How to inflict pain without leaving a mark or triggering …

  • How do you cause pain without leaving a mark or triggering long-term damage?

    As a very long time sadomasochist I have taken a lot of pleasure inflicting such pain. I specialize in covert tortures, that is the ones that are safe, but do not leave marks. Whe i say a I can bring a grown male or female to screams and tears really rapidly, think it.

    Here are some ideas. Understand that some do leave marks, however when they do they are harmless or short-lives.

    1. Electrical Energy. Tens machines set effectively will contract muscles firmly. This can trigger tremendous pain. Also a correctly positioned pad will put the sting of the shock in the very best places. The nipple, soles of the feet, head of the genitalia, all good locations.
    2. Water. Waterboarding is a fun previous time of mine. Be advised you should be safe. An eager eye is needed and you require to continuously sign in with the submissive.
    3. Cramped areas. I like pushing people into small containers. Coffin-like boxes, boxes where they are balled up, bags … these are my favorites. It’s great in the beginning. Offer it a few minutes. As they have a hard time for comfort and stop working, you’ll see the magic unfold. This goes for any position, truly.
    4. Clothes. Making someone stand in heels without moving is fun. Connect their feet and knees together, list their arms overhead and dust some talcum powder around their feet. If they move, penalize them. They can’t get away with even shifting body weight or it’ll interrupt the powder.
    5. Mouth play. God I enjoy mouth play. Gags, throat play, requiring them to throw up, require feeding gross things (cold stew from a canine food can anyone?), revolting food mixes, cum-cubes. This is a mental video game.
    6. Pulling hairs from delicate areas, one hair at a time.
    7. A chopstick in the bottom of the foot leaves almost no mark. It’ll get quite a reaction though.
    8. Gas masks and a piece of tape. When bound put a gas mask in their head. Use a piece of tape to cover the inlet valve.

    Constantly always be safe. Know what you are doing and if you do not then discover someone who does. I have 20 years of experience doing precisely this. I still stop before I attempt new things. I do run the risk of assessments, make safety plans, practice, and discuss thoroughly. Safe words are a must. Safety above ALL else.

    Be safe, sane, and consensual.

    There are less manner ins which wont leave any marks at all, but numerous approaches make marks that fade after an hour or more which do not impact the bottom’s capability to do basic everyday activities.

    Spanking with an open hand on the lower ass amd thighs triggers moderate to moderate pain and leaves the skin red, which frequently fades after an hour approximately. Extremely hard spanking can trigger some small brusing and inflammation on the ass, which fades after a couple of days.

    Striking with other carries out such as a flogger or paddle will leave the exact same kinds of marks as a moderate to heavy spanking

    Using parafin candle wax, either melted in a small double boiler or little crock pot type gadget, or from a lit white candle leaked directly into skin causes mild to intemse discomfort. It leaves skin a bit red, like a hot bath, for possibly a half hour to an hour afterwards, however does not contusion. If you utilize beeswax or another hotter melting wax nevertheless you can cause burns that take a week or more to heal, so make certain to utilize plain unscented uncoloured parafin wax. If after experieminting you desire something hotter you can try inscented coloured parafin wax, which is hotter than uncoloured but is still not hot enought to burn. Less sensitive parts of the body like the top of the arms or hands or outter legs will feel less discomfort when covered in hot wax, but more delicate plavces lile the inner leggings or crotch will feel more discomfort.

    Preasure points are likewise an enjoyable way to trigger extreme however short discomfort. This is a more complex idea, you can check out it here

    pressure points for BDSM play: they’re entertaining and efficient!

    Most discomfort inflicting strategies can be used in moderate force not to leave marks. It is just a video game, isn’t it? We do not wish to actually harm. Whip, walking cane, ropes, wax … it all can or can not leave marks. Just discover how to use it from responsible individuals

    If you have an interest in making your video game a bit more extreme with your existing partner but you can not enable to leave marks however both of you wish to have the experience of “strong” pain and abuse …

    Pressure points is the first option that pertains to my mind. Although it develops rather intensive and “dull” pain experience and not everyone likes it. And it needs some training. On the other hand … it can tame very quick and effectively.

    Other thing that concerns my mind is ginger. “chemical” play can be really strong sensation leaving no marks (if your sub is not allergic.)

    100%cinnamon oil on the head of the penis( I am guessing vagina also) is exceptionally unpleasant and leaves no marks and might even include advantages to skin and such. It will provide you an extremely strong urge to urinate for like 2–10 mins, don’t try to urinate or you might burst something! After words I was aroused because of the discomfort I think, however its challenging to continue with such an oil in the genitals location lol however I am sure you can still get there. THIS IS MORE PAINFUL THEN YOU BELIEVE!


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    A few of the worse pain inflicted on someone without leaving a mark is emotional abuse, but it’s normally not short-lived.


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    If you want to experience major pain you could bring to life a child (if you’re female). Clearly, there are risks however women have actually been doing it for millenia. Personally, I did not suffer negative “long lasting effects” but there were certainly long-term effects.


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    Tell someone that the authorities have discovered that they are a resident of the U.S.A. and that they are being deported to live the rest of their lives there.


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