What does it feel like to get stabbed?

  • What does it feel like to get stabbed?

    I got stabbed for my handbag by some little douchebag a few years back. Even though I very clearly saw the knife, it still didn’t register as being stabbed at that moment, until the little bastard pulled the knife out and stuck me again.

    Mind you, this is in Chicago and there are probably 200 people within earshot. I wasn’t giving up that Dooney, not because it was a Dooney, but my.380lcp was in it, and I wasn’t going to be stuck in Chicago alone and unarmed. All my experiences with Chicago have been terrible, I won’t go there without a pistol. I went to a wedding in Chicago armed.

    Anyway, I already knew what time it was when the kid got in my space. He showed me the knife and didn’t say anything at first. I said “bruh you might as well go on and cut me because I ain’t giving up this purse today”. In his defense, I did tell him to get to it. He stabbed me 2 inches under the belly button and he didn’t hesitate. He went the whole blade deep, then retracted, then all the way to the handle again. That was the weirdest shit to me, looking weeks later and seeing the outline of that handle as plain as day in this huge ass knot that I was stapled back together inside of. Even after they had gone in and repaired all the internal damage, that handle bruising me was still so evident and I guess it shocked me how hard he put that blade into me. Kid wasn’t fucking around.

    I don’t remember saying anything, but I’m told by a witness that stayed and called the cops that I said “what the fuck? Did you stab me motherfucker?” Which in all reality sounds just like me so I’m sure I did. One person of those 200+ people stayed with me, but I don’t remember my legs giving out or anything, it was just standing then laying. Then when I realized I was laying, I saw blood on my arm and hand but I already knew it was a lot so I wouldn’t even look down. That’s when it caught fire it felt like. That shit was hot pain. Really hot pain.

    I still have that Dooney. He ran after he stuck me the second time, I guess because I yelled what I did so loudly. That Dooney still has my blood on it, it’s my feeling supergangster handbag

    Edit, and I wasn’t going to but I just gotta…for all y’all asking why I didn’t shoot, please see above where I say I was in a crowd of 200 people. I could be Annie fucking Oakley and that would still be improper discharge in the eyes of the law, even if I didn’t hit a toddler with a stray. Be serious. For those of you saying just give him the bag, nah. I’m good with my choice. Even in my inability to blow his ass away, I wasn’t going to lay down and concede to some little half assed gangster because I just don’t. I don’t even lay down to a whole fucking gangster, so that just isn’t a viable option for me. It wasn’t the bag, it was I wasn’t giving the little fucker anything that belongs to me, my answer was if you’re bad enough, take it. Turns out, he wasn’t bad enough.

    I got stabbed 3 times twice at my ribs on my left side and 1 nasty stab 1mm by my heart which punctured my lung. Doctors were amazed I even survived. I will go into as much detail as possible. If your fighting you don’t feel the knife going in due to Adrenalin. Once the guy started running and I calmed down, I started feeling this very warm like liquid just running down my chest and each time I breathed more just shot out. ( Take like a kinda warm water bottle and just pour it down on your chest from your nipple area if you kinda want to see what the blood feels like. Mind you blood is a bit thicker so just picture the water being just a bit heavy/Slimy ) Then the pain started to kinda sink in. About that time I started getting this feeling like being poked a thousand times with needles on my legs. You start losing a ton of breath and breathing becomes a chore in of itself. Each breath just gets shorter and shorter and you can’t even do anything about it. When you try to take a deep breath your body just doesn’t let it in and you get a really painful hurt with each heavy inhale mind you your not even taking in that air. After that you lose all your energy and your legs just give up completely. They just become straight up noodles and you fall. At that point you barely will get up. Your legs literally can not stand. I was bleeding out for 14 mins on the street. Next thing I noticed is my hearing started to fade. It’s like when you go underwater picture that hearing effect just a bit less heavy. As time went on the underwater hearing effect started becoming more strong and you barely start hearing people. I swear you’ll think I’m making this up but when someone talks you get this echo effect with their voice ( like yelling into a canyon how you can still hear your voice echo a few more times ). When the NYPD officer was talking to me I literally would hear the cop say one sentence and you would just hear the echo effect and it would sound like he said it 3 times or 4 each time his voice fading away just like the canyon echo effect. Next my vision started getting black. My eyes were open but my vision started getting dark it was like a back circle just closing in and I could just see like that small light in the middle everything starts getting blurry. ( that’s probably what people mean with light at the end of the tunnel cause that’s literally what it was ). At that point it was 18- 19 mins into my stabbing and I just started hearing a ringing noise in my ear and I swear to god literally all my pain just went away. It was this weird peaceful like quietness and it just makes you want to close your eyes and sleep at that point I didn’t even fear dying. It was so surreal and peaceful, no pain it was such a weird experience and I swear I’m not crazy or a religion person. It was just this weird quietness and small light in my vision that being because everything else around my sight was a dark blurry circle. It was very tempting to just close my eyes and just let go. But literally I was thinking of my mom and the pain my family would go through for years I fought so hard to stay awake. ( once you close your eyes that would have been the end of your life ) I had some random nice Hispanics fellas come and one of them with braids wouldn’t let me close my eyes and would do a light slap on my face. He placed my head on his lap and would stop me multiple times from closing my eyes. His other friends were putting pressure on my wound they didn’t even care that they were getting my blood on their clothes or hands. If your reading this thanks guys you literally helped me stay alive and thank you for being at my side I appreciate it this was at 1: 30am by a guitar center that will hopefully help you remember so thank you. Hope that gives you a clear picture of what it feels like to be stabbed in my case right middle of the chest.

    At first, you don’t feel anything.

    One fine day in 2018, on my way home, I was stopped by a young man in his 20s about 50 meters from where we lived. I never saw him in my life, and he asked me if I had some money to spare. That seemed odd to me since he was dressed quite nicely and didn’t look like someone who’d make a living asking for a Euro from strangers. I walked past him, saying that I don’t have any money on me. He grabbed my coat and asked if I’d “feel like a hero” saying such “bad things” about Islam?

    When someone says that to you, you have a hunch what it’s about – especially for a person like me, who has been a staunch critic against Islam for years.

    I turned around to face the guy, but the next thing I know, another person “punched” me from behind several times. I fought back, landing a few hits in the scuffle. However, a dull ache started to pulsate from my side. The pain suddenly ramped up a gazillion times until I collapsed on the pavement. I then realized that the “punches” I received from the second guy were indeed him stabbing me with a knife multiple times on my lower back, my right side, and thighs.

    Sitting on the pavement, blood gushing out, I still had control over my arms. I was flailing them about me to fend off my attackers. I knew they were planning to finish me off. One lunged forward, and his knife cut deep into my right arm. But then they ran away while threatening to kill my wife and daughter, calling me an infidel and so on.

    An elderly man came to my help and called an ambulance. There was so much blood, and I was paranoid that the guy had cut my femoral artery, so I instructed the man rip apart my slacks and tourniquet my leg (Thank you German Army!). It turned out later that the stab wound was nowhere near my artery.

    All in all, I was stabbed four times on the right side of my abdominal area, two times on my right thigh, and one muscle-severing cut to my arm.

    What they don’t show you in movies is the long road to recovery. Also, since the police were less than conducive in prosecuting my case as a hate-crime (the story got into the local newspaper as “Messerstecherei,” i.e., a fight in which a bladed weapon was used), we decided to leave Germany for good. So, for my family and me, the repercussions of this attack have far-reaching consequences beyond the physical injury that I received that day.

    Going anonymous for privacy reasons, just know that this took place last week on 07/12/2020 and I’m 18 years old.

    I was walking with six of my friends to the USPS since my friend had to run an errand there. We were supposed to go just there and then hang out at my friends house afterwards.

    We were walking on a Blvd, one with quite a handful of people walking on it when suddenly a guy on a bicycle came and poked me behind the back saying “that’s what you get.” At first I thought he poked me with a pencil, but then I saw my friend ahead of us was bleeding from his shoulder, and I saw a small knife on the hand of the guy that drove away. I touched my back where I felt he “poked” me and sure enough, I was bleeding. I realized I was stabbed and I told my friend to call 911.

    My other friend who got stabbed said he felt dizzy since his stab wound was more deep at initial glance, and I didn’t feel a thing besides some blood on my back, but I was scared nonetheless. He fainted on the spot and everyone was crying thinking that he was dying.

    My friend was giving CPR and I heard many bystanders yelling in fear. I was sitting down on a bench applying pressure on my wound. I felt so disoriented not because of my blood falling, but because I couldn’t believe something like that just happened to us.

    I wasn’t thinking about anything; I was still registering what had just happened.

    The ambulance came in five minutes later and they carried him immediately while they were putting pressure on my womb since they said it was very minor. They took me to our nearby hospital 10 minutes later where they added staples to the wound and they stuck IV tubes on my arms.

    Personally, they said I didn’t lose enough blood that they said I needed to be given some more blood externally, and I never felt any different, I was conscious and thinking rationally throughout the entire incident.

    My friend on the other hand was given four pints of blood and lots of liquids in order to keep him stable, since his stab wound was almost an entire inch bigger than mine, at 1.5″ and mine was rather minimal at 0.7″

    He woke up after a while and said he felt better. He was released that night but I stayed overnight for some surgery as they put a camera in my stomach to make sure everything inside was stable.

    Fortunately, everything was stable.

    Ironically, the surgery I got made me feel more pain than the stab itself. It hurt to breathe and move for the first three days, but with some pain killers that pain is gone and now it only hurts if I touch myself where they opened my stomach.

    Today as I’m writing this, I feel fine and my wound is recovering. Physically I’m fine and will make a full recovery.

    Mentally I’m a wreck.

    I’m starting to question humanity in a abstract manner. I don’t feel like I can trust anyone outside of my close friends and my close family. I’m thinking of shutting down my YouTube channel of 9k subscribers since I feel like if I grow, people are going to want to kill me for my fame. I feel like I’m not safe walking around anymore and that I have to go places in a car now.

    Personally I’m not having any sort of PTSD from the incident itself, but rather uncertainty for my future.

    I was Stabbed about 1 year back walking off a train. I was 28 years old. I was getting off a train at night listening to my playlist. Out of a sudden i saw a man walking up to me slowly and then he kind of walked up to me and gave me a hug at first i was really confused thinking do i know this guy or does he know me? it felt awkward not because i was getting a hug from a stranger. But i felt this weird rip in my stomach like my cat had scratched me in the abdomen super hard. I then thought for a second like time had stopped. That little Bastard who stabbed me walked away like Melted Ice cream. I then saw my shirt red. And i thought wait a second i thought I was wearing a white hoodie? it then came the pain. It was so so painful! Like a nail gun drilling your skin! I was Vomiting Blood! the other people off the train shouted HOLY SHIT. Two lady’s fainted after they saw me coughing blood spilling down my hoodie. One man came up to me with a shirt he had in his duffel-bag and put it over my stomach hard, harder than the man put the 5 inch knife into me. One other person called the cops. I saw some people filming me and taking pictures. I shouted FUCK YOU CLOUT CHASER’S. Instead of more people helping me they wanted social media pride. Right after that I burned all my energy and fainted. I woke up a few minutes later when Cops and Ambulance picked me up and put me in a spread bed. I was fine after a few weeks in the hospital. I still have pain breathing deep and urine is still changing from organ damage. BTW they arrested that Little Shit who nearly killed me and put him in jail for life.

    WARNING: Triggering, Violent and Graphic.

    So a couple days ago, this dude was supposedly coming to pay me his debts as he had stolen from me.

    I hear a knock on the door, open it and BAM! He immediately punched me in the face, grabbed me, threw me so hard the balcony door broke. He kicked me more and I got stabbed multiple times.

    I dont remember at which point as I cant recall what happend from what.

    I’m a 56kg Transgirl. The attacker was a 120kg Steroid fuelled bodybuilder. How am I gonna put up a fight?

    Then my best friend round here who lives with me opened the door.

    RP, the attacker immediately went and punched him in face and started dragging him saying ’Im gonna kill you, you’re coming with me’.

    At this point i got up, grabbed a 30cm steak knife and charged him with it.

    I cut his entire right arm open, where you could see yellow. He grabbed the knife from me (from the blade, injuring him more) and ran away.

    My friend got a couple small stab wounds or more like cuts, but i was hospitalized. I got multiple stitches and i was 3 days in prison getting investigated.

    They may or may not charge me with aggravated assault but i doubt it as it was self defense.

    The attacker will however end up in prison with his priors and he is definitely getting charged with either aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder. He had threatened to come rape me many times and i think thats why he came there.

    How does it feel? Physically i didnt mind. Didnt really hurt when your scared. Now it hurts to move.

    Mentally? Im ruined. I cant go in my house ever again without feeling scared and getting flashbacks, I cant sleep, I cant think. It keeps replaying in my mind which is why i decided to write about it. I see nightmares and flashbacks and Im too scared to do anything alone. I refuse to go out. I just drink thru the nights.

    I feel like fucking shit i just wanna go and hang myself.

    I wish i never was so stupid to open that door and i wish he had just finished what he came to do to me and not attack my friend.

    Now i have stitches on my face and i wont ever feel pretty or beautiful anymore

    I wish he had killed me.

    Thanks for letting me share, just wanted to write what i keep replaying.

    Update 22/03/2020

    I had my stitches removed. My hip wound looks like this now

    Between my freshman and sophomore year in college, I volunteered at a village a short distance from Moshi in Tanzania. At the end of our service project, my fellow volunteers and I went to Arusha, one of the largest cities in Tanzania, to have dinner and go our different ways from the airport there.

    On our way back from dinner, a mugger came and tried to steal the purse off one of my fellow volunteers. I went over to try and help her escape and in the process, the mugger stabbed me directly in the middle of the chest. It was a very small distance from my heart, liver, and diaphragm, but punctured an artery that bled into my lung.

    Ironically, I don’t think the “feeling” part really kicked in. From the initial adrenaline rush of seeing my friend getting mugged to the decision of actually going over and trying to help her, the actual stab barely registered. However, as mentioned in the post above, I can play it seamlessly in my head still, from all angles, as if i’m manipulating a replay of a sports game on xbox.

    My first real feeling was thinking.

    I got stabbed. Run away from the situation. Look down. Blood. Get to the ground. Apply pressure. Ask for help.

    We were in Africa, 5 volunteers from the US/UK. We had no cell phones to call an ambulance, we didn’t know how to speak Swahili. My vision started to blur, I could feel myself getting faint. Ironically, it still didn’t hurt or have any intense pain. After that moment, I wavered in and out of consciousness and I distinctly remember hurting only when we would hit bumps on the road in the taxi we took to get to the hospital. The real pain doesn’t come until after the initial fix at the hospital, when you wake up for the first time and realize you’re alive, but barely.

    That’s when the pain kicks in.

    I got stabbed 33 times in 2009 I was walking home with a friend who just turned on me and tried to kill me, I didn’t feel the knife going in at times just felt this cold jab no pain the adrenaline took it away a women passed us by n distracted him giving me 5 seconds to escape I stopped traffic and next I just remember lien on the floor I started feeling a pressure in my lung it was like it was being squeezed and I couldn’t breath properly, all the lights around me became a blur I remember a police van turning up and putting me inside while waiting for a ambulance they were asking me questions I could just about breath out person’s name I could feel a cold sensation running down my back and through my chest, next the ambulance came and gave me a oxygen mask, not going to lie if anything it made it worse it felt like they were putting something over my mouth when I was gasping for air,.. I lived thanks to the lung drain but no the stabbing itself never hurt till the adrenaline stopped, the stab wounds hit my legs, in my knee cap, bum, arms, lung and just missed my throat I have scar under my chin n side of my face

    I have been stabbed on two occasions one was serious and still causes me problems and the other was as they say a flesh wound. The serious one was in my chest and happened in a fight in a nightclub. I never felt the actual stabbing but I heard a girl screaming that “he stabbed him” and the realisation of a warm wet patch on my then slender tummy. Luckily we were only a few minutes away from UCH hospital in central London. The Nurses and Doctors were fantastic and amazingly the police were not called. I had emergency surgery and was kept in for one night. If I eat steak or anything similar and talk while chewing I will have to be sick because the meat will get stuck in my esophagus because I am told of the scar tissue. The other occasion was a fight at football and I saw the guy pull out a knife and go to stab a friend. I shouted and went to push him away but ended up getting stabbed in the inside of my arm about five inches up from my wrist. I was very luck and although it did bleed a lot I only had a few stitches. But as I always say Chicks dig scars and tattoos (the really don’t)

    2 days ago as I attempted to pry out my sticky homemade granola bars with a steak knife, (and yes, I know, it wasn’t one of my brighter ideas) I stabbed myself in the hand. This was not a cut, this was a full blown, forceful thrust into the thickest part of my palm.

    While the act of getting stabbed was very fast, the memory of the event and how it felt was very vivid and in slow motion.

    In the split second that it happened it was like the jump between scenes on a child’s-master toy. My eyes were actually looking at the pan of granola with the essence of my bright gold kitchen wall in the background, but as the knife thrust into my hand, I had a secondary image that appeared / zoomed into my mind: a close-up, vortex of angles, shades of silver and white thrusting through shades of red and brown, as if I was visually able to follow the blade of the knife shooting through my skin and muscles. This vivid image and the deep pain I was feeling as I collapsed to the floor confirmed at that moment that I had actually stabbed myself.

    The pain that I felt when it happened and shortly thereafter was unlike any other type of cuts I have received. It was a deep, ever so deep, pain with insatiable throbbing, and no amount of pressure or ice or raising above my heart would make it go away. It would come in waves of intensity, sometimes sharp twinges, sometimes dull pounding, all around/inside the area of the wound. Add to it the vivid memory of the act that would flash over and over in my mind as I waited to go to the hospital, it was a very intense experience. I can only imagine the experience is magnified when stabbed in other areas of the body or vital organs.

    My brother stabbed the palm of my right hand using a kitchen knife.


    He was 25. I was 15. We were having one of our innumerable siblings fight over something petty. I was playfully hitting him on his chest and he was defending himself using a pillow. My force made him walk backwards while still facing me.

    His back then hit the dining table. He absentmindedly picks the kitchen knife from its edge in an attempt to defend himself. I reach his chest to give him another blow and the centre of my palm comes in contact with something sharp.

    I did not even realize that I was stabbed until my brother pointed at the blood droplets on the white floor. I was shocked when I saw it dripping from my palm. There was a sudden intense tingling sensation on the stabbed area. My entire palm felt a hot piercing pain in a completely air conditioned room. This hot pain gradually turned into a cold piercing pain until my entire hand went numb. I felt no more pain. This is when I started laughing uncontrollably and brother thought the pain made me go crazy.

    Well when I got stabbed I did not even know at first. It was only after I was being cuffed by a guard that I noticed the front of my t shirt was covered in blood. I was taken to medical as time passed the wounds started stinging. It was like a burning sensation almost. I had been stabbed in the stomach and lower back. The one in the back did not bleed as much as the one in the front , but it seemed like the doctors were more concerned bout the one in the back.


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    My sole experience taught me that being stabbed is painless and near impossible to notice. Thirty plus years ago, a gf with anger and alcohol issues, for no reason came at me with a large kitchen knife, and I reflexively dropped her. I was shocked by this and decided to leave and come up with a plan. After driving around for about 15 minutes, I lit a smoke and took a drag, then tried again and could not do it. The cigarette was soaked in blood. At that precise moment I coughed and covered the inside of the windshield with blood. I went to the nearest emergency and went directly to surgery. Ninety minutes later, I drove home. I was able to watch the surgery from the reflection off of the surgeons eye glasses. The blade went into upper chest at an angle and punctured the lung. Because of the angle, they had too open a large 4 inch by .75 inch incision that is highly visible to this day.

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