What is dull pain and sharp pain?

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    These are 2 qualities of discomfort. Do not puzzle this with strength of discomfort. Using a discomfort scale, you can have a 5/10 dull discomfort and a 5/10 sharp pain. The type/quality of discomfort helps a diagnostician to much better determine the cause of the discomfort. A dull pain is typically less worrying to a client than a sharp pain. Dull pains typically are more wide spread (diffuse) and hard to determine. They typically are longer-lasting per episode also and connected with more chronic-type injury such as tendonitis, bursitis, and so on. An acute pain is generally simpler to pinpoint. They take a trip faster as they are delivered through faster-conducting nerves. They are generally fast, pin-pointed and short-lived. They are more suggestive of an acute-type injury such as appendicitis, sprain, etc.

    This is a layman response, however if needed I could go more into the physiology and anatomy of pain.

    Dull pain is a nagging discomfort that does not stop people from normal activities, however is visible throughout the day. Find out where dull discomfort is on the pain scale with details from a wellness specialist in this free video on chronic pain

    Ouch! An abrupt sharp pain in your back can stop you in your tracks. Unlike the dull pains of sitting too long at a computer or the steady neck tightness from excessive driving, the cause of an unexpected acute pain in your back (also referred to as intense back pain) is not always apparent.

    Discomfort along the path of the nerve that is sharp or stabbing, in the very same location each episode, reoccurs (intermittent) or is continuous and burning, and might get worse when the location is moved. Weakness or total paralysis of muscles supplied by the very same nerve.

    Neuralgia: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

    https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001407 htm

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    Think about the words dull and sharp. The kinds of discomfort using those words as descriptors are carefully related.

    If a sharpened stick was poking you anywhere on the body, it would produce an acute pain, a pain in a sharply defined area that magnifies with pressure.

    Likewise, if a stick to a dull end were poking anywhere on the body with sufficient pressure, the result would be a dull pain, a pain spread more diffusely over an area than is the case with a sharp pain.

    Nevertheless, numerous things besides being poked with sticks cause discomfort, and subsequently, a sharp pain might cover a big location of the body, and dull discomfort might have a very restricted in extent. The terms sharp and dull in relation to pain are not precise terms, but metaphorical terms, indicating the kinds of things, sharp and dull, that normally cause those qualities in pain.

    Sharp pain can take your breath away like getting stabbed with a knife additionally called shooting discomfort like severe biliary convulsion or the sensation like bamboo shoots are being forced under your toe nails in pedal neuropathies. This acute pain might come in waves like that of a moving kidney stone.

    Dull pain is more scattered like having to fart. It is irritating but you can prattle through your activities of everyday living and your body isn’t stating “If you don’t take care of this immediately I might die!”

    Having the ability to explain the quality, location, onset and reducing or exacerbating factors of pain an assistance a diagnostician form a precise clinical impression.

    This is a hard concern. Reason being that generally, discomfort is a subjective experience. Everyone has their own feeling. There is no trusted quantitative step of discomfort, however we should have some method of procedure in order to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of those who are ill or wounded. That stated, I will attempt a brief answer. Sharp pain is a stabbing discomfort, a pinpoint localized pain, imagination a knife in your leg type of discomfort. Dull discomfort could be a throbbing pain, for example. Pain that is more disbursed, or simply not a stabbing kind of discomfort. The next concern would be to rate the discomfort from one to 10. This question likewise gets an answer that is based upon the patient’s own concept of scale. Not a really reliable method to look into a good medical diagnosis but it’s the very best we can do in the meantime.

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    I have actually had extensive experience with both types.

    Dull: can be moderate “tendonitis, elbow discomfort” or periodic knee pain, Osteoarthritis, or it might be a muscle pain on and off. Any variety of things.

    Acute pain: stabbing pain in your gut comparable to Gall bladder inflamation, heart discomfort, appendicitis. And due to the fact that I’ve likewise had an embolism in my lower left lung for 2 weeks and didn’t know it, it can cause you uncomfortable breathing episodes and actually like a choking if you’re having a heart attack. They actually didn’t know what was choosing me. Lots of tests.

    Hope that assists specify both.


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    Dull discomfort is bearable to a specific point. It resembles an expanded discomfort, like being sore in your legs after a run, or after you get your braces on, it’s a constant pain but it’s more of an ache.

    Acute pain is less bearable. By a lot. Like if somebody sticks a needle into you or having a piece of glass stuck in your foot. It’s pretty short but it harms a lot.

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    Studies have actually revealed that individuals find pain really tough to define and physicians frequently mistake what the patient is saying instead of how they’re feeling.

    Medically Dull Discomfort can be best referred to as an ache, an agonizing unpleasant feeling that feel steadily the same throughout the day. Sharp Pain is usually described as sudden, a jolt or stabbing discomfort.

    Hope that helps!

    The way I use these terms is to try to explain where the pain is.

    If I state “There’s an acute pain in my side.” that indicates there is a pinpoint like pain concentrated to a small area.

    A dull discomfort is more like a back pains. It exists, you can feel it, you understand it exists, it’s inadequate to stop the world from turning but you just can’t neglect it.

    Till next time ♥


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    A sharp pain is when you are able to pin point the pain.

    A dull discomfort is kind of dispersed and scattered.

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