Is it normal for depression to come in waves?

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    The waves you describe can also be called episodes. The term depression is often used to describe a low or discouraged state of mind resulting from disappointment (eg, financial crisis, natural disaster, serious illness) or loss (eg, death of a being). Dear). However, the most appropriate terms for these moods are demoralization and grief.

    Negative feelings of demoralization and pain, unlike depression, do the following:

    1. They occur in waves that tend to be linked to thoughts or reminders of the inciting event
    2. They are resolved when circumstances or events improve
    3. They can be interspersed with periods of positive emotion and humor.
    4. They are not accompanied by widespread feelings of worthlessness and self-worth
    5. Depressed mood typically lasts for days rather than weeks or months, and suicidal thoughts and prolonged loss of functionality are much less likely.

    However, the events and stressors that induce demoralization and grief can also precipitate a major depressive episode, particularly in vulnerable people (eg, those with a family history or history of major depression).

    There are several types of depressive disorders. The most common are:

    • Severe depressive disorder: Also called severe depression, it is characterized by a combination of symptoms that interfere with the ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy activities that were previously enjoyable. Severe depression disables the person and prevents him from functioning normally. An episode of severe depression can occur only once in a lifetime, but is usually repeated from time to time.
    • Dysthymic disorder, also called dysthymia, is characterized by its long-lasting symptoms (two years or more). Although less serious, they may not incapacitate a person, but they can prevent the development of a normal life or feel good. People with dysthymia can also suffer one or more episodes of severe depression throughout their lives.
    • Adaptive Disorder: Depressive symptoms are mild, are present for a short period of time and are due to a specific problem that has been suffered. Other depressive disorders: are those depressive syndromes that can be part of the set of symptoms of other psychiatric diseases (for example, bipolar disorder, social phobia, etc.) and non-psychiatric (anemias, multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism, cancer, etc.). ).

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    You’re spot on! It’s actually very, very normal for clinical depression to come in waves.

    Those waves are called “depressive episodes,” and there is actually a lot of research on them.

    For example, did you know that if you have one depressive episode you are far more likely to have another…and the next one will likely last longer and be more intense than the first?

    That’s why we tell people to get help earlier than later.

    It’s also why depression can be so deceptive.

    People can feel *terribleand then in a few weeks, feel better and tell themselves they are just fine and don’t need any help, not realizing that this pattern is likely only going to get worse without intervention.

    So yes, it’s completely normal for depression to come in waves. It is as common as it comes.

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    Yes, and it can be very discouraging and confusing if it even comes during a time when you have good things going on. If this has been going on for a while and you are finding it is interfering with your daily life and changing your joy, then I would suggest to go see your doctor and talk about it. I know you probably think because it comes in waves that it may not be that serious or you can “deal” with it, but there are different types of depression. It effects everyone a little differently. By seeing your doctor, he/she will be able to ask you the right questions and come up with the correct treatment plan for you so that you can continue your life without these ups and downs…and you can continue on with life and not have that looming fear of when is my depression going to come back?

    Yes , Depression will come in waves when it is repeatedly triggered by events and thoughts. Learning to manage the habitual reaction to these triggers is the key, then the waves become less and less intense.

    If you ignore them and just reinforce the habitual reactions then the depression gets stronger each time (called depression triggers).

    Depressed mood typically tend to escalate between days rather than weeks or months, and suicidal thoughts and prolonged loss of functionality are much less likely.

    Speaking for myself, it does come in waves and strangely enough I find that to be very useful. If I pay close attention to how I’m feeling and acting, I can anticipate episodes of moderate/severe depression coming on and alert loved ones about it. It also helps me identify that the things I’m feeling aren’t externally caused and to stay focused on getting past it.


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    Depends on how big the waves are. Bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by an alternation of mania and depression. Mania usually drains you of energy and lets you drowning in depression … so it really depends if it’s just regular depression relapses due to your fighting it to some degree … or maybe it’s bipolar disorder. But in general if you don’t have mania or hypomania, you don’t have to bother your mind with the thought of bipolar disorder.


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    No. You better get that checked out, not only do you have depression but now you have wave like depression. Only orgasms come in waves and of course waves.

    In my experience yes, most definitely.

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