I have over 100 missing assignments and I still don’t have …

  • I have over 100 missing assignments and I still don’t have any motivation at all. I’m a sophomore in online high school, I have severe anxiety and severe depression. How should I go about getting my motivation back?

    I’m gonna be real honest, for some people they can put up a picture of their dead grandpa and look at it before every homework assignment and think “im doing this for him…” and launch straight into their work, fueled with the power of movie magic levels of motivation.

    Thats not me.

    I think the key to completing work comes down to two things.

    1. Just do it. The first step is always the hardest, just start and see how it goes. Don’t think about how hard it is or how long it is or how boring it is. or whatever expectations you have. Simply say “I am going to read this passage.” “I am going to do the first five questions.” Then move onto your next goal, but do it one step at a time, this way theres no feeling overwhelmed, after all you only have one goal.
    2. Figure out what unforeseen barriers that are holding you back. Do you have anxiety about your work not being “good enough?” Are you simply confused on how to start? Do you just want reassurance that what your doing is right? Is there other factors holding you back, like a bad study environment full of distractions, or to many things to juggle at once? Find these things and figure out how you can rid of or manage them. When you’re paralyzed with fear of failure, or you don’t even know how to begin a massive, complicated undertaking, it’s hard to get shit done. It has nothing to do with desire, motivation, or moral upstandingness.

    There’s nothing wrong with you, you just need a little patience with yourself, and perhaps some changes to your schedule. For some having someone hold them accountable to doing work is beneficial, that helps me a lot personally.

    Its easy to judge yourself or over-conflate assignments to the point they overwhelm you so much you simply don’t do them. Breathe, take a step forward, and slowly chip away with the right tools.

    Online school is a lot more difficult than people realize. Motivating yourself without having other kids to hang out with sucks too.

    You need help, everyone will tell you that. So please get counseling.

    But to be pro-active, think about dropping all your classes except one. Like declaring bankrupcy. Then finish that one. Finishing one class is better than finishing none of them.

    Clean your room. Make your bed. Baby steps.

    Hang in there. You’ll make it.


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    I hope that you are being treated for depression and anxiety. Falling so far behind in your schoolwork is probably adding to your anxiety, while depression is probably the reason for your lack of motivation.

    However, you are the only one who can change that.

    It’s a long time since I was a student, but I have been working for more than 40 years, and I will tell you that work is like school – except that if you don’t meet deadlines, you get fired.

    So, my suggestion for you is to buckle down and tackle those assignments. One more piece of advice, a saying we use in my profession, which is advertising: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    I’m going through the same thing. I have 53 missing assighments is math alone. Online school has failed me. I would have passed if I didnt have to do online and now my future is ruined. I’ll have to stay back this year and have my friends graduate without me. It bullshit. Honestly just drop out. thats what I’m doing. School is a waste of time


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    I am going through the exact same thing- only I have mild anxiety and ‘low moods’ when really I have severe depression, I get sad for no fucking reason, I’m lonely as shit and I have tried to kill myself three times this month but nope. My mom and therapist ain’t buying it. That’s besides the point, when it comes to getting motivation back, I have a coping method to relieve stress and it fucking works:

    1. Prepare your favourite snacks/whatever/get comfortable/prepare an activity that you enjoy most, whether it’s playing video games, watching movies or even just spending time listening to music and blocking out everything else. Make sure your surroundings are clean and spacious and maybe deserted depending if you enjoy spending time alone.
    2. Continue doing this for a couple of days, just relaxing and enjoying the many days that lockdown has provided (the days that are restricted to not leaving our homes for unessential reasons, socializing and other things humans do)
    3. You’ll eventually come to a point where you feel in the mood to get up, off of your ass, and start feeling productive. If it helps, write a list of things you need to get done, like to get done and would like to (potentially) to get done. These lists may help you set small goals that will help you get back into the habit of getting work done. For an example,

      On your ‘Need to get done’ List may be to complete: One math assignment, two science papers and one essay for literature. You, ideally, need to complete what is on that list and once completed, you may want to push yourself and complete some of the tasks on the ‘Like to get done’ list. This list is, however, not as essential but is there if you would like to go the extra mile and make that little extra progress. If you have completed the ‘Like to get done’ list, you may (optionally) want to complete some of the tasks on the ‘Would like to (potentially) get done’ list- etc.

      Get used to completing these tasks ideally before 11pm but it is completely up to you when it comes to your preferred technique for getting assignments done and I hope that you progress through the shit that is schoolwork. And if all else fails, give school the middle finger and idk make a pillow fort or go on a shopping spree or something 😛

      Best Wishes !

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    Go see a mental health professional.

    When you don’t have your mental health it’s far more difficult to achieve your goals.


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    You sit down and focus on doing just one assignment. Dont think about how many you have to do. Just focus on that one.

    The next day, focus on another one.


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    Counseling, proper diet & exercise, meds if needed, and scheduling-in fun activities as rewards for completing work.


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    Imagine today is your last. Sleep or act?


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    Get counseling or therapy ASAP first then I ask someone else’s help to help make up any of those 100 missing assignments (if it is possible).

    I completely understand. I’m dealing with the exact same thing right now. It’s so hard to function at school properly, in a place, in an environment that’s meant for learning. I’m also seeing a therapist that isn’t exactly working either, and anxiety that goes through the roof in public places, specifically at school. I’ve learned that the reality is, is that I have to go to school. If I’m going to get the future I want, I’m gonna have to work a lot harder, because I have to work through the panic attacks and depression. I have to face my anxiety and no matter how silly it sounds, I have to tell anxiety to get the fuck out of my face. That this is MY life. Its so scary, no, terrifying to know I HAVE to go to school. I hate the idea of it so so sooo much. I’ve been incredibly suicidal, because of all the shit that school started for me. You need to know that, it is going to be scary. It might feel like a living hell. Going to school isn’t easy for a lot of reasons, and that’s okay. Believe it or not, when you want to or when you want to just give up, – you need to understand that life is going to be hard, and its hard right know. But the outcome. Of overcoming this in the long run is going to be SO SO so awarding. In all walks of life there is a trophy at the end of your goals, even if it means you have to go left instead of right. Or you have to hop a few fences along the way. That motivation is what keeps everyone going. Maybe you’ll find some friends here and there. A love interest, a pet, a home, a purpose. Don’t give up for me…OK? I myself hate the idea of giving up. I know the pain, and I would NEVER ask for any of the scars and pain on anybody else. I hate the idea of anybody having to go through that. It sucks so much, and never forget that there are others, alike you pulling through, with you everyday. Don’t feel like a failure when you just give up half way through the day. You tried, and now you can try again the next day stronger than before. Listen to the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day. I have a feeling you might like it!!! I love that song, and I hope the best for you. Stay Strong.

    There has already been some great advice given, and I agree with them all. I also have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which I take medication for. I am sorry you are deal with them and they are interfering with you life in such a negative way. Going to therapy, in my opinion, is such an important part of helping deal with this illness. In my experience, medication has helped me, but sometimes it takes another persons point of to help think differently. Another thing that has helped a great deal is to find a POSITIVE coping skill. Mine growing up, in high school was going to the gym to lift weights. I got hurt, so I can’t do that now. So I have a new one, I love the outdoors, so I make sure I take time to take care of me by getting outside for a moment, clear my head and relax the best I can. Self care is also important when you have depression and anxiety. Lastly, and I know it’s been mentioned, but try to learn to forgive yourself, if you make a mistake or your not able to function. If you beat yourself up, the depression and anxiety will only get worse. I hope this helps.

    As odd as it might sound to people who have never experienced anything like this, I can relate. As a photographer, I meet a lot of different types of people and work on many different types of projects. Some of which, I am really excited to work on… others, I have to fight the urge to put it aside to work on something else, because *somethingis blocking my desire to work on it. Like you point out, it isn’t laziness, it’s something else. That something else usually feels a lot like anxiety. I find that these anxiety-inducing projects are surrounded by something that prevents me from enjoying working on it. I love photography and everything that surrounds it, so I should be excited about the project, right? Well, not always. I find that the things that make me anxious about certain projects usually centers around some sort of negative encounter associated with that particular project. It could be a client that is difficult to work with, it could be that I am creatively stumped as to how to progress with the project – any number of things can cause it. Now… what to do to change? I find that the best way to change my way of thinking is to jump swallow my medicine, whether I like it, or not. Once I start working on the dreaded project, I find that it becomes easier to do. No real change is needed, except for a change in the way I think about it. Once I get over that difficult bump of actually starting on it, the momentum just picks up and I am able to forge onward until it is done. I understand that it is hard to do. It’s difficult to force your brain to do something that it dreads. But, I also find that, as difficult as it is to start, when I am finished (and have given it my best go), the feeling of accomplishment – that excitement of finishing the project – is overwhelming. The joy of finishing it with a job well done makes up for the fact that I was anxious about it, at all. Basically, you don’t need to change anything, about yourself. All you need is the will power to dive in. Once you have willed yourself to dive in, that relief you get when you have finished (and put in a good effort) is a great payoff… well worth it. Good luck!

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