Is occult blood 2+ in urine normal?

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    Blood in the urine (called hematuria) is abnormal. There are various etiologies of microscopic (seen only under the microscope) and/or gross hematuria (seen with the naked eye) including benign essential hematuria , urinary tract infection, stone, or possible malignancy. The most common cause identified for asymptomatic microscopic hematuria is “benign essential hematuria”. This means that the kidneys are simply losing some red blood cells into the urinary tract. Urinary tract infection can cause irritation in the bladder causing microscopic hematuria . Kidney cancer and/or bladder cancer can also present as microscopic blood or gross blood. Smoking dramatically increases the risk of developing a tumor in the urinary tract. A stone in the urinary tract can rub the inside of the urinary tract resulting in microscopic or gross hematuria. Evaluation for the possibility of all of these etiologies should be done. However, the only way to diagnose benign essential hematuria is to prove there is no significant stone, tumor, or urinary tract infection. Urine cytology, CT of the abdomen and pelvis or intravenous pyelogram or renal ultrasound, and cystoscopy are the tests to determine the diagnosis.

    *EDIT: This question said it needed “attribution” – this is the standard information given to patients in our practice.

    I need an answer, because i have the same range of 3–5 pus cell in urine microscopic examination

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    We do not know why you are peeing blood, but one of the possible causes is cancer. You need to see a urologist for a hematuria workup.

    I don’t enjoy frightening you, but it’s my duty. You might have cancer. If it’s at an early stage, it’s probably curable. If you continue to ignore the problem, you will soon reach a point where there is no hope for a cure and you will surely die.

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    There is a single instance in which occult blood in urine can be normal. This instance is when you are a woman who is menstruating. Always make sure you are not on your period when collecting urine samples for an occult blood test. If you were or if you are unsure, you need to do the test again. Discuss this with your physician.

    If you are not a woman or if you are sure you were not menstruating at the time you collected the urine sample, then this is not normal. Discuss these results and the next step that needs to be taken with your physician. Do not delay this.


    If you are in need of medical assistance, contact your physician. I am not a medical doctor. This post reflects my personal opinion and is no substitute for professional medical advise. The correct interpretation of your laboratory results should be performed by your physician. Laboratory results are meaningless on their own and require a proper physical examination and detailed medical history to interpret correctly.

    Two plus protein means that you have protein in your urine. This can be a sign of kidney disease. The 2 plus means that this was not quantitative. It means that there is “some” protein in your urine but does not tell us how much. Hematuria Causes and Risk Factors You might have blood in your urine because of: Urinary tract or kidney infections. Bladder or kidney stones. Certain kidney diseases, such as inflammation in the filtering system (glomerulonephritis) An enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or prostate cancer.


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    There should be no blood in the urine.It”s presence is indicative of pathology though 2+ is not severe.Further assessment should be conducted by your healthcare providers. This may include additional labs and urine and bloodwork ,as well as possibly X-rays and CT scans.Hope that Helps,Best of Luck.(I would recommend seeking medical consultation sooner if you have abdominal pain,and/or fevers as this may indicate and infection,or possibly a tumor)

    Occult means hidden in medical terminology, so occult blood in urine or faeces can indicate bleeding in the bowel or bladder. There can be a few reasons for the presence of the blood. In urine it can indicate an infection in the bladder,usually confirmed by a laboratory analysis and Appropriate treatment as indicated by the sensitivity test conducted by the lab. A 2+ result could also indicate a tumour in the bladder, so it’s important to follow your doctor’s advice re any diagnosis.

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    Kidney stones. A kidney infection. Bladder cancer. Certain kinds of UTIs. Other kinds of medical problems as well.

    The big one to worry about is bladder cancer. Get thee to a doctor, posthaste.

    No, not unless a woman is menstruating and it spilled over.

    It’s generally a sign of a urinary tract infection.

    Normal urine has no blood, no sugar, and is sterile.

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