Strange Phenomenon

  • President and CEO at Corporate Management · Dec 26 ·

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    What is the creepiest thing to happen in your hometown that people don’t like to talk about?

    This wasn’t my hometown, but my wife’s. She grew up in a small rural town, with really only one main road. On it, there were one or two small restaurants, a bank, a gas station, and a couple supply stores. Apparently, one of her classmates’ parents were going through some drama. The mom worked at th…

    BHMD Deep Wrinkle


    Plastic surgeon shares one weird way to fill in wrinkles at home.

    Beverly Hills surgeon reveals at home fix (no creams needed).

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    Which is the most scariest anime scene, that gave you chills?

    Most death scenes in another Or basically any death in blood C This makes up like half of my veiws…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 22h ·

    What is your most horrifying experience on the dark Web?

    I feel like I shouldn’t go about this publicly but my story isn’t really anything too different as many others but I can say this, wholeheartedly and without exaggeration, that my worst experience on the dark net is indeed factual and probably worse than many of the fictional ones. Before I go any fu…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 22h ·

    Are the back roads in the USA really that scary in the night?

    Oh hell yeah. I used to live in semi-rural Tennessee. I’ve driven down plenty of back roads at night. In the company of my parents, thankfully; I wasn’t old enough to drive. But in a way, that made it even worse. Without needing to concentrate on driving the car, my imagination was free to run wild.…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 22h ·

    Have you ever spent a night in the graveyard to find a ghost?

    Yes, I had spent my half night in the graveyard and it was a very grisly experience for me. It was my friend who challenged me to do it; actually, I always had an urge for such an experience and by challenging me, he did me a favor. This story has three parts : 1. Why I went there? 2. How was my experience? 3. D…

    Should I hire remote software developers from

    It is so hard to hire strong engineers for my company in San Francisco.

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 22h ·

    What animal sounds are the most scary?

    hyenas! They are not rare not lion and tiger. Hyenas Kill Two People Near Kenya’s Capital Nairobi A pack of hyenas killed two people over a span of 24 hours in a village just 50 kilometres (31 miles) east of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, police said Tuesday. The hyenas, numbering about 20, mauled a man on M…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 22h ·

    What is so scary about the Mariana Trench?

    It is underwater and therefore impossible to breath. …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Wed ·

    What is the most horrific birth defect that you’ve ever seen? If you were there at the birth, what was everyone’s reaction?

    I got permission from my father, an ER doctor to post this. Years ago, when he was doing his OB rotation, this really, really inbred type family(really inbred, like mom and dad were uncle and niece) and the mom pushed out a kid with basically no head or anything, just a really rudimentary nostril. T…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Wed ·

    As a psychologist, who is the most disturbing individual you have ever met?

    I was new to this town. I met this gentleman two years ago: tall, dark, handsome…and very, very depressed. He spoke little and in a low tone. Most of his replies were single words or very short sentences. So here was this guy who showed all the signs of severe clinical depression. He slept only for a…

    CapitalOne Shopping


    Before you shop at Amazon Prime, read this.

    The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon’s giving you a better price than other retailers.

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Wed ·

    What was the most bone-chilling sentence a loved one ever said to you?

    I have nine children , and on 10 th of June 2011 my eldest daughter returned back to our family home with her one year old son, so that we could all celebrate his first birthday together having fun and playing games. In all the laughter, chaos and opening of the presents and cards, we didn’t take ou…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Wed ·

    What was something spine chilling that a child said to you?

    My husband had a son before we met. He passed away at 2.5 weeks old. When my oldest child was about 4 she started playing with an imaginary friend. I asked her one day if her friend had a name. She said his name was Liam. I immediately got chills. She then proceded to tell me that his daddy was her d…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Wed ·

    What’s the weirdest place you’ve woken up?

    A kiddie pool full of salt. Not saltwater. Not salty liquid. Salt. NaCl. Sodium Chloride. What did I do? I stood up… Brushed off the salt… Looked around at the room I was in… And walked out of it. I was fully dressed. I had no recollection of how I had gotten there. I simply… moved on. And I haven’t questioned it…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Wed ·

    What office rule made you say “You gotta be kidding me”?

    Banned all coffeemaking devices. And all outside coffee from home, restaurants or coffee shop. Charged $1 per generic Keurig pod and $.50 in a coin operated machine. The machine provided only enough water for about 2/3rds of a cup. In my experience, nothing is a clearer indication of a company’s chara…

    Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast


    3 toxic foods for cats. One meat you should never feed your cat.

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Tue ·

    What are examples of real-life Hollywood horrors on movie sets?

    In 2015, Olivia Jackson was doubling for Milla Jovovich during a motorcycle scene in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” when a mechanical arm equipped with a camera failed to move out of the way in time and took the stuntwoman’s arm off. For 17 days after the horrific incident Olivia Jackson suffered…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Tue ·

    Have you ever seen a ghost? How did you know it was real (or not)?

    I worked as a guide at a world history Native American ruins. After it closed at night i walked around keeping an eye out for local youth from the reservation who liked to use it for mating. I was instructed to make noise and use a flashlight beam to get them to move as this really belonged to their…

    Occurrence of problems or phenomena that cannot be understood scientifically to humans are frightening.

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