Is it dangerous to put ice in my ass?

  • Like a single ice cube no, or a 3 foot long icicle, hell yeah!!! Post up some pics


    I’d agree with the other answer on here but also add that if you were to use a large amount of ice cubes or something like a dildo made of ice you would probably get frostbite in your rectum. The comparison to skin isn’t quite right, as the epithelial layer on the skin is much thicker and more resilient to extreme temperature than that of the rectum and colon. You could get tissue necrosis and have serious complications if you used too much ice

    Dude, of all the amazing things and activities in the world, you are interested in making your ass on the rocks. Why ? Use your mouth dude.

    Well on a serious note you could put an ice or a few more than one up your ass. And yes, you would just feel a little mild pleasant cool watery sensation when it reaches/ enters rectum. But this is one of a very precautionary case. Why ? Since your sensations are enormously moderated and understated vis a vis the actual temperature difference your rectum experiences, your brain might not send immidiate sognal to you to response to excrete so as to avoid the abnormal temperature and so the persistent temeperature difference could rupture your wall nerves there and cause permanent damage. Is better to experiment only with those body parts where the brain could sense the gravity respective to the change introduced.

    Lets look at this in the framework of

    “ Cause – Effect – Feedback – Response “

    Cause: Shoving ice u p in the ass in the rectum

    Effect: Sudden and extreme Temperature difference

    Feedback: Feedback signal generated is heavily moderated vis a vis the actual intensity of the effect

    Response: Response intensity and readiness directly is based upon the respective Feedback signal received and so it is also relatively moderated vis a vis the effect.

    So, be Careful dude.

    One day I was studying in my bedroom like the good Indian boy I am.

    I was doing some big brain stuff when all of a sudden I saw a cup with Ice. I saw it and a horrible thought crossed my mind. I didn’t know what to do.

    I picked up the ice cube and went to my bed. I sat there for a while wondering if I should commit this unspeakable act. I slowly walked to the kitchen to get more ice and I went to my bedroom that I shared with my brother. My brother saw me with a bunch of ice cubes.

    “Dude, what the hell are you doing with a bunch of ice cubes.”

    It was now or never.

    I walked towards my brother.

    And I poured a bunch of ice cubes down his shirt.

    I’m not a weeb, I swear.

    Worth it.

    It’s certainly safer to use ice cubes than, say, ice packs or plastic cubes, because foreign objects like that just don’t belong there. They can get lost and be really difficult to get out later on. But, too much cold can cause damage to the delicate nerves and muscles down there, so, if you’re gonna do it, or have already done it, make it a special occasion kinda thing. And by that, I mean, no more than once a month at most. Oh, and in case this isn’t obvious, ice cubes have jagged edges, so you may want to round it out a bit by running it under warm water for a second or two before you go to town.

    Just keep in mind that there’s a smart way to be stupid, so, if you’re feelin’ funky and wanna have some frosty fun, use your head and be as safe as you can.

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    And get it back out again without consequence?

    That would be a suitcase when travelling on an airline that charges extra for baggage.

    We’ll not my body but in my gf loves having ice shoved into her pussy, and then me thrust my cock into her😁

    My butt stays pretty clean all the time , guys are always asking me if they can lick it , sometimes I let them, plus I shower twice a day and wash it with lots of soap and a washcloth.

    Your sphincter is closed. Like a drawstring on a bag.

    yeah its lovley i do it all the time and it feels amazing

    At worst, you will have given yourself an enema, which some extol for the health benefits. But I cannot imagine how somebody accidentally introduces water up their bunghole. And I’m pretty sure that I don’t want it explained to me.

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