What are the benefits of being on the Dean list in …

  • What are the benefits of being on the Dean list in college?

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    There is no benefit in college to students who make the deans’ list. No special privilege, like priority course registration, for example. If it also means you are in the honors program, that might earn you priority course registration, but that is an honor of the program, not the deans’ list per se. It might indicate your grades are high enough to keep any merit scholarships you receive. Again, this is strictly speaking a benefit of the GPA, not the deans’ list, but you certainly don’t want to lose your merit award.

    It may appear on your transcript, which signals to anyone reading your college transcript (that will include grad programs to which you apply, and might include prospective employers) that you are in the top fraction of students. You can put it on your resume/CV, even if it doesn’t appear on your transcript. So that might accrue some benefit in terms of out-competing a fellow candidate who wasn’t on the deans’ list.

    It might appear in the newspaper, either local to your college or in your hometown. That is usually pretty trivial, but it might make your parents happy.

    When you are in college, college is considered your primary ‘job’ so to speak. To show that you are excelling at your ‘job,’ you need some type of metric. The Dean’s List helps demonstrate that you are mastering the courses you are taking. I’d also say it helps show the need for merit. It’s not only enough to take a course but to also learn the material. Many times I’ve been glad that I’m able to recall knowledge from memory without having to go look it up. Though, like everyone, I don’t remember EVERYTHING. So, knowing where to go for reference is excellent to ensure that I get the most correct answer not just what pops up on Google first.

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    Basically, what Tom Stagliano said — it adds a little prestige to your record. Our graduates who maintain high status are eligible for some other perqs, such as wearing a special honor sash at graduation, being asked to join the Honors College (which brings access to specialized courses and activities), and recognition by several of the honor societies.

    They’re all small or inconsequential to some people, but they are a recognition of hard work and ability, and sometimes, that is just what you need after a difficult semester.


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    I don’t know that there’s an actual “benefit” except for bragging rights, if you are so inclined.

    I was on the Dean’s list throughout undergrad. Someone in administration noticed that I was doing well. That was nice.

    Every year, there was a breakfast or a luncheon at the university president’s home. That was quite nice, but I don’t know that I’d consider it a “benefit.”


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    • Nice for the resume
    • good goal to work for
    • gets you in line for Summa or Magna designation on diploma
    • might get you a luncheon or dinner with faculty for networking (usually smaller schools)
    • gets you shortlisted for mentoring/tutor positions that might come up – which can get you a little coin (spending money)
    • let’s you know that you work is paying off, with respect to the rest of the student body


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    While it isn’t necessary, it is helpful if you plan to go on the graduate or professional school. Making the Dean’s list means that you’re a good student, earning above a certain GPA. Not everyone can do this, so it is an honor. You can list that you were on the dean’s list on your graduate or professional school applications, and you can put it on your résumé if you wish. Some employers may care about your grades (especially since you will lack the professional work experience) and this is something that shows you can learn.


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    There are some good answers already provided. I’ll just add that you should simply feel good when you get good grades. Enjoy the recognition for the hard work you did. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment. Enjoy knowing you have gained knowledge, and contemplate its value. It’s understandable that most people focus on how knowledge may be helpful obtaining a good job, but if you can be a bit more philosophical, consider what you’ve learned about yourself, the world, and how to live your life.


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    I don’t believe it is “necessary” to make the dean’s list at all.

    I was a pretty solid B student throughout my undergraduate degree, meaning I rarely made the dean’s list. I still ended up working as an engineer for NASA and got into a great graduate school program.

    I’m three and a half years into my graduate degree and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I’m not sure if the dean’s list is a thing in graduate school, but assuming there was one, I would have made it every semester. The only difference between me as an undergraduate student and me as a graduate student is that I’ve been taking this program a lot more seriously. I’ve matured a lot since I was an undergraduate student and am much more focused on actually learning the material as opposed to only studying to get good grades.

    You can still be successful without ever actually making the dean’s list. But if you want to truly learn, understand, and remember the material you’re studying, your probably going to make the dean’s list by default.

    Being on the Dean’s list suggests that your GPA high enough for the list. Their’s really no benefits to being on the list, however their are benefits to having a high GPA in college since GPA affects your chance in getting accepted into grad school and in getting internships and jobs afterwards. Also, being on the Dean’s list might please your parents if they found out 😉

    It looks nice in your department.

    It looks nice when your college submits that information to your local paper.

    It looks nice when your parents receive a letter stating that you made the Deans list.

    It is nice to refer to in resumes for internships.


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    You need to be on that Dean’s List as long as your ability is there for you to reach the highest marks. That’s where you need to go. The Dean’s List just indicates to employers that you’re bright. You’re flexible and creative and you have organization skills time management skills and you can take on a project and look at it several different ways before you come up with a solution. Those things are very much the key items that employers look for. You want a good job and a good firm or Corporation with a bright future , you aim for that Dean’s List.

    Good luck!


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