‘Not simply neighbours, however siblings’: Lithuanian envoy on ties with Belarus amid political chaos

‘Not simply neighbours, however siblings’: Lithuanian envoy on ties with Belarus amid political chaos

Lithuanian Envoy to India Julius Pranevicius has stated that his nation continues to stand with individuals of Belarus and that they “understand each other extremely well, and we feel not just neighbours but more like bros in some cases”. Amidst the turmoil after the current questionable elections in Belarus after which Alexander Lukashenko was announced as victorious, opposition leader of the country Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya had to take refuge in Lithuania.

Speaking solely to our Principal Diplomatic Correspondent Sidhant Sibal, Julius Pranevicius also spoke on ties with New Delhi saying,” India was always a buddy and partner in Asia, South Asia and it stays as such.”

Roughly, one thousand Indian students are in the country making it the largest group of foreign trainees in Lithuania. Remarkably, great deal of linguistic similarities in between Lithuanian and Sanskrit exist, a lot so that a typical dictionary likewise exists.

WION: How do you see the ties in between India and Lithuania?

Julius Pranevicius: We are in the procedure of building a new government and we expect it will start functioning either later this week or next week. India was constantly a great pal and partner in Asia, South Asia and it stays. Like our next minister of economy, she visited India.

WION: Any locations of collaboration?

Julius Pranevicius: Students from India are the most significant group of foreign trainees in Lithuania. Lithuania will end up being an attractive place for young people in India. India is well known name in Lithuania, we have business like HCL, they are essential player in our IT sector.

WION: India is increasing its engagement with Nordics and Baltics. How can Lithuania contribute in it?

Julius Pranevicius: We are truly happy with the cooperation taking place now with the India and broader Nordic and Baltic region. I see that we as a bloc might easily be a very good partner with India, when you look at partners for very good ingenious solutions. That is the area understood for niche production of things. Lithuania can provide monetary innovations … If you look at Europe, our country is becoming a center. With UK leaving EU, and a growing number of interest from different companies in Europe for financial technologies they choose Lithuania as the entrance to EU. The design can be utilized by Indian business. Other niche locations are; aser industry. We are a little nation, but we’re understood for laser industry. 10%of all clinical lasers are produced in Lithuania, that is huge for nation the size of Lithuania. It could be made with Indian companies. Lithuanian satellites have actually been launched from India and increased cooperation in the extremely quick growing satellite sector in your country.

WION: Your language has lot of typical words with Sanskrit.

It shows we have lot of things in common and not numerous people know, and still lots of theories to explain. That is why India is so important for us.

WION: How do you see the scenario in Belarus? You had hosted the opposition leader, called for EU sanction, what was the reasoning?

Current elections are not identified by my federal government either and it is really natural, people were disturbed, the way elections occurred and they went out in the streets and that what happened in the nation. I am thrilled to look how brave the people are, every Saturday and Sunday you have big rallies, thousands of individuals who go out in the streets, regardless of the severe harsh measures taken by individuals in power.

WION: What do you think about ties with Russia, and Russia’s function in the region?

Julius Pranevicius: For us, we do not have any doubts and predicaments. We are there, members of NATO and EU. We rely and our security depend upon NATO, our joint actions taken with our partners. It’s worth pointing out the dangers that arise in some cases from what Russia is doing in the neighbourhood, we have bad examples in Ukraine, we have bad examples in Georgia, we see bit of it likewise in Belarus. It proves that for us, who were cautious about relationship with Russia– we showed to be right. It is now more and more understood by our NATO partners and Nato standing company and strong to support all its members consisting of Lithuania in arranging a defence and remaining in the alliance, block that would be to challenging to attack and too harmful to intervene in. That where we base our security, that is where our strategic interest is, and our policies aim too.

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