Is death by hanging painful?

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    No, it is not. I have experienced it. It depends how you do it. I brought one thick rope, approx. 5 feet in length. I then made 2 knots on the nape of my neck. I was standing over the chair. There were pillows below my legs to support. I didn’t pull the chair down. I experienced blackout in few seconds, involuntary voices were coming out of my mouth. Then I felt uncounciousness soon. The whole experience was so calm and relaxing. There was so peace, I never encountered this much in my entire life. Then I tried to remove knots as i was loosing counciousness. If I had not done that, I would have definitely died an easy death. I succeeded in it finally. I can say living is far tough than dying.

    Why is it so difficult to answer a person’s question without going into the reasons why they shouldn’t do it? Don’t you think they have heard all this before and have gone over many scenarios in their minds already or does it make tou feel like youf did a good deed for the day?

    Nowhere in the question does it ask if they should or should not do it. For Christ’s sake I’ve been extremely close to ending it all and still am but before anyone gets to that point they usually exhaust other avenues. Its a gradual process to get to this point.

    So to answer your question…

    It is fairly painless if done correctly. Falling straight down from the proper height with the proper knot placed behind the left ear will pull the spinal cord apart resulting in instant death. If there was pain it would be so quick you wouldn’t even register it. Drop too far and it is possible to pull your head off which would be pretty grusome for whomever finds you but you’ll be dead so you won’t know anyways.

    Using the standing on a chair method and kicking it out will cause you to lose consciousness in a matter of seconds as long as the rope puts proper pressure on the arteries leading to the brain. Once you pass out you won’t feel anything. Death comes soon after from no oxygen getting to your organs.

    Yes. If someone finds you in this time you could end up with permanent damage but really…how hard is it to sneak away for 30 minutes where no one can find you. I feel the people that don’t do this step are just crying out for help/attention.

    In reality there is alot that can go wrong and if it does it may end up hurting or worse, you fail, and and up with permant damage.

    So tie a proper knot, calculate the proper drop height and make sure you have an hour where no one is going to find you.

    My brother died by suicide. He took a belt, nailed it to the wall behind his bedroom door and just leaned forward.

    There was no indication that he tried to stop this at any time. I hope it was quick and painless. What haunts me, is the dispare and sadness he must have been feeling up to the moment he lost consciousness. I wish I could’ve been there. To stop him. Or to tell him how much I loved him as he left. He died alone. In his dark apartment.

    I cry daily for him. I miss him every minute.

    I just read all the answers that it hurts extremely much. My experience is different. But, that’s likely because I dissociated quite quickly. I was already involuntarily on a psych ward , and I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose, since I had just been told that I would be sent to the state hospital, because I was too high risk for any other pace due to constant self harm and suicudality.

    In between 15 minute checks, I quickly looped a torn strip of sheet through the grid of the ceiling vent( first I had to get the sheet through a breakable plastic vent by using a pencil -the torn sheet with a noose I had prepared in the previous 15 minute check).

    I was so focused on what I was doing, that the rest of the world just fell away. I quickly climbed onto a dresser, slipped my head through the noose and jumped off. I do remember thinking for a moment that I was very uncomfortable, but I didnt feel real pain and once I accepted that I was going to die, I just felt very relaxed and more peaceful than I had ever felt. I dont remember being taken down by the psych nurses, I just remember waking up flat on a gurney with my head immobilized and someone shouting “ x- ray”, then I realised I must not be dead. I was aware of my surroundings, but I was confused why the nurses who came to check on me and who had known and liked me for some time were so upset with me. Only later did I realise what I put them through, seeing me hanging there and then frantically trying to rescue me, they were traumatized. I felt bad about that. But I also became obsessed with hanging myself again, because of the extreme peacefulness I had experienced when hanging. But, I never did it again ,I didnt want to shock anyone like that again.

    That was about 16 years ago, and Im so glad I did not die, because if I had, I would have never had the pleasure of knowing my awesome daughter.

    I felt like my head was about to explode, I was so sure about what I’m doing, I endured the “last moment” pain, and then I suddenly felt something really bad and is very painful like maybe that was a vein from my nose that’s connected to my head, when I felt that I quickly remove the belt from my neck but that time I took long to remove it, after that I had blood marks on my neck from the inside of my skin.

    I still wanna die, but I don’t wanna kill myself by choking myself like that again, hope you guys recommend easy ways to die.

    Hanging by the short drop (suspension) is not painful. I tied a rope around a door handle tightly swung the rope (a hardware rope) around the other side of the door, made sure there wasn’t any slack, closed tightly, pulled on the rope hard to make sure it didn’t budge, (the knot was a proper hangman’s noose),stood up on a small stool and kicked it away. If it is painful I don’t remember, what I do remember is choking and nothing after that. Then I was told someone hear my dead body weight beating off the door, they saw the rope, untied it, kicked in the door, I was told it was hard (dead weight) and when they got through the door I fell forward and banged my head off the floor, clinically, I was dead, so this person started people on the chest until I came to . I was told froth started coming out of my mouth. When I gained consciousness, I was blacking in and out of awareness and I was trying to pull myself up from the floor but I couldn’t control my arms or legs, it’s like I was paralysed and I realised I urinated and defecated myself. From the shock of trying to get up and failing with the room beginning to spin I began screaming 😱. Long story short I was taken by ambulance to hospital. When I started feeling “alright” I then began feeling what like a bad sunburn around my neck, naturally because I had a big red hoop around my neck. No but resuscitation is a nightmare. Might give it another whirl because I don’t give a about life anymore. But I seriously would not advise it to any one else. If you have someone to live for it’s not worth it and you have no control once you start swinging, in less than a minute or so it’s lights out and if your very lucky someone will intervene.

    As someone who has tried hanging multiple times, it feels pretty horrible depending on how you do it. No, I’m not saying hanging can’t be painful. Sometimes you fade away quickly. But when I tried to I used a rope that wasn’t good for hanging. Too much friction. It burnt and hurt. I could feel my windpipe crushing and moving in unnatural ways. I also heard a couple of cracks that weren’t coming from my neck but from my throat. It was pretty unpleasant.

    If done correctly you should feel like your head, arms, legs and chest are going numb. You should also be able to see dots or blackness fading into your vision.

    It also makes your throat hurt afterwards. If you put much pressure onto your neck your voice may also be scratchy.

    If you do it successfully the pain will be somewhat okay.

    Is it painful? Don’t know. I have contemplated suicide many times the past few years. It’s a painful life with insurmountable debt, loss of love, loneliness, isolation, alcoholism, questioning beliefs, on and on it goes but, I lack the courage to execute self. A website that has really quenched my thirst to die. It’s not a “help me” BS website, “…just the facts ma’am”. Read. Amazed at the successful -vs- attempted pan out. So…painful life continues but I’m going to laugh in the meantime. Cheers.

    I hung myself 2 days ago and survived on my own. I was lucky, because there was so much suffering and struggle. It was torture. You ask if it’s painful but I think what you meant was will you suffer. No, it isn’t painful in the same way that waterboarding or sleep deprivation or extreme thirst aren’t painful. Yes, you will suffer very much in the same way that all those things cause one to suffer. After I gently kicked the chair away (because I was too much of a coward to kick it further), the next thing I remembered was wondering why I was dreaming while upright. Things around me were spinning, before I realised that it was my room. I wondered why I was spinning in my room, before realising my hands were involuntarily clawing at my neck and the weird animal squeals I was hearing were coming from my own throat. Suddenly, I realised that I was hanging and instinctively panicked even more, thrashing my legs to drag the chair back to me. After a lot of struggle, I managed to stand back on it again, gasping and shaking from head to toe. I ended up with a ligature mark on my neck and an eye haemorrhage. I am still very suicidal but will never consider hanging as a way out again. I’d rather jump from a tall building. Trust me, it’s likely the worst physical torture you’d ever experienced. Why make yourself suffer so much more in your last moments when the point of suicide is to end your suffering? Also, to the people who say that hanging won’t constrict the windpipe if done correctly, that is BS from people who’ve either never hung themselves, or survived only because they were cut down by others after unconsciousness, which means they wouldn’t remember their suffering beforehand. Whichever knot you use, wherever you place the knot, even if 90% of the pressure is on your artery, your windpipe will still be constricted. Every medical lecture on hang victims will tell you this. And I, a knot enthusiast, experienced it for myself.

    It’s very unusual that a hang victim regains consciousness and self-awareness mid-suspension after losing it initially, but I did. I suspect it’s because I weigh 42kg so it takes me longer to completely pass out. I’m also autistic, which often makes me hyper-aware and hyper-sensory. It’s usually a bad thing, but this time it caused a miracle. The sounds I was hearing, the lights that I saw flashing, the sensation of the tightening ligature, all stimulated me back to self-awareness from unconsciousness, confusion and disorientation. I don’t know what to feel now. Perhaps it’s also because God isn’t ready to see me – my rosary was in my pocket. But I’m back in the hopeless and empty life I was in. I’ll hold out a bit more; then I’ll jump from a building if things don’t change.

    Yes . The easiest less painful way is breathing argon gas . It has no taste but is heavier than air with the right set up it’ll be quick and I know because as a welder I’ve been argon poisoned and near death ! I had no idea what was happening I just got sleepy

    Let me contribute a first-hand experience of suspension hanging. Although it was hardly comfortable, I lost consciousness within seconds. I have a slapdash dorm room set-up to thank for my survival; had I gotten all the details right, it would have been a relatively painless death. I mention it because gentle, lean-in forms of hanging are more lethal than you might expect, and I have occasionally wondered how many apparent suicides by hanging are more or less accidental… “experiments” by distraught individuals who are merely crying for help or seeking comfort in parasuicidal behavior. It’s a bit like Tylenol overdose — easy to kill yourself, if you’re that careless, without quite meaning to — but with no medical recourse and no chance to explain yourself after the act.

    Common knowledge has it that suspension hanging is a slow, agonizing process of asphyxiation, which by all accounts is true of executions performed with a rope. However, it would appear that suicides tend to pad their ropes and belts — because a thin rope of any kind digs into the neck and hurts about as much as you might imagine — and presumably, the padding more effectively cuts off the blood supply to your brain. I am not alone in this; see [1], in which a completed suicide took only 13 seconds to black out. That’s a few seconds longer than I took, insofar as my memory is a reliable record of the time taken, and FWIW, I was much more generous with the padding. Why make it hurt? Once your weight settles around your neck, there is a tremendous pressure and a rushing sensation in the head just before the world goes dark and swimmy. I had no thought of trying to stand up in order to save myself, and this was purely due to confusion and lack of time.

    What the completed suicide experiences next is a question for a theologian. What I experienced next was the gradual awareness that I was lying on my back in the middle of the smooth hardwood floor, looking up at the ceiling. A daydream was fading away, and I realized that although I thought I had been chewing on something which I tasted vividly, there was nothing in my mouth. Then I noticed that there was blood all over my hand, and I found that it was from a small gash on my face. I sat up and tried to recall what had happened, but I could only reconstruct it. In any case, I had literally gotten off the hook, and although this didn’t come with a bouquet and a rainbow, I was grateful that I had been spared the shame of an actual death by hanging.

    The experience wasn’t very painful, but it could have been very ugly.

    [1] Sauvageau, A., & Racette, S. (2007). Agonal sequences in a filmed suicidal hanging: Analysis of respiratory and movement responses to asphyxia by hanging. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 52(4), 957-959

    It’s easy if you hook yourself up and lean in at a 45 degree angle. I attempted my life by hanging 4 year ago, but my wife cut me down. I wish she hadn’t, as here I am Christmas day heading for my 4th divorce, thinking about whether to go by hanging or amitryptaline, or maybe both.

    If you have made up your mind, and nothing anymore can change your mind, then the only way to ensure quick death by having is have a lot of drop distance. When I was going to do it, I made a slipknot at the end of a fifty foot rope specifically made not to stretch or break rated at 3000 lb. Cost about 30 bucks. My plan was to tie off to a high bridge, fix the slipknot around my neck, then jump. I m 325 pounds. The 50 foot drop would take my head off instantly. So…10 years later I’m still alive. Didn’t jump. I hope you don’t. Nobody talks you out of suicide. I know. It hurts. Just don’t mess it up and have even more pain.

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