What are some pop hits in 3/4 time?

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    They were much more common in the fifties and sixties, but it can still happen.

    • Patti Page – The Tennessee Waltz
    • Patti Page – Mockingbird Hill
    • Juliette Gréco – Sous les ciels de Paris
    • Édith Piaf – La Foule
    • Jacques Brel – La Valse à mille temps
    • Doris Day – Que Sera, Sera
    • Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight
    • Freddy Quinn – Junge, komm bald wieder
    • Liza Minnelli – Try to Remember
    • Jackie De Shannon – What the World Needs Now
    • Lulu – Boom Bang-a-Bang
    • Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’
    • Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews – Chim Chim Cheree
    • Julie Andrews – My Favorite Things
    • Bill Lee – Edelweiss
    • Barbara – Göttingen
    • Charles Aznavour – La Bohème
    • Engelbert Humperdinck – The Last Waltz
    • Melanie – Any Guy
    • John Denver – Annie’s Song
    • Paul Simon – Still Crazy After All These Years
    • Wings – Mull of Kyntyre
    • Arno – Les Filles du bord de mer
    • Noordkaap – Ik hou van u
    • Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet
    • Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

    Some pop hits in 3/4 time –

    Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

    Alicia Keys – Fallin’

    R. Kelly – If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

    Seal – Kiss From A Rose (Official Music Video 720p HD)

    Weezer – Holiday

    Kate Bush – Army Dreamers – Official Music Video

    Pearly Dewdrops Drops – Cocteau Twins

    Smashing Pumpkins – Obscured – Ksi Int

    George Michael – Cowboys And Angels

    The Corrs – Runaway

    Depeche Mode “Blue Dress (violator LP montage)”

    Best songs of that period-

    Jay-Z – “My 1st Song” (Viennese waltz)

    Muse – “Blackout”

    Beirut – “A Sunday Smile”

    Built to Spill – “Velvet Waltz”

    Jimi Hendrix – “Manic Depression”

    Elliott Smith – “Waltz #2 (X/O)”

    Metallica – “Nothing Else Matters”

    Bob Dylan – “The Times They Are A-Changin”

    Source- Pop / Rock / Modern music in 3/4 time

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    For me, being a person that listens to a lot of modern “alternative” music, the first two that come to mind are “idontwannabeyouanymore” and “when the party’s over”, both by Billie Eilish. The slow tempo of both of these songs makes them feel like they could be a waltz. Also, although this song is technically in 6/8, it could be counted in 3/4 just as easily, and that’s “Piano Man” by Billie Joel.


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    The most innovative one, I think is Joe Cockers’ version of the Beatles hit “With a little help from our friends”

    Originally in 4/4 he wanted to create a Waltz!

    To change the time signature of a recent hit, by the worlds best band at the top of their game took some nerve! Luckily he was mates with them!


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    Kiss From A Rose – Seal

    Golden Brown – The Stranglers. The song goes between 3/4 to 4/4 constantly mind you.

    Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

    Runaway – The Corrs

    Piano Man – Billy Joel

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    You’ve got to hide your love away by The Beatles was the first one that popped into my head, which led me to think of Norwegian Wood as well. They didn’t use it a ton, but Dylan did, like on Times They Are A Changin’ or Hard Rain.

    There are a million entries from the classic rock genre, given the prevalence of 3/4 or 6/8 in the blues, stuff like Dreams by the Allman Brothers or Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin. Other good rock examples that are less bluesy are Manic Depression by Hendrix or Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.

    It’s really really unusual in hip-hop, I can think of a few though, like Spaceship by Kanye West or My First Song by Jay-Z.

    And of course don’t forget My Favorite Things, and Greensleeves for that matter.

    Lucille the first country crossover hit from Kenny Rogers


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    · Answer requested by and

    A lovely one that comes to mind:

    Elvis Costello ‘New Amsterdam’.

    Anita Baker’s beautiful ‘Body & Soul’ sounds to my ear to be in 3/4 as well.


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    A couple great examples that I don’t see here yet

    • America – Simon and Garfunkel
    • Sweet Baby James – James Taylor


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    Queen’s Somebody to Love

    Chicago’s Colour My World

    RIP Terry Kath, who sang this song. He died from an accidental gunshot wound in 1978.


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