Is it normal for a male of 70 years old to masturbate 2 or …

  • It is prefectly ok to masturbate. However not often. Now the subtle question is where is the lakshman rekha. Beyond that rekha it is hazardous. For different people this rekha will be different. I will tell whatever based on my personal experience.

    I masturbated for the very first time when I was in BTech very first year. I was doing summertime training and I do not have a phone with me. 3G has just started rolling out those days. My room mate has Nokia N70 mobile. I obtained his phone, opened some random pornography site and masturbated. It was remarkable.

    After that I got addicted to it and began doing every weekend. Gradually, it turned to every 2– 3 days and then everyday. By the time I passed out, it was 2– 3 times on some days and I got extremely addicted to porn.

    Now the question is, did it affect my health and research studies. Offcourse yes to some degree. I lost interest in my hobbies. I turned lazy.

    However during college days, I was a guy with very good physical health. I was an exceptional badminton and tennis gamer. I hardly ever consumed processed food and ate some fruits every day. Since of my punjabi upbringing, I likewise take in 1– 2 glass of milk everyday till date. I go to running daily. I think all of above habits assisted my body to cope up with bad impacts of masturbation to some level.

    But, point is, mentally, it was terrible. I felt embarrassed all the time. Confidence was at its least expensive. I disliked girls to some extent.

    Now, after college was over. After joining my very first business, I lowered my speed since work kept me hectic. Urge was too high to get rid of. I can not suddenly stop masturbating. Often I masturbated in the business bathrooms. I even tried masturbating on my seat when nobody was around. It was dreadful.

    It was my pal’s birthday and we chose to celebrate at my place. All were very ecstatic and suddenly chose to bring one woman of the street. But no was bold sufficient to call one. Me and my pal showed some grit, called a middle man and settled at a rate, and went to choose the girl. It was 10 p.m. when we picked her. We asked the girl to sit in one room while all of us were choosing our turns. I went. I entered the room. She was peaceful young and smiled at me as she already understood my condition. I asked her to remove her clothes. She removed whatever and laid on my bed. I being really kind, carefully touched her, kissed her and attempted to penetrate her, but I might not get the erection. After trying for some time, she asked me do you require a blowjob. I shyly said no. However still there was no erection as I was not excited at all. She again asked is it your first time. I said yes. Then she attempted helping me, but absolutely nothing occurred. After some time I came out of the space. I was ashamed of my condition as well as what we were doing. My other pals were likewise feeling embarrassed by this time. None of us had sex with her. We left her in the room and told her we will not trouble her. She can sleep and leave in the morning. Later, we asked her to come out to celebrate with us as a friend. She was more than obliged and assisted all of us with our food. In the morning, I went to drop her in my vehicle. While leaving, she stated she truly delighted in last night. Other customers are not very kind to her. We treated her extremely carefully.

    It was an eye opener. Now, I decided to take control of things. It was extremely difficult in the start I can’t stop the urge to masturbate when ever I was free. I tried indulging myself in various activities to keep myself hectic. As time passed I indulged myself in painting. It started taking a trip. Gradually I was turning typical.

    Then I familiarized about NO FAP FOR 90 DAYS obstacle. Men, look for it on the web. You will discover some fantastic inspirational stories. I tried it numerous times, however unsuccessful. It had the ability to complete the challenge in my 11 th attempt. It was a fantastic minute. It finished the difficulty 2 more times after that. I truly assisted boosting my self-confidence.

    Concerning today, I still masturbate but once in 10 days or so. It does not effect me physically or mentally. I understand my lakshman rekha. Recalling I are sorry for all the time I squandered at pornography and masturbating. I could have put that time to develop some pastime.

    So people masturbate however according to your physical condition. Do not get addicted to porn. Do not over do it, as it is extremely difficult to recuperate psychologically. It does not suggest that if speedometer shows 140 as max then you need to go at140 It has effects. Maintain a moderate speed of 50–60 and enjoy the surroundings around. Its fine.

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