What is beauty?

  • Many people define beauty differently according to their own experiences. According to Merriam -Webster “beauty is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit”.

    Some philosopher such as David Hume said “Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty. One person may even perceive deformity, where another is sensible of beauty; and every individual ought to acquiesce in his own sentiment, without pretending to regulate those of others.

    Celebrity such Ellen DeGeneres explained beauty “Is about being comfortable in your skin. It is about knowing and accepting yourself”.

    I will share with you my life experience on beauty 🍀

    I am a mixed race child, my paternal great grand father was an Arab who married to a Masai-African woman and my maternal grandparents were Africans. When I was young, I was living with my maternal grandmother and I remember during that time, everyone would tease me and call me “Nkamwarabu” (meaning an Arab child) because of how I look; My skin was dark but not as darker as others and my hair was soft and very curly- I always felt different from others and I wanted to be like everyone else. I forced myself to blend in with the rest of people around me.

    Later on, I went to an Indian school and in my classroom everyone else were Indian except few of us. Again I felt fazed out and had the feeling of inferiority all the time. I was always on guard and very protective of myself especially with my appearance. I did all I could to blend in and make as many friends as I could in order to cover up my insecurities. I tried harder to be liked and accepted by others.

    I grew up in a society where many young ladies and women would bleach their skin and use strong chemical on their hair to make their hair softer and straight. It was a norm and everyone wanted to be white because it was considered as beautiful.

    I wanted to be beautiful with a fair creamy skin tone. I didn’t like the way I looked and always disliked my complexion,my height and legs. Later on, I bleached my skin, wore long hair extensions and always dated guys with different ethnicity especially European.

    The funny thing after doing all of that, I still didn’t feel beautiful. I always had this feeling of wishing and wanting to be more beautiful. I never realized I was suppressing my ethnicity(African appearance) and never embraced myself.

    I had a very strong inferiority complex connected with the color of my skin and appearances.

    I also thought being dark skin is ugly and having light skin is beautiful.

    This eventually changed after I begun Meditation. My meditation instructor told me that I should meditate and throw away all of my Human Mind 🌻

    Man is incomplete because he is living inside his mind world in stead of living in the real world.

    Man is born in this world with the body that came along with habits inherited from their parents and ancestors. This body is an automatic camera, and takes pictures of all events since one was born until now through the 5 senses (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin) and store it in the brain. Human created his own karma through these pictures.

    So human mistakenly thinks he is living in the world but he has never lived there at all, he is living inside his mind world.

    In order for human to live in the real world, one must throw away the karma, habit and body and find truth within and the land of truth within. So after finding truth within and the land of truth within, all human problems will automatically be resolved.

    So meditation enabled me to understand where my inferiority came from and why I lived my life that way. Because of my human mind, I was not able to clearly and truly accept and embrace myself. I was living inside my mind world which is false, that is why I had a lot of inferiority complex especially of my race and appearance. After getting rid of my inferiority and the negative minds using the meditation method, I was able to accept and love myself. I felt beautiful.

    All that time I was looking for beauty from outside myself e.g. places, things and people. I was not using the right way to find it.

    Like we all have heard the saying that “beauty is on the eye of the beholder” – This definition is based on our human mind.

    This means the person who is observing get to decide what is beautiful or not. Because each of us have different human minds, so we have our own made-up or perception of beauty. No matter how much I tried to become beautiful, I was never able to feel beautiful all the time.

    Because human are not living in the real world but living in human mind world that is the cause of all problem such as racism, self-hatred, insecurity, low self esteem etc.

    My mind was false, that is why I never accepted myself.

    As a child of mixed races, I had internal conflict with myself. I had no balance and I tried to find beauty from different places around me. My insecurities, desires and expectations blocked me from finding my true self(my true beauty).So I fed my desires by trying to change myself. I was forcing myself to become white and suppressed my original true existence. I found myself bouncing all over the places and I had a lot of stress and anxiety.

    After throwing away all of the false mind through Meditation Method, I realized that I am already beautiful within🌸

    Once I stopped searching for this beauty outside myself, and begin searching within myself by throwing away all false mind, I was able to find my true beauty💜

    I feel beautiful and comfortable all the time, neither with makeup nor makeover!

    I don’t have any reason to hide myself anymore.

    Beauty is within ourselves. To be born in this world is beauty and we come in different shapes, sizes and skin tones 🌻

    We are all universe, we are the children of one parent, Truth. Once we find truth within and land of truth within, we can love and accept ourselves and others.

    Beauty is not found outside ourselves, beauty is within ourselves. Truth is the true beauty within us which is everlasting and never dying beauty. It is the true harmony, true love, true affection, true compassion and true peace.We need to find truth while living.

    I came along this beautiful poem from the teacher I admire a lot and I would like to share with you 🌿

    I, who does not possess,

    am beautiful

    I, who can give everything,

    am beautiful

    You, who does not possess,

    are beautiful

    You, who can give everything,

    are beautiful

    We, who do not seek from each other,

    are beautiful

    We, who help each other,

    are beautiful

    We are always together,

    we are beautiful

    We can do together, we are beautiful

    We, who transform pain to happiness,

    are beautiful

    We, who transform impure to pure,

    are beautiful

    We, who believe in each other,

    are beautiful

    We, who love nature, are beautiful

    We, who transform from incompletion

    to completion, are beautiful

    People are beautiful

    Nature is beautiful

    The universe is beautiful

    Coexistence is heaven

    I am very honored to share this beautiful video with you on “how to clear your mind” and find your true beauty within. I hope it will help you. Thank you 💚


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