What are the advantages of becoming part of the Commonwealth of …

  • What are the benefits of becoming part of the Commonwealth of Nations?

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    Primarily it’s a democracy and human rights club, and that’s a more vital advantage than it seems for a few of the more ‘liberty challenged’ members (in the very same method, the European Charter of Human being Rights has actually constrained the UK federal government sometimes).

    T rade in between Commonwealth members is also remarkably high (50%greater than with comparable non-Commonwealth nations on average) and there are a great deal of civil society, NGO and academic links too.

    Nevertheless, I would say a lot more could be done within the Commonwealth. Open market for example would look like an excellent objective. It would require the political will however.

    At the nationwide level, very little. Each enters it’s own trade pacts and other treaties. For individuals there are things like simpler visas and travel between pairs of countries. My city has Australians and New Zealanders who are working on a special category for youths.

    A major benefit for all are the Commonwealth Games that are restricted to members only. They are a friendly occasion like a household event in marked contrast to the politics and hostility of the Olympics. Some olympians from other countries participate in simply to feel what a friendly global occasion is like.


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    The Commonwealth has ended up being so proficient at what it does that non British colonies have begun signing up with although more requirements to be done on free trade which is something that is quite in conversation at the minute but the positives of the Commonwealth as it stands today (great deals of modifications are planned for the future) however if you want to discover more about the exceptional programs of the Commonwealth a great location to start is here http://thecommonwealth.org/sites …


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    The Commonwealth has developed gradually. It is no longer the British Commonwealth of Nations, although the Monarch continues to act as its unifying figure. HMQ is still the personification of the Commonwealth. There are financial and migration advantages to Commonwealth subscription which could profitably be enhanced and broadened. These alone make it well worth while for member countries to preserve on board.


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    Commonwealth countries are those countries that have actually when served as British areas.

    I don’t understand much about the advantages but the current advantage I heard in news about the commonwealth nations People is:

    Commonwealth countries Citizens are taken advantage of the recent UK free-visa recommendation. With Mrs Theresa May as the brand-new British Prime Minister, UK has announced a visa-free entry for all commonwealth people.


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    In a world of worldwide relationships, what do you believe? Networking, inter-governmental relationships, prestige, human interaction. These are much more important than raw military power. Morphing the Empire into the Commonwealth was a stroke of genius and amazing insight by everybody involved, in particular what were known at the time as the dominions, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and most likely India.

    No benefits for commonwealth countries apart from England as thanks to its own new development called the commonwealth it still has some kind of control over ex colonies from one way to other.



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    If your talking about the British Commonwealth then for me as a Brit I actually don’t see the point of it. It is just a talking store as far as I am concerned where the Queen goes and has her picture taken with all these leaders to smile a tacky smile.

    What is the point of it? Can it take military action like NATO can? Perhaps in a round about method some excellent does come out of it however what I do not understand!

    Individuals in the UK are stating whats the point of the EU well I say whats the point of the British Commonwealth unless somebody on here can enlighten me?


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