I can’t work due to Anxiety, What should I do?

  • I can’t work due to Anxiety, What should I do?

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    The best bet is trying to start your own type of business or being a freelancer. Write a list of things you love doing and that you’re good at. From that list, have a look at what you could do. For example, being able to edit videos is something you can do from home or by yourself. Content writing is also a popular skill. Perhaps it could be working with animals.

    Being in control of your own work is ideal. If that option doesn’t work for you, you could contact your doctor to see what they would suggest.

    Here’s a blog post that may help:

    Jobs for People With Anxiety


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    When you can’t work or do something because of anxiety, that’s your body’s way of telling you that you need a break. The best think you can do is try the simple breathing exercises everyone talks about all the time, meditate, draw, write, paint, exercise, sing, dance, talk to someone, or whatever makes you feel good. If you’re really anxious, try thinking of different colors, then one at a time, count how many objects are that color that you can see. Don’t think about whether or not you missed one or two, think about the color and the objects. It will help you tie yourself to the moment and remind you that you’re ok right now, and nothing bad is happening right now.

    I can tell you two thingas from my personal experience…

    excersize daily. There is no substitute to it. Any aerobic ex that makes you sweat and raises your heart beat will make the diff. Try atleast for 45 mins everyday. You will see the difference in two weeks time

    Stay in light. Expose yourself to some sunlight daily. vitamin D is required by the body. Take some magnesium. 200mg every alternate will help.

    Talk to yourself. See what’s bothering you. Find out what’s going on in that head. Don’t be on guard for anxiety. Let it come and go. It will pass. The only thing that will remain is You

    Stay happy. Smile . Hug our friends. show gratitude.

    Anxiety is not and will never be an obstacle in your life, at least as long as you don’t let it. Sometimes, we unconsciouscly use anxiety to excuse ourself from life and all its responsibilities, but we soon find out that we are even more miserable now that we are not doing anything than when we were struggling to do something.

    Efforts are always better than none, because they always lead to more long term results than quick fix. So go find a job that you can struggle with so that eventually it will not be a struggle anymore. Don’t let anxiety take over your life, you take over your life.

    Dear Zouhair,

    Have you studied the answer given by Billy Carvalho? It is perfect except that it misses one point. Let me explain.

    Anxiety can be normal or an ailment. We are talking about the second one, that simply eats you from inside. Therapy, medication, exercise and a proper diet will help you a lot, but unfortunately those would not cure you from deep inside. Anapana meditation will cure you from deep inside by cleansing the depth of your mind. Believe me, it is amazing. Yet so easy and simple. You can learn it staying in your home and practice. Please give it a chance.

    All the very best.


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    What is causing the anxiety?

    Sort that out and think positive and you can get back to work.

    Usually stress and panic about something makes people anxious.

    Avoid the things that cause you to be this way and calm down. Meditate and use breathing exercises.

    Apart from that you will have to see a therapist and talk to them about what is really causing you to be anxious about.

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