What happened with Naomi Russell? Is she really HIV+?

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    Now it’s 2018 and the last time that we saw her in a porn movies was in 2007/2008. I have made some research about Naomi Russell on the web and some people were saying that she have HIV AIDS, and that’s the reason why she’s not making any movies. But me I don’t believe that this is true, it’s just a rumor. I believe that she just left the porn industry because she’s no longer interested by the porn industry. It’s like Olivia O lovely, she retired from the porn industry and she start her own clothing business. Me I would like to see a big booty reunion with all the following women: Cherokee, Pinky, Panther, Sarah Jay, Naomi Russell, Jocelyn Stone and Olivia O lovely. This would be extremely yummy.

    God I hope not. even after all these years I still have a soft spot for her. She got me through my 20s.

    Here’s a toast to you Ms Russell

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    No one really knows the answer to that but her. HIV can be kept confidential to the public if I’ve chooses

    Hippa laws were made for just such questions. Think, “None of your business”. If it sounded rude, it wasn’t, just to the point. Political Correctness is one things I think is turning political debate into a game of musical chairs.

    I will try answer this question going in the shoes of my sister. She is 18 yrs, a few (4) months ago she started coughing frequently and swelling lymph nodes. Ever since she was young shes had recurring allergies we thought, mouth sores coughing 2 to 3 days a week then it stops. Usual visits to the doctor gets anti allergy medication she goes back to normal and life continues.

    It was the last 4 months that brought this great revelation that my sister is HIV positive. Indeed she is a virgin so there is no way she could have got it from sexual intercourse.The doctor said she is in a bad state , she had pulmonary Tb that is contagious and she had to be admitted in isolation. It broke my heart to learn all this, how was i gonna hug her tell her its gonna be alright while i was a wreck myself. She relied on me always for emotional support e.t.c i was in tears too whilst she cried i couldn’t be the strong big sister she knew. All i asked God why her? Shes never done anything wrong, why God had to steal away her teenage-hood just when she thought she can conquer everything and pursue her dreams of becoming a journalist?

    We were all confused but when the doctor learnt that she is a virgin he suggested my parents to take HIV tests. My mom tested positive! My sister was born positive and at that time my parents had separated and now it was clear my dad wasn’t the father. That wasn’t an issue i love my sister more than anything but why does she have to pay for my moms mistakes? why her ? whenever i see her frail and sick i remember those talks we used to have for the future looking forward to the days when our kids, our families meet for dinner and we watch the kids play and wonder will they ever come true?

    Of course i would like someone to marry my sister because being HIV positive doesn’t limit who you are and your capabilities, But societal stigmatization is determined to make them feel Less and this limits them.

    I hope someday my sister will achieve all her goals and wishes , that she finds someone who will love her unconditionally.

    To answer your question i would date a HIV positive person because they are not defined by hosting the virus there is a lot more to people than what we hear or know.

    Definitely NOT. Pathogenic viral cures are impossible through diets, no matter what spices, supplements , herbs or secret ingredients they contain.

    Alfredo Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi was a renowned holistic doctor who claimed to cure all diseases, including AIDS, with herbs, spices and a unique vegan diet. Like other holistic shamans before him, his miracle cure diet consisted of herbs, roots, leaves which these practitioners claim will “reverse ” your ailment through cleansing (laxatives), toxin eradication, boost your energy and other wild claims, sprinkled with conspiracy propaganda to prove their diet isn’t approved by government health skeptics and FDA regulators. When they are arrested and released on weak charges, they make more sensational claims they were vindicated all along and their cures are being attacked by the medical community or big pharma to protect their profits. Homeopathic shaman all work with the same playbook. The more outlandish and cure-all their claims are, the more gullible clientele they take in who depend solely upon their product, never get cured, and die.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” P.T. Barnum

    Caveat emptor – a principle in commerce: without a warranty the buyer takes the risk.

    Once daily routine lets you eat whatever you want.

    On the 3rd day your pants will not longer fit.

    Naomi Russell


    • Date of Birth: 25/09/1983
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Height: 168cm
    • Eye Color: Hazel
    • Hair Color: Brunette

    Naomi Russell is a pornstar who was born in the Los Angeles, California area. She has a mixed ethnic background that includes Israeli, Lebanese and Slovak which add up to give her a very exotic kind of look. She is rather tall with a figure that measures 32B-25-39 and she is a Libra which gives her characteristics common to that sign. There are no tattoos or body piercings anywhere on her and she has been known by several alias names that include Mistress Naomi, Naiomi, Naomi Russel and Nyomi Russell. Her career in the adult film business began in 2005 when she was already in her early twenties. Prior to entering into the business she had been sexually active with men, but had never had lesbian sex. That all changed in her debut year when she performed a scene in the movie “Women Seeking Women 19” from Girlfriends Films.

    Due to her ethnic look, Miss Russell has often been cast in films that feature Latina girls. She is also very open sexually and has done a lot of anal sex scenes, double penetrations and interracial scenes. Her ability to squirt from her pussy when she has an orgasm is a highly prized skill and it has been featured in more than one film. Her squirting scenes even appear in some compilation movies such as “Squirt-Stravaganza” put out by Digital Sin in 2008. Naomi had a milestone performance in the movie “Euro Domination 9” from Evil Angel studios. In this film she has a double anal penetration which is something that a lot of girls never do during their careers. Each one of these special abilities is another notch in her belt and helps to establish her as a unique performer with a great skill set. It’s not only porn movie directors who love to see this sort of thing but fans from all over the world!

    Sexy Naomi Russell has appeared in more than 285 adult movies during her career and she shows no signs of slowing down yet either. Her accolades include the 2007 AVN award for Best POV Sex Scene for her work in “Jack’s POV 2” and also the 2007 Best New Starlet award. Mr. Porn Geek always has a nice selection of her best scenes on hand and available foring on your smart phone or home computer.

    look at that ass!

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    There are no visible signs of HIV. There may be signs of AIDS.

    HIV is a virus. People who carry that virus in their systems are said to be HIV-positive, but they are not ill, nor do they look ill. Actually with HAART terapies HIV-positive individuals have a life expectancy that’s comparable to HIV-negatives (minus 10 years or so, which is pretty good). And no, there are no external signs.

    If HIV infection goes unnoticed or is left untreated, the virus will reproduce and cause AIDS on the long run, which is a set of symptoms. They are the consequence of a depressed immune system: oportunistic infections and diseases that a normal immune system can overcome have now the chance to take over. And the effects of it can be dramatic: every minor infectious disease can spread and cause great trouble. At the stage when someone develops AIDS, he/she is usually quite in bad shape and that’s easy to see. Actual symptons depend on the oportunistic diseases that may show up.

    On one hand, I must say being HIV-positive is not a death sentence as it used to be before HAART terapies. On the other, as HIV-positive individuals cannot be spotted out, if you are having unprotected sexual contacts you’re running a serious risk. This is true for other diseases, and it all boils down to a matter of common sense.

    Protect yourself instead of asking petty questions. Thank you.

    If you already had unprotected sexual contacts, or for some other reason you suspect you might carry HIV, talk to your doctor and get tested. If treated, HIV-positive individuals can lead a normal life. If untreated, not only you could pass the infection over to others, but you would most certainly develop AIDS. I don’t want this for you!

    You develop AIDS then you die horribly.

    Because of the medications HIV is no longer a death sentence.

    I know close relatives who were very sick and expecting to die who are healthy people now because of ARVs.

    I’ve also lost close friends before that was an option.

    Life can be shit sometimes.


    And if the HIV positive partner is in well-managed treatment, you can’t even get HIV from them through unprotected sex.

    I’m not suggesting you try that. Personally, I always use condoms if I have penetrative sex. I think that’s just the better part of caution.

    But check it out.

    HIV is transmitted by direct, tissue-to-tissue contact with blood, semen, or vaginal fluid.

    HIV is not present in saliva or other fluids like sweat, urine, tears, or feces.

    So even if you were kissing a person with HIV who wasn’t in treatment, you wouldn’t be putting yourself at risk.

    People living with HIV who are in treatment typically have no significant levels of HIV in their blood.

    They can’t infect you.

    Caveats apply.

    Adherence to treatment is critical. Skipping doses can cause viral rebound.

    Medical supervision is necessary. It’s really important to check viral load from time to time and adjust medication if necessary.

    But please don’t be afraid to kiss your HIV positive lover.

    Don’t be afraid to have sex with them either.

    Educate yourself and be smart about it.

    Not really.

    Dozens of A-listers lined up to criticize the producer following the reports, including Lawrence, who said in November 2017 that she “had heard he was a dog” but that he was “never inappropriate” with her. Jennifer Lawrence denies she ever slept with ‘predator’ Harvey Weinstein

    I’m inclined to believe her. She comes across as too wholesome to me to be intimate with a repulsive scum like Weinstein.

    Her eyes say “Help!”. I say “yuck”

    What creepy looks like


    Alot. But I don’t know them personally…so I can’t say….but from what I’ve seen in u tube and so forth….its not good.

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