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  • These days stress is one of the most frequently spoken topics in the world. Our lives are getting more hectic. So, people have so much stress everywhere. However, sometimes it seems to be too much for us to handle. What is the best way to deal with the stress? How can we become free from this? Actually there are so many ways to release your stress. I think you could find them everywhere. However I would like to talk about several lifestyles that I had through meditation. I wish they could be good tips for you to deal with stress .

    The word ‘stress’ is related to the physical or emotional pressure that we experience in our lives. Although for most of us, the stress is bearable. However, when you have too many things on your mind, the stress becomes a problem. It can cause various sorts of misery, upset, and even sickness. When you suffer from stress for a long time, it can also lead to severe psychological problems such as depression, trauma or panic.

    You should know how to deal with stress.

    It is better to seek out the reason and find a solution for your stress, than to simply complain or blame on it. Some people say talking to someone about your worries and concerns can be a great help to ease. It is helpful to talk to another person in private about your stress indeed. However, what I am trying to say is you need to find a fundamental solution to be free from the stress completely.

    1. One of the best ways to get rid of the stress

    Meditation is regarded as a relaxation exercise to ease stress when you are already under strain and tension. Stress comes from negative feelings and judgement from your daily life. Your suppressed emotions may explode one day unless you discard them. Meditation is a method of reflecting on your life and throwing away your false mind. If you throw it away, you can become the true mind. Then, you can get to know the way how to cope with the stress. You can control and master your emotions. So you won’t be distressed by the stress any more. You don’t need to get fretted over the fearful situation.

    2. A method to prevent yourself from getting stressed

    When you throw away your false mind through meditation, you will get enlightened of Truth. If you break down your narrow and self-centered mind, you can become the mind of the Universe. Then, you can understand the paradoxical double-sides of stress from the bigger perspective. Stress can cause pains and suffering, but on the other hand it may be an unavoidable stimulation for us to make a progress in life. Stress is just a negative concept from an individual’spoint. However, it could be an inevitable important factor to make the world balanced in reality.

    · Live True life according to Nature’s flow

    Through meditation you can become the mind of Great Nature. Then you can know all the ways of the world, which is Nature’s flow. It enables you to understand and accept everything. Everything in the world takes place according to nature’s flow. When you live according to Nature’s flow like flowing water, there won’t be any blockage and stagnation. Unless you are odds with Nature’s flow, you won’t suffer some misfortune according to ‘Cause and Effect’. Therefore, you have to be in accordance with the nature’s flow to live well without stress. When you accept everything with your true heart, the stress will no longer exist. You will be free and liberated from stress in your life.

    · Be like a child and innocent

    May I ask how long does your bright emotion lasts in your daily life? How often do you laugh and feel happy? When you see children, they laugh and feel happy even about little things all day long. However adults live with serious and heavy emotions in their lives, because they are completely bound to their false mind. Because of that, it is hard for them to see the reality they are facing. When you meditate, you can eliminate the false mind world. Then, you can find your true mind that is pure and innocent like a baby’s. The true mind is the cleanest mind which is the state that existed before we were born, but human mind becomes so greedy and materialistic with the fixed notions and habits as we get older. If you look back on your childhood, you can recall memories of happiness, which is just being in the moment while being immersed into playing games. You wouldn’t have worried about what is going to happen later. It is because children live in the moment that they are happy all the time. Meditation is the way to find the true happiness and joy.

    · Be humble and always be grateful.

    This is another good way to avoid stress. I found a simple way to put it into practice in order to become humble and grateful, which is saying always ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ in your daily life. These are two common actions which many of us do, however maybe not as often as we really should.

    When you say ‘please’, you can become humble. We usually say ‘Please can I use the computer?’ ‘Can you please open the window?’ ‘May I please go hiking today? Could I please have some oranges? ‘Oh yes please!’ ‘Oh please that would be great!’ etc.

    The action of saying ‘thank you’ is the most polite way of showing your gratitude. Also you can see the bright side and become positive because you can acknowledge an act of kindness. Also you can become generous through the action of saying ‘thank you’ because you return the generosity verbally. Expressing surprise and joy as well as your ‘thanks’ is also very good behavior just like ‘Wow! how kind you are…thank you’, Wow! Amazing… Cheers!’, ‘I am so glad….. thanks a lot!’ etc.

    Of course you have to put your true heart into your words. Even if these two words are very effective words, the most important fact is that you have to be truly humble and thankful. So, you need to throw away your fake mind in order to have the true mind. As mentioned above, meditation is the best way to change your mind. When you say ‘please’ to people around you with your true mind, they will be pleased with your word. When you say ‘thank you’ with your true mind, they will be moved emotionally. Then all the conflicts and problems will be resolved automatically. So, there will be no stress.

    · Live as the master in your life

    Meditation is about finding your true self and becoming the true mind which is the mind of the world. If the world is a stage, one’s life could be compared to a play. If you live as the original shape as you were born, you can live as a protagonist of your life and know the meaning of real life. However, you don’t try to find your true self and rather envy others’ lives while looking outside of you. You really don’t know what you like and what you want. And you just try to follow what others say is good and valuable. Even you just try to copy others’ lives, you feel disappointed and inferior to others. You become a slave to the conceptions from the outside and fail to develop your creative ability of your true self. And eventually you will live your life as an extra tragic role in another’s play. If you find your true self through meditation, you can always live the most meaningful life as the main character on the stage of the world. You need to become bold and courageous. Now it is time to awaken your inner sleeping giant.

    I am sharing a video for you.

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