What are the reasons for anxiety and anxiety?

  • What are the causes of stress and anxiety and anxiety?

    If we can not recognize the truth about life, we will see everything useless; that feeling increases stress and anxiety and depression.

    Regardless of how successful we are with our personal objectives; we can not have inner peace without resolving the high-level objective; the purpose of our presence.

    It is incorrect to state ‘let us enjoy the journey and forget the location’

    If you find yourself in a train, you should not delight in the lovely scenes prior to very first ask: why am I here? Where is the location?

    We should first ask ‘what is the purpose of life?’

    What is the value of life if we do not understand the purpose of that life?

    It is the greatest helpful for a private to talk about virtue every day … for the un-examined life is not worth living– Socrates

    Our life on earth is an extremely short period compared to deep space time scale; It could be a momentary test duration.

    God is testing us in our brief life on earth; the wealthy father deserves to test his children before distributing the wealth.

    Checking objectives are not expected to be simple and comfortable.

    The test questions are not supposed to be understood ahead of time.

    The sensible daddy disciplines his kids and prepares them for a better life

    The obedient son who takes care of others need to be rewarded better than the disobedient kid who persecutes others.

    There are numerous verses and mentors about that as mentioned in the following answer:

    Sabri Shahin’s answer to How do we know our function of presence in this world?

    Psalm 66: 10 teaches ‘For You, O God, have actually tested us; You have actually improved us as silver is fine-tuned’

    Proverbs 17:3 teaches ‘The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, but God tests the hearts’

    Isaiah 48: 10 teaches ‘I have actually refined you, however not as silver is improved.

    Rather, I have actually refined you in the heating system of suffering’

    Job 23: 10 teaches ‘when he has tested me, I will appear as gold’

    We have been asked to think in God and Paradise however we have not seen God or paradise.

    Our fate will be figured out based on that belief and on our kind deeds.

    Why did God make it a tough test for us?

    Although God knows what remains in our hearts and what each of us may do, he tests us and wants us to witness our own test results in order to admit that we have actually been relatively rewarded according to our achievements as tape-recorded in the test results

    Before the wealthy dad disperses his wealth, he may wish to record which child is loyal, the records are not for the dad who knows, however as a testament for people who might question the justice of their father

    Although the sensible instructor understands the hard-working student and the lazy student, he prepares regular examinations as testaments so that the trainees would not say that the teacher had preferred some students over the others. Exams also prompt trainees to get prepared in order to prosper

    We have actually not created the presents of sight, intelligence, conscience, and lots of other presents. Those who can see the wonders in whatever around them and in their own creation then reject the existence of God, those should be mistaken.

    There are numerous verses in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to teach that God has created everything in heavens and earth. There are many other verses to teach that we are here for screening and there is an afterlife.

    Sabri Shahin’s response to What can a human learn from God?

    God has actually sent prophets to notify individuals that he has actually developed and fine-tuned whatever for them like the daddy who prepares great environment for his children to live.

    God has empowered each people to be pleased and blessed.

    God has enabled individuals to select their own locations.

    God does not predetermine prepare for us.

    God has actually handed over that job to us, it is up to us to be blessed or to be cursed.

    The message that God has actually exposed to all prophets is:

    True blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience

    All prophets taught that we can earn salvation by obedience, repentance, and good deeds to help others

    ” In obedience and repentance is your redemption” Isaiah 30: 15

    Based Upon the above, the loyal believer ought to be blessed in this life and needs to be conserved in the afterlife.

    That is the truth which should set you totally free.

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