Suicide Methods: What is the simplest method to die?

  • Suicide Methods: What is the most convenient method to pass away?


    There is Help

    Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you require somebody to talk to. If you have a pal in requirement of assistance, please motivate that individual to get in touch with a suicide hotline.

    – Worldwide

    In basic, if you’re outside the US, numbers for your country are here:
    Help a pal – Befrienders Worldwide You can likewise e-mail [email protected] to talk to somebody or go to … to consult with someone.

    – United States

    Call the
    National Suicide Avoidance Lifeline at 1-800-273- TALK (8255).

    Para español, llame al 1-888-628-9454

    – Canada

    Locate a crisis centre in your area and at The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (link to: …). For youth under 20, you can call the Kids Assist Phone at 1-800-668-6868

    – India

    AASRA or call their 24/ 7 helpline at 91-22-27546669 or 91-22-27546667 You can likewise e-mail [email protected]

    – UK 116 123 (to reach the Samaritans in the UK)

    – France (33) 01 46 21 46 46

    – Australia 13 11 14

    My guess remains in your sleep.

    When it’s my time, I wish to go quietly in my sleep, not shrieking and weeping like all of my guests.


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    hey kid. i truly hope you’re still with us. if not and loved ones of the deceased are reading this. i’m so sorry for your loss. if you are still here, this is for you.

    please don’t kill yourself. i understand how tough it is. life sucks for you today, however that’s ok, you can get over this. it’s simply a hill in the roadway to the rest of your life, it seems difficult but you can overcome this. i’m not qualified to provide recommendations like this, but i’m trying my best. you are worthy, people enjoy you and even if it looks like no one will care if you die, somebody will. i will. i don’t know you, however i would be heartbroken if i learnt that you killed yourself. life is unique, life is a present and you shouldn’t just give it away when you have a lot ahead of you. loosing someone to suicide is among the hardest things to go through. everybody you know is going to be so upset and confused. they’ll inquire self ‘why didn’t i do anything? i valued them however i had no concept what they where going through, if only i had actually signed in with them once in a while, maybe they’ll still be here’

    suicide isn’t a remedy to discomfort, it just passes that discomfort into other people.

    you CAN improve. you CAN get aid. you aren’t weak for feeling by doing this, all emotions stand. this is just a blip in the system.

    you are very important. please don’t do this.

    Quick depressurization at a high altitude, explosion, a bullet in the brain, head getting squashed by a fast-falling huge weight, etc. Quick and devastating brain injuries or getting blown into smithereens will be the fastest ways.


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    Heroin overdose. I have actually asked lots of Quorans, over a year back, (I think) and found out from their personal experiences, that heroin overdoses are pain-free. It makes you unconscious, initially, after a couple of seconds of feeling an excellent high. And after that, if you injected enough, it stops your breathing, and your heart. If blood pressure is not offered to the brain, it stops being conscious.

    There is a known theory that the brain stays alive for 15 minutes after your heart dies, but it still may not, in this case, due to the reality that heroin affects your brain directly. It develops into morphine in the blood, upon getting in, and morphine is what is used for bullet injuries, in battle, by medics.

    Besides that, is dying in your sleep from age.

    And, a shotgun scattershot which damages the brain within a fraction of the second. Often, this fails miserably.

    Having actually attempted a number of various ways considering that I was fourteen, I can tell you that it is only truly easy if you can stand pain or mess. I might stand neither and most of my efforts have actually been with pills and alcohol. For the first time in my life, I no longer think about suicide regularly. I am seventy next year. I can help other people through the minefield. I can be happy that I did not succeed. I also have the regret for the hurt I caused individuals who liked me. The very best, but not the simplest way to end your life is to let it run out. I have actually discovered an odd phenomenon recently and that has been that when things become intolerable, something happens to balance things. An unanticipated compassion or perhaps things that can not be described. I am telling you this since I may be a few actions even more through the minefield than you. I was resting on some concrete actions by the River Tyne. I was frightened and baffled. I was likewise in a paranoid state. I took a load of pills with alcohol and settled down to enjoy the lights on the river. I became mesmerised by the motion in the river of animals setting about their service. The mix of certain pills and alcohol can provide you hallucinations, I found out and people, phantoms, started to come out of the stonework and the hedges. They were not frightening, merely keeping me company, so I continued to walk, through fields keeping close to the river since I thought that I would be jailed and sent to prison. Paranoid. The phantoms strolled along with me until I came to a pathway with a lot of benches and on every bench was a genuine homeless person. I continued walking but I lost the capability to understand where my feet were and kept on failing on my face. I had actually walked for around twelve hours. My phantoms lastly left me when it ended up being daytime I left the path, came out onto the pavement of a main roadway and the very first cars and truck that came along was a Patrol car The motorist stopped and asked where I was going. I told him, however need to have seemed confused. I was also uninformed that I was covered in blood from falling. I was required to Whickham Police headquarters and treated with a compassion that still brings tears to my eyes. Please, believe that I have actually provided you a real account. If it appears that someone I consider as flawed as I am, appears to have actually been watched over, I can assure you that it is possible for you to be supervised too.

    Dear Gooby, is that your real name?,, I think you have actually got absolutely nothing to lose so you might as well attempt and get a stunning life, it’s what you make it darling, please attempt to make some buddies and talk with your teacher and your mum,, don’t give up, become somebody, buy a pet, go for a holiday, get wed, you have nothing to lose if you offer it a shot, yes it’s hard to be alive but each day modifications, infant actions, go discover a church group, they will assist you and heal you, go for it


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    I have actually never ever addressed a question here prior to; but, I felt compelled to write to you and let you know that I have actually browsed the very same and I feel where you are originating from really deeply. I know the desperation, discomfort, extreme solitude and so on. I do not know what your specific sensations are; I just know that it is a heavy thing to publish.

    I hated it when people would inform me “this too shall pass. I figured I ‘d always feel the method I did. I guarantee you, it will pass. You won’t feel in this manner permanently. Life is beautiful.

    I don’t make any claim that I don’t have bad days; due to the fact that sometimes, I do. However with Wellbutrin and Effexor my desire to pass away and feelings of depression and wanting I could end it are manageable.

    When I was very suiciidal, I composed letters to enjoyed ones, farewell letters. I conserved them in a drawer. I just recently recalled at them. What a tortured soul. I felt so much unhappiness for the lady crying out in those letters. I no longer felt like that lady. I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul.

    Look after yourself. This too shall pass. I assure.



    Watch Salman Khan motion pictures.

    They will definitely offer you phase 4 cancer.

    Within a week or 2, you will surely pass away.

    I hope you thank me in your next life.

    _/ _


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    There is no easy pain-free method to do it, death is painful and that is due to the fact that life is too valuable. My approach is if there are things in life making you want to kill yourself, then those things are the opponent … Not yourself. Instead of breaking your survival instincts and the cosmic flow of deep space and all that is … utilize everything to fight for your life and change what is making you unhappy. Believe me you have the right to battle. Don’t want to others however look inside yourself. Don’t do anything wrong like murder but discover the proper way.


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    Try flying in a really quick aircraft or spaceship into strong rock. Say – expect a spacecraft travelling from earth to moon fell onto the moon instead of braking for a soft landing. It would hit the moon near the lunar escape velocity of over 2 km per second.

    By my calculation, the procedure of passing away will be determined in microseconds. Based upon the length of time it takes the back of the victim’s head to overtake the front when his face hits rock! There may be lots of time to consider upcoming doom, but the victim would feel absolutely nothing as it happened.

    If you want to pass away even quicker, power the rocket down onto the moon rather than simply letting it fall!

    But you could just fly a supersonic jet into a cliff – that would be much slower however still less than a millisecond. Not that would make any distinction to you and still faster than any medical or biological problem!

    If you have actually decided with it then I’ll suggest the following:

    Start getting rid of all the important things and individuals you don’t like, one by one. It just suggests that you require to distance yourself from every type of negativeness, the ones which can not be made positive.

    In it’s place, begin filling your life with everything you like. Stop fretting about the responses of individuals while doing all this. Do try to keep your decision rational, well-thought and ethical.

    In this process of ending the present negativeness from your life and making it a new, favorable one, keep your mind open to advices, experiences, etc and let everything unfold on it’s own. Plan a little and keep area for surprises too.

    I wish you the best journey ahead!

    P.S.- don’t use anyone else’s measuring rod to define best.

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