What are some other ways of saying “it would be greatly …

  • I would appreciate it greatly if…

    I would be so grateful if…

    You don’t know how much i (would) appreciate this.

    I’m so grateful for your help with this.

    Hey, I really appreciate your help with this.

    I want to tell you how much I appreciate this.

    You don’t know how much I appreciate your help with this.

    If you can help i’d be forever in your debt.

    Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    To say I’d …

    What are some other ways of saying “it would be greatly appreciated”?

    If you ask for something (as “it would be greatly appreciated if you could do this”):

    • if you please
    • could you please
    • i would be very grateful
    • i would be so thankful
    • it would be a great assistance if you could
    • i appreciate your attention to
    • it would really help me out
    • a few fancy ones:
    • i would like to express my sincere appreciation for
    • i would sincerely appreciate your assistance in
    • your knowledge (or assistance) on this subject would help me tremendously

    less formal:

    • you would make my day
    • it would be awesome (or cool, great) if you could/would
    • i would love you forever if you would

    In case you would like to use “it would be greatly appreciated” as a response, then “thank you” and its alternatives are appropriate (the choice would depend upon the context):

    • yes please
    • thank you
    • that would be great
    • that is great
    • it would mean the world to me
    • this would mean a lot to me

    More info:

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    • I / We would be grateful if…
    • Your kind assistance would be graciously accepted
    • At this time as we embark on our annual fundraising drive, we ask for your generosity
    • Please consider donating to this righteous cause
    • Your involvement would be met with our utmost appreciation
    • We would appreciate it if…
    • Your assistance would be met with gratitude

    Hope these help.

    “It would mean a lot to me,”

    “You’d really be making a difference,”

    “I would certainly remember it and pay it forward,”

    “It would be a great favor to ask, but I would be indebted to you.”

    It would be greatly appreciated is passive voice. Try:

    • I would be delighted
    • I would be honored
    • Please grant us the honor (of enjoying your spirited presence)
    • I cannot think of a better one to invite (than you, our esteemed colleague)
    • May I ask you to kindly accept (our humble invitation to join us at the reception)?
    • Would you please/kindly

    With a cheeky smile: “You are the awesomest, most bestest person (friend, coworker, boss, etc) ever for helping me. I was seriously in a jam (or drowning, or about to start crying, etc) if you didn’t rescue me.”

    If they are your hero at that moment. Tell them.

    Don’t just talk about appreciation. Show it. Make a connection. Be a little memorable for the right reasons. Show them you see the effort they put forth. Love on them. Praise them. Cheer them on.

    The whole world would run a little better if we were more positively connected to each other, I think.

    I would be so grateful if…

    Our organization would regard your gift as a blessing…

    Your immediate response is in everyone’s best interests.

    Your cooperation will make all the difference.

    Our difficulties would be greatly alleviated by your participation.

    How wonderful it would be to have your support in this matter.

    The use of “would be greatly appreciated” is stock, cliché phrasing. Any alternative will require rewording to smooth out the sound of the request.

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    • I’d be so thankful…
    • I’d be very grateful…

    • It would mean the world to me…

    • You would make my day…
    • It would be awesome…

    What are some other ways of saying “it would be greatly appreciated”?

    This is a passive voice (“it…” instead of “l…) phrase which has a formal, corporate tone. As in, “It would be greatly appreciated if you would sign the guest book before leaving.”

    Less awkward alternatives for a formal tone include:

    • We would very much appreciate it if…
    • We would be very grateful if…
    • Would you please do us the honour of…
    • May we suggest that…

    More personal and informal:

    • Please or Could you please…
    • I would be very grateful if…
    • I would really appreciate it if…
    • Please don’t forget to…

    The original phrase can also take on a peevish or sarcastic tone, as in “It would be greatly appreciated if you could keep your hands to yourself”; in which case alternatives might be:

    • If you don’t mind…
    • Please
    • (Just keep your hands to yourself! )

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