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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    As a nurse, what are 10 things you wish patients would stop saying during a checkup?

    Stop saying, “No,” to questions about medical history and then pull out a CVS receipt list long of current medications. If you’re on meds, you have a med history. Period. Stop saying, “11” on a pain scale of 1 – 10. And please don’t reaffirm the 11 or heaven forbid, go up to 12, when I explain that 1…

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    Why are doctors unsure of how general anesthesia actually works?

    The statement “we still don’t understand how general anaesthesia works” is a zombie factoid: no matter how often we keep on shooting it down with good science, it keeps getting back up. It’s also inexplicable to me why some anaesthetists and related specialists are so keen to cling to it. The broadly…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    What is the nastiest thing that an anesthesiologist has ever done or seen?

    Years ago I gave anesthesia to a patient with a flesh eating bacterial infection of her abdominal musculature. The surgeon’s object was to remove the muscles and surrounding tissue that was dead and in an advanced state of necrosis until he reached healthy tissue. The operating room smelled horribly…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    How do you deal with intense pain without medicine?

    I have severe nerve pain. It’s an 8/10 every day. It can be worse if I do something to piss it off. After getting hit, from behind, by a texting driver, I had severe nerve pain. I lost my career. My formerly active life was gone. It was like a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from. I tried EVERYTHING!…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    When “experts” say artificial immunity created by a COVID-19 vaccine is superior to natural immunity, are they lying?

    No, they aren’t lying. And you can save the quotation marks, too; the people you describe as ‘”experts”’ are virologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists with years and decades of scientific experience. They aren’t “experts,” they’re experts. You’re going to need all your quotation marks for peopl…

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    Michelle Steele – MAD PIRATE QUEEN

    Dec 12

    Do you think that aborting a healthy fetus at 24 weeks because the mom’s in danger is better than premature delivery?

    I think a few things about this situation. * I think that abortions after 24 weeks happen so rarely (less than 1% and 99% due to medical or fetal issues) that the hysteria and outrage around the (fantasized) situation are manufactured in order to smear women’s rights to reproductive self-determination. *…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    Which is the best health insurance company in the US?

    The best way is to have an employer who uses their market power to get you a good policy. Otherwise, you’re going to have to shop for your own health policy, and it’s really painful. I’m my own employer. Having just moved to Oregon, I’m in the process of shopping for insurance. I basically have 3 opt…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 11h ·

    As a doctor/nurse, what is the boldest thing you ever said to a patient knowing that you might get fired afterward?

    I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse for 20 years. I’ve seen women who in response to excruciating pain say and do things which are terribly mean and abusive. My personal policy is that a patient can say anything they want to me during active labor…. I will stick it out and provide the best care I c…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 12h ·

    When did an ER nurse tell a patient they should not have come to the emergency room only to have an ER doctor eventually come to the rescue, emphatically telling the nurse how wrong the nurse was, and how much much of an emergency it really was?

    15 years ago my daughter joined the schools field hockey team and the girls were required to run for miles after school. My daughter would come home in tears complaining of lower back pain. I called her doctor and was told she would be out for the next 2 weeks. So off to the emergency room we went.…

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    What temperature is safe to take a baby outside in the winter?

    It is recommended to walk with newborns at a temperature not lower than -15*C (+ 5*F) two or three times a day for half an hour. Then you gradually increase the amount of time outside and lower the allowed temperature. By the age of 3, a child can endure many hours of being outdoors at any temperatu…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    Are vaccines even necessary if someone has a strong immune system?

    Yes. Plenty of unvaccinated people with strong immune systems have gotten sick and/or died from dangerous viruses.

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    As an anesthesiologist, what has been your strangest experience while trying to put someone under?

    It was in the sixth year of practice and my first week at a new job. I was asked to take care of a trauma patient who had had multiple rib fractures suffered during a motor vehicle accident. I was working for the first time with this cardio thoracic surgeon—-Joan. The last time I had seen Joan was ba…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Fri ·

    How can you prevent long-term injuries in the military or Special Forces? Can you prevent it at all?

    From all my friends who served with me in the German Army, I’m the only one who is still able to run a marathon. They all suffer from typical long-term army service injuries: knee and hip problems (one guy got an artificial hip joint), back problems, or all three of them. Add to this, hearing problem…

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Fri ·

    Is it unethical or illegal for a doctor to prescribe medication for an approved “on-label” use to allow a patient to use it for an “off-label” purpose doctor gives a diagnosis of roundworm to a patient to have ivermectin, but patient uses for COVID?

    Yes, that’s considered falsifying a diagnosis and it’s very illegal. Plus it’s very difficult to get away with it. You don’t think auditors will be looking for test results confirming roundworms when some doctor starts writing a bunch of ivermectin prescriptions? Faking a lab result isn’t easy.…

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Fri ·

    As a nurse, what made you most uncomfortable when a patient took off their clothes?

    I was working in an urgent care and this very religious looking lady I’m gonna say mennonite, possibly Amish, came in very very sick upper respiratory infection. Now this lady had long hair up in a bun, little wire framed glasses, no makeup long sleeve plain blouse tucked into a skirt that almost to…

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