I really don’t want to work. Is there something wrong with me?

  • No, nothing is wrong with you and I feel very similar.

    What is the point of me working 9–5 if I do not want to buy a home, get married and have children? I just care about owning a few possessions that I like here and there, and that’s about it. I work until I feel like I have enough money where I do not have to work for a while, and I remain unemployed until I want to buy more things.

    I also like to travel and base most of my life around that. I do not want to work for a company or an employer that does not believe in giving employees vacation time. If a company does not approve of travel, I am not going to work there. Most employees give you a week off here and there because for some reason, they do not want you to experience new things and enjoy your life. They want you to take a break for a week and return to the office or wherever it is you work.

    Then there are people with children who have the guts to ask you for your days off because they feel entitled to them. If you do not have a spouse or a child, employers and fellow employees feel as though your lives do not matter as much as their lives matter. This is something that I have been faced with wherever I work, only at 27 years old. Although, I am a woman – so I guess we are expected to progress faster than men or some shit like that. Pop out babies earlier, get married earlier and all that garbage. If I don’t have any of those things, I’m expected to give up most of my vacation time to be considered a good employee and teammate. I don’t fucking think so, sweetheart.

    Sometimes I sincerely look forward to the day where I will be fired. Mostly so I can collect unemployment before I need to look for a new job within the next year or so.

    I also make my life about my hobbies and my passions. I do not base my life around my employer. I will not give them my evenings and I will leave when the end of my shift is up. I will not be one of those workers who stays two hours later because they are afraid of their boss firing them. There are people like me in the world. It’s time to accept that fact and also learn to realize that you do not have to live your life to become a mindless robot. Employers do this to you because you allow them to get away with it.

    Think about it: Employers NEED you to work for them. If you come off as a doormat, they will treat you like one. They know they have most people by the balls because as I said above most people need their shit jobs to pay for their mortgage, keep the wife/husband happy and buy crap for their kids. When you do not need or want any of those things in life, why do you have to put up with a job like that?

    So, to make matters simpler for me, I went to school to become a massage therapist. BEST decision I have ever made in my life. 25 hours a week is considered full time (where I work, at least). I am in a treatment room most of my day (sometimes consisting of only 4 or 5 hours, and my employer lets me choose how long I want to work). I do not have to put up with the phonier co-workers because I do not have to see them most of the day, and my boss is pretty chill and allows me to keep to myself. I love the job I have because I feel like I am making even the smallest difference for people’s lives. I usually never deal with upset customers because they are pretty much always happy to be getting a massage, and it’s great not to have to deal with angry people all day. I also get to work with my hands and not sit on a chair, staring at a computer all day. I had a job like that a few years back and quit after a month, but I’ve been a massage therapist for almost 3 years now. Also, the tips are pretty freaken awesome. Sometimes I get an extra $10 or $20 tip for a one hour massage. I can honestly say I’m happy there, and it took a while for me to find that happiness, but it can be done.

    The longest job I ever had (starting as a teen) was an arcade attendant from 2008–2014. After I was expected to get a “real job”, it was difficult for me to find something I liked after that. I missed the regular customers and I missed the employees I worked with. Sometimes if the kids threw me a few extra bucks I’d give them a bigger prize if the managers weren’t around. Recently I found an old arcade token in my room that I kept since 2014. I keep it in the back of my wallet now as a nice memory. I kept in contact with my old co-workers for a while and they told me the kids complained that the new employees sucked and asked where I was after I left.

    The point is, I can work, but I won’t settle for a job I hate just to be a part of a rat race that I feel like I don’t belong in the first place.

    You are not alone. I cant enjoy any job. I work from 9am till 6pm. And my salary is 200 manat (azerbaijanian money) approximately 110$. I feel mysely as if I am in prison. When I tell my family I don’t wanna work they call me “lazy and unambitious” . I always want to have part time job. I would like to work 4-5 hours maximum. Because you work 9 hours a day and the left of the day you come home watch tv, cook then go to sleep early because you must wake up early at 7 am. Then the days are repeating and become monotonous.And it makes me feel sick and I am depressive. I think life is beautiful but short. We should spend more time with our family and travel a lot before kick the bucket. We should enjoy the life. We don’t live to work or work to live. We must work to enjoy, improve ourselves. We should do what we love to do.

    My friend, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

    We are programmed from birth into a society which is designed & controlled by money. For the majority of human beings, work is the only way to get this commodity.

    Unfortunately the statistics show most people are unhappy at work. This can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, bad health etc. In fact many people hate the job they do.

    Our true nature is one of freedom. Any system which imposes itself on us, does not care about our true happiness.

    Any person who makes a virtue out of mass misery, is a fool. You see many people defining themselves by their job. But when the job ends who are they?

    The only possible solution is to find something that you love to do, which pays you a reasonable amount to survive.

    the old saying is “Find a job you love, and you will never work another day” is a wise one.

    The truth is, many of us are just not made for this world.

    Peace & love to you.

    Same. There are hundreds of jobs but I’m like “Nope, I don’t want any of them.” I have zero desire to work. I don’t understand how people can be enthusiastic about their jobs. All I want is basic food and shelter, that’s the only reason I’m going to college.

    I don’t know how to break this to you but … no one wants to work.

    There must be some major motivation element for you to get working. If for some reason you can get by without working, then it will be extremely difficult for you to work as much as you might envision.

    People who work relentlessly have underlying reasons, even if it’s not obvious, sooner or later all these successful people realize they had a major issue with ego, insecurity, a major drive to be better because their life is a nightmare if they aren’t winning.

    You may be in that bittersweet spot where your expectations do not torment you enough to get you moving, but still bother to feel you’re not in your full potential.

    My advice is to find something to measure success that you find worthwhile. Because if you find it hard to work, there only explanation is that you’re after a goal that is not worthwhile and your subconscious knows it, whether it’s economic status, having some car, boat, house, whatever it is, you don’t need it.

    If you have enough to eat, and you don’t have any major pain or illness that you can only solve with money… then you’re pretty much crushing it, you really are. You have the gift of life on your side. Don’t miss out on that just because of vague ideas, that other people created, of what YOUR life should be like.

    Get in contact with your subconscious, talk to it and find out what is what you “both” actually want, and then your problem may just be how to stop working for it! because you’d be on the zone all the time.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

    From my experience, working in corporations is very stressful especially for a person that is honest and doesn’t know how to play office politics!

    The management doesn’t care if you are talented and that the job is perfectly done, all they care above is how you can benefit them in a personal way and if you reject their advances then expect hell and problems coming out of nowhere.

    This has happened to me in more than one organization and it’s quite disgusting and disappointing to know that talent is never valued. Rather corporations value prostitution, fraud, embezzlement and other corrupt things.

    I worked in a Big 4 auditing firm as an HR Manager and watched upper management close their eyes on fraudulent activities from their talentless star employees, yet hardworking employees would get the boot because the upper management have not benefited from the employee beyond his work scope.

    Believe what you read in the news about Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislain Maxwell, Ellen Degeneras and so on because these stories are not very far from what I have witnessed as an HR.

    Now whoever asks me why didn’t you do anything, well I did and then they fired me for complaining about the boss!

    So as much as possible don’t work, or find a hobby you enjoy and try to get big in social media so that you can get rich and then disappear from the public eye so you can live a peaceful life.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. The majority of us have been conditioned from a young age to believe that we are only here to be employees. That is not the case. I, myself, am struggling with this on a daily basis. I think of life more deeply and I understand that we are only conscious for a limited amount of time. Why is it fair that the 99% of us are forced into modern day slavery while the other 1% live in luxury? It isn’t. Then they’ll just say “life isn’t fair” to shut you up and get you back to working for them. Life is only fair for a select few unfortunately. People will also throw the famous “that’s life! just deal with it!” at you and it’s sickening. It’s your life and you should be able to do whatever you want with it. You should be able to break free from the already established conformity that you’re expected to live.

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    I don’t think anything is wrong with you except probably your question was misunderstood by a few. I will narrate my story.

    At the age of 15, I didn’t want to study further. I wasn’t even a distinction student in my matriculation so I felt it was logical to stop it there. Due to family pressure, I agreed to complete +2 and call it quits. Once I completed +2, I was convinced to get into engineering. I hardly wanted to do it! Somehow I survived the 4 years and cleared through! Then comes the toughest part, I didn’t want to take a job, but I was forced to find one. Not for money – but well, all your friends have a job!

    I was in IT for 10 years – trying every possible role I could, I worked as an analyst, I wrote code, I handled customer support, server support, quality assurance and so on – I used to fall in love with the job I do, and eventually, it would get monotonous – really, super monotonous! I hated the routine. I almost changed 7 jobs in 10 years.

    That was enough! I couldn’t take it any further. About 7 months ago, I started my own company, we are into ecommerce. This is my dream job now. We are a small team of 10 people, We work hard, we party hard! Part of the business, we sell toys, so I get to test every sample toy and write descriptions for these products, on a typical day, you will see me retesting a lot of toys, we have quadcopter contests, crossbow contests and lot more fun stuff 😉

    I wanted to do more, I opened a retail store, just to experience customer support and interaction, its nice to talk to new people and find what they want. As things went further, I realized that there are so many limitations for a retailer, manufacturing is the right path, so we started manufacturing furniture now and eventually we will be manufacturing more other stuff. Some days you would find me assisting our carpenter with his job – and yea, I get to advise on designs! It’s fun to build furniture, especially when people can use it!

    In the 7 months duration, I have done enough travels, never was worried about not getting a leave approved or missing a meeting with my boss. I never had to work late nights or worry about performance appraisals.

    Am I enjoying my job? Pretty much ‘yes’, I decided I will retire by 40 – 8 more years to go. Then, will travel like until am dead or my legs fall off- whichever happens earlier!

    I believe – It is common to not want to work at a place or a work you don’t like, it is logical that there is only 1 life and you need to live it to the fullest. Don’t worry about what people would remember you as when you are dead, why care, you are dead already!

    My point: Most of us are either stuck in a bad job or an unhappy relationship and sometimes both, you can work enough to reverse it or move on to find something new. But all that matters is to strike when the timing is right! When the right time comes, open those wings and fly off! The sky is your limit! Cheers!

    Not wanting to work is more common than most people think. I worked with people in the homeless/low income community and one guy put it like this to me: I worked since I was 14 and I’m 50 now and I thought about why do I work? I get taxed around 50% by the government in income tax/sales tax etc, my money goes to bills, the more money I make the more gets taken in taxes, I work while the government takes a cut of the fruits of my labourer and they intern provide me with so called “services” that I never asked for or agreed to, if I refuse to pay the government their cut they come to me and my family in black tactical gear with automatic weapons kick in my door & take me to jail and call it a ‘service’ if I protest they call it “conspiracy and mental illness,” the retirement benefits are stolen by the government and big corporations and gambled on the markets by the government and when they lose the money it’s not a problem it’s my problem, I make for a example say 1 dollar my bank some how takes this $1 and make $10 out of my dollar to give out in a loan that they created off of my money and they charge the other guy interest on my money! A bank isn’t safe to keep money it’s called an investment and it comes with risks as the bank loans out my money gambling it on the markets and if one day my bank account is empty… it’s happened in Greece & elsewhere the bank goes bankrupt and my money goes with it, I’m working for a fiat currency and it’s really just that with nothing backing it except for our Military victimizing the world if other countries disagree with our system, everything is credit today with no real value, my money goes to bailout corrupt corporations that are private entities with their friends in the government using my money, I work and I’m kept poor by society because society just needs “obedient workers” you can’t get ahead because someone will keep you down, I work so the owners of the corporation can live the luxurious lifestyle and I’m kept just at the right level of not too little or I might rebel and not to much or I might become self reliant, I’m kept busy do this and do that and for what? I feel like I go to work and get paid to be my bosses emotional and spiritual abuse bag! I haven’t worked in 4 years now and it’s been some of the best years of my life! I get a welfare check, I don’t have to pay for rent, I get free food, free shelter, free everything!

    The sentiment of not wanting to work is high amongst younger people if not more so and they have come to their own conclusions of how society works and not so much in their interests. Many younger people have gone to school some have dropped out or have gone on to post secondary and are stuck with debt that is increasing at alarming rates. One person told me their debt for post secondary ballooned to X4 and it took them 40 years to pay back their school debt. They felt cheated by society. Get “good education, get a good job” but they didn’t tell them that they would be going to work most of their life to pay back a school loan that was accumulating compounded interest!

    I’ve heard people saying they don’t want to work because society is based on fraud, lies, deceit and deliberate contrivances and all society does is fk you over and over until you decide that you’ve had enough.

    Many people are leaving high school without completing it because they see education as a form of slavery to become society’s slave labor force for the rich. They have decided that working sucks at an early age and they have more enjoyment being homeless, living under a blanket playing video games and when welfare checks come in that’s all they really could ask for.

    Younger people have a that to get anywhere you have to have blue blood not a blue collar. Many successful people say it’s not what you know it’s who you know! Most people see work as slave work as in: General Labourer or some kitchen job. Most people get a job in this area and few get out. Few get the jobs they want because they don’t know how to go about it and if they didn’t try very hard in school or wasn’t conforming with the program sht out of luck it is what they have come to the conclusion of.

    Not wanting to work is very common. Some people go to work Monday to Friday and put up with all the abuse while others simply get up walkout and say have fun always having to rehire some new guy – see ya! The work environment is very toxic as you have the laze boss that accuses the hard working of being lazy while the supervisors hide and drink coffee and smoke dope or whatever in the back. Many people work like school as in the cool kid or popular people can do whatever and if someone’s grades are good they too can get away with anything but if your the person that questions or doesn’t fit the mold that society has created you just don’t fit their system of: work, buy, consume, die.

    If you ask a teacher why do I have to go to school they tell you because you have to get a job. Why do I have to get a job? Because society needs a labour force to maintain the status quo. Society needs people who are not too stupid and not too smart but just smart enough to carryout day to day operations. Very few people will tell you that they have a job that they enjoy. Many say that it keeps bread on the table and a roof over their head. Today, with record numbers of homeless people in shelters, receiving free resources and a care free lifestyle with the anticipation of the government & the Church to look after them many people simply refuse to work. And many ask can you blame them? It was Robert Kiyosaki: “the poor are bankrupting America….it’s in the constitution!”

    Whatever a persons reason for not wanting to work is multifaceted usually on more than one axes.

    Their was an article done many years ago now and it described a world where people just don’t want to work. They prefer playing video games, getting their fixes, doing as little as possible to contribute to a system that they reject but at the same time are utterly dependent upon. It mentioned the likely hood of the degradation of The Western world and the American workers would have to be supplemented with a foreign labour force because Americans would rather be homeless, play games, watch programs and use society to have a symbiotic relationship with and use society as their host. It is a very parasitic society we live in today and with currently events and trends the increase in people refusing to work is only expected to increase. Their is a model called the cycle of Nations and some think that America/The West is in the Apathy stage now…the cycle continues history repeats

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