What is the benefit of a circular queue? (2020)

  • What is the benefit of a circular queue?

    The benefit of a circular queue:

    1. In circular queue, memory is utilized. If we delete any element that position is used later, because it is circular.

    2. Circular queue consumes less memory than linear queue because in queue while doing insertion after deletion operation it allocate an extra space the first remaining vacant but in circular queue the first is used as it comes immediate after the last.

    3. In CQ the memory of the deleted process can be used by some other new process.

    4. A standard queue suffers from a rebuffering problem during deque operations. By making the queue circular and linking the head to the tail, this alleviates the problem and allows insertion and deletion in constant time.

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    A queue in which the last node (rear) points back to the front node is called Circular queue. There are few benefits of the circular queue.

    • A circular queue is better than a linear queue because the number of elements that can be stored is equal to the size of the array. This is not possible in linear because insertion cannot be done after the rear pointer reaches the end of the array.
    • It consumes less memory than the linear queue because a new item can be inserted in the location from where the previous one is deleted.

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    Circular Queue:

    • It is a linear data structure in which the operations are conducted on the basis of FIFO or First In First Out principle. The last position is connected to the first position to make a circle. It is also known as Ring Buffer.


    1. It takes up less memory than the linear queue.

    2. A new item can be inserted in the location from where a previous item is deleted.

    3. Infinite number of elements can be added continuously but deletion must be used.


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    Suppose that you are implementing your queue in array of some data type of size n.

    Now, in case of linear queues once you fill up the entire space with your data, even though you delete some elements, you wont be able to pour in some more data elements as the rear side of your queue has reached the maximum limit upto which it can accomodate your data.

    In case of Circular queues once your entire queue is filled. If you delete some data, you’ll be able to put in some more data as the rear variable would again start repeating itself, i.e. once the value of your rear variable is n – 1(the upper bound) and you delete some data from the front, that space would be considered as available in circular queues and rear variable will take the next value 0 (after n – 1) and you would be able to store your data from index 0 of the array until the index upto which space is available(typically pointed by front).

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    circular queue consumes less space or memory compared to linear queue the reason behind this is when we perform delete operation on linear queue the front gets incremented by one and the space from which the previous front was deleted remains empty and is never used later which results in wastage of memory. In circular memory new item gets inserted in the location from where previous item was deleted.Infinite number of elements can be added in circular queue but the deletion operation must be used.


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    In Circular Queue we utilize memory efficiently. because in queue when we delete any

    element only front increment by 1, but that position is not used later. so when

    we perform more add and delete operation, memory wastage increase. But in Circular Queue memory is utilized, if we delete any element that position is used later,

    because it is circular.


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    Along with other answers:

    1- the size is bounded. You know exactly how much memory you’ll use, so stack or static allocation is an option. Also. You can guarantee to make the size a multiple of cache line size. This can also make operations more efficient.

    2- the vast majority of circular queues are implemented as an array and mask. This means your memory is contiguous, so accesses are faster than other structures.

    the disadvantage of a circular queue is the producer/consumer problem. If the consumer is too slow, then you either overwrite existing unread slots, or you start dropping messages, or you get to throttle to accommodate your reader(s).

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