What can I do to minimize anxiety?

  • Nervous? Try This Anxiety Troubleshooting Guide to Quickly Start Feeling Normal Again

    A couple weeks ago, my Chromecast wasn’t working. My fiancé and I wanted to continue binge-watching The Office for the 3rd time in about as several years. However for whatever reason, the Chromecast overlords simply weren’t having it.

    Thankfully, Google developed a bomb-ass troubleshooting page for dealing with such a problem.

    It had me go through all the essentials, beginning with the simplest, most apparent service, to increasingly more advanced issues.

    On step 8 (or somewhere around there), the troubleshooting guide suggested I reboot the router. I did, and the Chromecast lastly revealed up as a device on my phone, and I was able to link and stream Netflix.

    Troubleshooting Guide for Anxiety

    By this point, you might be wondering, “What the hell does this involve anxiety?”

    Fair question.

    Well, the troubleshooting guide worked perfectly for fixing my Chromecast problem, so I believed, what if there was something like this for my anxiety?

    I just recently lost my task, as a part of the dismal, possibly dying nuclear expansion in the United States. Roughly 6,000 people and I discovered ourselves out of work. Anyone who’s ever had the regrettable experience of job searching in the business world understands how definitely fucking miserable it is.

    Things in fact aren’t going half bad, for me a minimum of. I got a decent severance plan, and I get to deal with my site a lot more. But still, I ‘d be lying if I told you my stress and anxiety had not kicked up a notch.

    Anxiety and I are no strangers to one another. We have actually got rather the history. For the most part, I wish to believe I’ve beaten the worst of it (minus a little early morning anxiety here and there). In a time like this however, every little trick to coping helps.

    That’s why, after some personal experimentation, I created a troubleshooting guide for anxiety.

    I have actually seen that, typically, making it all the method through this list makes things a minimum of50%much better for me, and oftentimes completely removes it.

    Attempt it out on your own and see how it works for you.

    1. Stop and Take a Deep Breath

    The minute you notice yourself feeling more nervous than typical, stop whatever you’re doing and merely take a deep breath.

    In for 4 seconds …

    Hold for 2 seconds …

    Out for 4 seconds …

    The entire time thinking just of your breath and nothing else.

    Usually, this primary step will not get rid of your stress and anxiety, but it will right away help you feel at least 5-10%much better. It will put you in an “OK, I got this” type of mindset, and you will feel prepared to reassess your scenario.

    Deep breathing is a terrific routine to get into and even just a fast dose can assist center yourself in times of need.

    If still feeling anxious, move on to the next step.

    2. Brainstorm the Underlying Problem

    Presuming a deep breath doesn’t get the job all the method done, your next action is to brainstorm the underlying issue, i.e. what is the source of this stress and anxiety?

    For me, my stress and anxiety increased due to the loss of my job and the pressure of finding a brand-new one. Interviews, even basic telephone call with employers, send me into an immediate state of anxiousness.

    Understanding what’s causing my stress and anxiety, for some factor, offers me a sensation of relief. At this stage, I don’t need to have the service all found out. I don’t even need anything to alter. Believe me, I discovered a long period of time ago that demanding anxiety to disappear is a guaranteed method to make it even worse.

    I simply find convenience in understanding what the problem is, and although I might not be able to alter it, I welcome the nervous sensation and don’t let it control me.

    If still feeling anxious, move on to the next action.

    3. Shake It Out

    Similar to step 1, step 2 is not intended to make your anxiety go away. Nevertheless, it is another vital step in mentally feeling better about your circumstance. If you wish, you can skip either actions 1 or 2, but I discover I feel best when I go through the entire troubleshooting cycle.

    Action 3 is where the magic starts.

    Have you ever experienced shaking, typically described as “tremors”, when feeling distressed or throughout a panic attack?

    Well, as it turns out, the shaking isn’t a bad thing It’s a normal, inherent reaction to the flooding of adrenaline upon a triggering of your body’s anxiety procedures.

    ” Shaking from stress and anxiety is nature’s way of de-stressing.” — Barry McDonagh

    Think about it. At some time in your life, you’ve most likely stumbled upon a rabbit who seemed experiencing an anxiety attack. When I’ve seen it occur, the rabbit looks frozen-in-place, except its body is shaking violently.

    Minutes later on, the rabbit hops off and goes back to doing bunny things, as if absolutely nothing ever occurred.

    This shaking is nature’s way of releasing the build-up of stress chemicals that flood the body after an afraid occasion. Later on, everything is A-OK.

    As much as many people don’t like to think it, people are animals, too. You do not see bunnies or squirrels checking out therapists to discuss their problems– they simply shake it out and then go back to living life.

    The problem is that our society tremblings as a sign of weakness. This is especially true with males. We do everything we can to reduce it, when in reality, we should be shaking it off like Taylor Swift.

    Shake It Off – Taylor Swift, Youtube

    As absurd as I might look, I’ll actually get up and begin cleaning my stress and anxiety (it works perfectly if you do it to the tune).

    • I start with the arms and hands. Shaking them loose and moving them all around.
    • Then, I do the same with my head, shaking it left and right and moving it up and down.
    • While this is going on, I’m hopping up and down.
    • Then, I’ll stop hopping and begin cleaning my feet and legs.

    This goes on for about a minute or 2. And normally I feel a good bit much better.

    If still feeling anxious, move onto the next action.

    4. Listen to Music

    If Taylor Swift does not repair my anxiety, then I’ll provide some other music a shot.

    Music and “sound treatment” have actually long been widespread and accepted methods to unwind and de-stress. Except now, there’s science behind it.

    Neuroscientists in the UK researched and discovered the best tunes for reducing your stress and anxiety. Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson, one of the scientists from Mindlab International who conducted the study, said that the song “Weightless” resulted in a 65 percent reduction in stress and anxiety, blowing away previous studies.

    Weightless, YouTube

    Melanie Curtin, author of the short article discussing the research study, was kind sufficient to create an open Spotify playlist of all the top anxiety-reducing tracks.

    When I’m exceptionally stressed, I’ll pop in that playlist, beginning with “Weightless”, and either relax or continue doing my work with it in the background.

    Getting lost in the world of music does extraordinary things for my frame of mind. Often times, this step resolves my problem, and I’ll feel far better the remainder of the day.

    If still feeling anxious, move on to the next step.

    5. Go for a Small Win

    A great deal of the time, I discover the source of my anxiety to be the relatively frustrating amount of work I have to do on any offered day.

    If that holds true, stepping back and beginning small typically suffices for me.

    Going for a small win, such as doing the meals, completing a small job at work, making my bed, or cleaning a room of your home offers me a concrete success to construct on. I feel more positive and less nervous about my capability to do whatever else.

    Then, I’ll begin working my method one-by-one through the rest of my tasks.

    If still feeling distressed, proceed to the next step.

    6. Try Some Herbs

    Herbs have been commonly referred to as an excellent, natural way for suppressing anxiety symptoms.

    Tea is one of my preferred things in life, and it’s perfect for including some additional relaxation into my life. At work and in the house, I constantly keep a stocked supply of among these three teas:

    Do not worry, I’ve intoxicated adequate Sleepytime tea at work to know that it most likely will not put you asleep. But, it might take your anxiety down a minimum of a few notches.

    Often times, I find that the act of sipping hot tea conveniences me the most, and the impact of the herbs is an added advantage. The next time you consume tea for anxiety, take a minute to stop and truly value that beautiful cup of tea and the calming sensation of it sliding down your throat into your stubborn belly.

    If still feeling nervous, move on to the next step.

    7. Meditate

    By this point in contemporary history, many everybody knows that meditation is incredibly effective for decreasing anxiety.

    The act of meditating includes deep breathing, concentrating on your breath and nothing else.

    Possibly the previous 6 steps have done a decent task at reducing your stress and anxiety, but you’re still feeling nervous. Even just a short, mindfulness meditation session can function as a “reset” for your brain and blast away stress and anxiety.

    Headspace is a remarkable app that provides several free guided meditation sessions. You can even do them right at your desk rather discretely.

    Use the Headspace app for a fast 10- minute meditation session, or follow this guide to start.

    If I have the time, I’ll do a full 10- minute session to reset my mind. If pushed, I’ll bump it down to 5 minutes, which still helps exceptionally.

    If still feeling anxious, carry on to the next action.

    8. Take a Cold Shower

    Cold showers are something I began doing after Tim Ferriss introduced me to Wim Hof, the Iceman. At first, it seemed a little absurd. Cold showers were right up there on my list of torture techniques, next to waterboarding and sharp objects in the ear.

    However, I provided a shot and holy smokes, they really work.

    The science is there to back it up, but you do not even require to read about it if you simply pursue yourself. The last time I took a cold shower, I lasted about 5 minutes, which is long enough for me. Afterwards, I had no more symptoms of anxiety, and I felt strangely pleased, like foolish, slap-happy (my fiancé can always tell when I have actually simply taken one).

    This clearly might not be a practical alternative if you’re not in the house, however if you are, it can be the end of the line for any anxiousness you might be feeling.

    If still feeling anxious, carry on to the next step.

    9. Exhaust Yourself

    This is it. The last line of defense in my anxiety-busting regimen. The huge guns, folks.

    Sometimes, I make it numerous enter this troubleshooting guide and don’t require to go any even more. However other times, I make it all the way here, and my anxiety almost never ever endures afterward.

    When my anxiety is through the roof, I’ll discover some way to physically tire myself, whether it’s through raising weights, opting for a run, sprinting, or perhaps just doing as numerous pushups as possible beneath my desk.

    It turns out your body has a pretty tough time feeling distressed when it’s exhausted and there are all sorts of other feel-good chemicals being produced into your system.

    After a difficult workout session, my anxiety is generally controlled. This action in the troubleshooting procedure is so reliable that occasionally, I’ll avoid a few in-between actions and start right here if practical.

    Putting Everything Together

    And that’s it. Below is my summarized anxiety repairing list:

    • Stop and take a deep breath
    • Brainstorm the underlying issue
    • Shake it out
    • Listen to Music
    • Opt for a little win
    • Try some herbs
    • Meditate
    • Take a cold shower
    • Exhaust yourself

    Usually, it finishes the job and tucks my anxiety away, leaving me totally free and sensation all right to deal with the rest of my day. I hope it does the same for you. If nothing else, you have actually most likely gained a couple of beneficial tools in your toolbox for dealing with anxiety in your own method.

    Initially published on The Monk Life

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