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    The concern is – How do you insert the smart phone symbol in Microsoft Word?

    Within your document, put the cursor at the place where you want to insert the symbol, then go to “Place” on the ribbon. When insert resolves. go to the far right a click on ‘Sign.” Scroll down to ‘Webdings’ and choose your symbol.

    Once it is placed – you might highlight it an use the typeface choices to increase the size – you might bold it.

    Edit: Now that I have actually checked out the other answers, I apologize for not adding graphics however ‘simple is as easy does’ in my case, sigh.

    Thanks for the A2A


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    If you require the symbol it is simple enough to get but by your question it appears you have the sign and need to understand how to insert it using Word.

    I am uncertain which variation of Word you have however the instructions need to deal with any version from 2010 to provide.

    Click you mouse where you desire the picture to go and then on your tabs click the Insert Tab. When you do you will see a Icon which says Photo. Click on that and you can then access your computer, click the cell phone photo you desire and after that okay and it will Insert the picture into the document.

    Now if you are wishing to utilize the little mobile phone sign in Word that a little different.

    Go to the same Insert tab, then click on Sign

    Then you can select the symbol you desire. Altering the Typeface will give you an entire brand-new set of signs.

    In the current variation of Word the easy method to do this is to do the following:

    1. With your Word document open, click on the leading level “Insert” menu.
    2. Click on the “Icons” menu item and then a brand-new popup will open that shows a list of icons grouped by topic. On the “Technology and Electronics” group there is an icon for a Smartphone, tablet, PCs and more.

    Another option is to utilize the menu option “Online Pictures” on the very same “Insert” top menu. A search popup will open so you can type the sort of image you wish to insert. I would type something like “smart device” and click the magnifying glass icon to carry out the search, and after that click over the image you would like to place in your file. This requires Internet access.

    Hope this helps!

    Hey Maurice!

    Hope to discover you in good health during these attempting times.

    If you wish to use the phone sign in a file such as Word, e-mail, editor etc., then it is recommended to use the appropriate Unicode. Why? The following 3 signs ✆ ☎ ☏ have actually been consisted of in Unicode variation 1.1 because May1993 Therefore, any software application that supports Unicode must recognize these characters properly.

    ✆ -> > U 2706

    ☎ -> > U 260 E

    ☏ -> > U 260 F

    For instance, to use them in Word, simply copy them from the text above. Otherwise you would need to open the unique character table in the software application and then search for the corresponding special character.

    Hope this answers your question!

    Finest Regards,

    Samreena Qaiser.

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    A little suggestions here, in the event that you are attempting to place this sign into a resume: please do not. It can trigger problems with resume scanners and detracts from the professionalism of the resume.


    Go here:

    mobile phone sign – Google Browse

    Select the one you want and click it to get the larger sneak peek.

    Right-click the image and choose “Copy Image”

    Go to the Word document, right click and pick “Paste”

    Click the image and after that resize it to the size you want utilizing the little dots on the corners. Use the corners to prevent distortion. Then right-click the image and select Wrap Text and pick the format you desire and how you want the text to be displayed with the image.


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    You can download

    Drag and Drop

    likewise works

    But this is the very best way I feel if you don’t want to save images


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    If you click the Start button and type “charmap” in the search box you can open charmap.exe “Character Map” which admits to all the font styles. The “Wingdings” sets have great deals of odd graphics to copy and paste.


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    Thanks for A2A

    for this you’ll require 2 thinfs

    1. Webdings font
    2. Symbol

    Go to place ~ sign function

    Select webdings font style and you’ll see all the symbol consisting of mobile phones.

    If you require further assist pm me.

    I’ll more than happy to help you.



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