LGBTQ+ Mental Health

  • I’m not sure where this is going, but the growth has made me feel this is absolutely right. The simple idea is a space to specifically focus on LGBTQ+ mental health. This is not a space about self harm, but identifying and combatting depression and anxiety, the low moments, the lonely moments, the s…

    I’m not really sure since right now your questioning but if you do end up finding out your apart of the LGBTQ+ community we’ll welcome you with open arms and if your not apart of it thats fine too …

    Maybe try watching some LGBTQ movies around them or say mention that you support LGBTQ+

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    This answer is quite insightful!

    Deon James Mucker Garth


    As a gay person, what do you wish everyone understood?

    It’s been 2 weeks today that I haven’t been on Quora due to facing some Gay insecurities on my own along my mental health issues at home but I have plenty to speak for my mind. * Just because I’m Asexual, doesn’t mean I’m not Gay for not experiencing anal / oral sex from another guy. * I’m not a flamboyan…

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    Good answer Marc!

    We don’t chose our sexuality we merely chose to accept it instead of staying in the closet!

    What is something that most people don’t grasp about being gay?

    That it’s not a choice. The idea that people choose their sexuality is a canard that still persists to this day. Many people simply cannot accept that gay people can be born that way, in the same way that they were born straight. This bizarre idea that it’s a choice has led to a lot of persecution of…

    Yes you can. The Q stands for questioning. It’s a good to reach out to people and maybe through talking with them, you’ll figure things out.

    You come out of the closet.

    my mom’s straight but I’m not so I don’t know you tell me

    don’t do it unless the person consents

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    Good answer always know who to invest information in. Some will listen while others will never learn.

    How do you address casual homophobia?

    So far, four other people have answered this question, and it seems as if all of them agree that you should simply ignore it and walk away. Personally, I half agree and half disagree with that. This, of course, depends on the scenario. While I think it’s a great idea to walk away and ignore homophobi…

    It means embracing one’s self no matter what other’s think.

    Not necessarily, sexuality is not genetic but the son growing up with gay parents could see more of a possibility for himself to be gay than straight

    I think it depends on the situation, truthfully. I don’t want to talk about LGBTQ+ all the time because I want to be known for my accomplishments, not my orientation. I don’t want to be asterisked as the “gay videographer” or “gay nonprofit director” I just want to be known as the videographer of the…

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    Please bind safely.

    What are some suggestions on how to make a binder until I get one?

    This is a common question for gay guys and I might be able to help a little. First of all please think of yourself as a gay guy. Queer never sits well with me and those others I know. I find it derogatory at best. As for pleasing your parents. This is the tricky one but there is a kind of answer and…

    Not necessarily. My father is straight, that doesn’t mean in straight. Is it possible? Yes. But that would be a correlation, not a causation.

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    MANIA AND ANXIETY Mania – the Greek word for madness – is a psychotic disorder whose main feature is an abnormal elevation of mood. It is the polar opposite of depression and is grouped with depressive disorders as an affective disorder, which is a disorder of affect or mood. The affected individual m…

    Depression is often not talked about. Therapy does help, but also sharing, discussing the myriad of triggers and events and emotions which make this unique to everyone. I do not presume to have the answers, I wish I did, but I have found the more I have opened up the more I can manage it.

    So I have no agenda, only the focus to help LGBTQ+ face mental health. To know that actually it is okay to not be okay. This is a reality, its not attention seeking.

    So please join in and see if we can try and make our unique world a little better.

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