • Advantage which is a countable and uncountable noun means ‘somethimhg that helps you to be better or more successful than others.
    • Importance which is only an uncountable noun means the quality of being important ( having a great effect on people or things of great value )
    • This is the difference between the two words.


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