How to get out of depression

  • How do I get out of depression?

    Trust me, you don’t want to get rid of your depression (though you do want to shut it off). It serves a critical purpose, and you might even die without it. Let me explain.

    Depression is a natural human emotion. It tells us that we are carrying too much emotional pain, and that we need to resolve some of it. If we don’t, the depression intensifies, just as any other emotion does if we try to ignore it.

    To shut off the depression, you treat the emotional pain you are carrying.

    Picture it this way: inside your brain is a reservoir. That’s where it stores emotional pain that has not healed. When it fills up, and starts to overflow , it triggers depression. Depression is the flashing red alert of the nervous system.

    Where does the emotional pain come from? Your past, and/or your present. If you’re in a horrible, emotionally abusive marriage right now, that brings emotional pain, and the pain brings depression. If you were in a horrible, emotionally abusive marriage two years, ago, and still haven’t healed, that’s pain from your past.

    But notably, a lot of people’s emotional pain traces back to childhood: abuse, neglect, mistreatment, bullying, family instability and the like.

    If you want your depression to shut off, that’s what you have to treat. Therapy is the best approach, if you get a good therapist.

    Don’t get confused when you hear people talking about depression as a medical disease, genetic problem or “chemical imbalance.” People who focus on those things aren’t exactly wrong, but they tend to confuse cause and effect. Others are so dead set against confronting their well-buried emotional pain that they insist they don’t have any. Only, if they work with you on hunting for it, it usually turns up.

    Another thing that happens is many people are blind to being mistreated, because for them, the way they grew up was normal to them, and they didn’t recognize mistreatment for what it was.

    My experience is that people who fight hunting for and treating emotional pain do not tend to get better, though they often find temporary relief on antidepressants. People who find the pain and heal it (drain the reservoir) tend to not only lose the depression, but become happy, and amazed it is possible to feel so good.

    I’d stop here, but I want to mention that after posting the above information, someone usually chimes in with a comment about how their case is different. They are often quite angry, even indignant. It’s impossible to assess their situation online, of course, but I have seen plenty of these people in real life, and again and again, I find that they are clinging to their diagnosis because it has come to define who they are. If they are open-minded enough to talk with me for a while, I can usually spot where they’re making errors in their thinking, and tripping themselves up. (In the event I can’t, I’ll certainly refer them for appropriate treatment, but that hasn’t happened yet.)

    My insights are not some sort of a personal crusade. They come from years watching the differences in behavior between people who get well, and people who don’t. They also come from working with people who are severely “stuck,” and finding a way—together—to turn their situation around.

    This is the way psychology’s of depression is heading. If you’re chronically depressed, I think it’s too important to ignore.

    Thanks for the question!

    Well I don’t think that “Depression” is not just an easy word, and at the same way it’s not an impossible thing to fight.”Depression “ word had huge background which comes in everyone’s life but it’s hard for some people to throw it out. If anyone commits something just because of depression ,it’s abysmal to judge their mental capabilities totally, even our own five fingers doesn’t seem same then how do different people look at the same issue and react in a same manner..???

    But anyway breakaway from the depression and a fray against the depression is not much harder than what we think about it.

    There are many ways to explain about this particular thing but today I’ve watched “ Saand ki aankh “ movie starring Bhumi pednekar and Tapsee pannu which is really amazing movie and the performances of both the stars are just out of our imaginations.

    saand ki aankh means bull’s eye which is a movie based on the real life of chandro tomar and prakashi tomar who are known for great sharpshooters.

    There are many people who are good at shooting then what’s the greatness about these people..? I think this is the question you may think but the story is both the women started their shooting at the age of 65 without letting their family know about that because they are the women who know only work of household and they don’t know even the signature of them.Their family consists of more than twenty members and they have to do work all the day and their house looks like a mini school.

    They started learning shooting when their grand children are afraid to learn shooting in front of boys and these women come along with them to give them some courage but in the mean while they get to know that they are good at that and started practicing shooting.

    Slowly they started participating in tournaments secretly by telling various reasons each time to their family and they won many medals in every tournament, their grand daughters too start learning from them, they appeared in media and in newspapers.Initially everyone started laughing at them because everyone felt like they are so old that they don’t have enough grip over gun and they laugh at their attire, but after watching their play everyone amazed and there was a huge response from everyone.

    Everything was going fine but when they were selected for international level and they had to leave the village about 15 days , they don’t know what to say to the people in the house, the role of men in their houses had great impact on the lives of people , they felt like they will agree when they get to know about their achievements but that leads to many struggles and distractions in their life.

    Soon they arise and struggled a lot at least for their grand daughters future and made everyone to accept their grand daughter’s participation in place of our country and finally one of their grand daughter won silver in shooting and brings great reputation for our country whereas these two women remained in our country as a great people who brings change in the lives of them and in their children and society and finally it’s a happy ending..!

    These are the real women who are known as shooter dadis, belongs to a small village in uttar pradesh who have great determination to do anything and proved that age is just a number to our body but not to our work, spirit and thoughts.

    The main point behind explaining all these things is , if the two women think that we’ve already crossed much of our life and we’re tired of everything , already we are facing so many difficulties in our life , we don’t want to welcome new problems then they don’t have achieved much. They believe that spirit is enough to reach anything and there’s always a way for the impossible way too. Practically they are in their last years still they have such a great hopes for their life as well as for their children, we should have much more fantasies and bigger dreams than them.Taste the flavor of each and every bit of our life either it’s sweetness or hotness.

    Depression is just like a sudden guest , we may welcome it unknowingly but we’ve to show our house that’s our inner heart is much stronger and should warn it that we’re strong enough to deal with that. It should feel fearful to come for the next time.


    Thanks for reading.

    smile honey..!!

    Get a little hope

    Walking on a remote, desolate country lane. The sufferer has to wear night vision glasses and can see nothing, unless something alive, animate, comes into vision alarmingly,withthrough ultra violet glasses . The little country lane is deserted, and colourless. You must walk for miles -not knowing how far..The compulsary night vision glasses enforce sight of animate objects in the ultra- violet , defined by heat. Horrifying ,creatures, bright, startling, green, swirl, with violent intent, personifications of inner woes screaming at you. Alone, and petrified you walk. The lane that may never end. Monsters, stir and wait to fly out and haunt you. Fear of them intensifies. You know they will be somewhere, no rest-bite. Anxiety and fear increasing, you want this to end. You could be here forever. In most cases, the light comes over the horizon. Normality can be restored.Although residual intense, fear and suffering remain. Moreover you will return to this world again.

    The next dark walk begins, hopeless, and in despairring you are forced to wear the night vision goggles once more.SUDDENLY,whist Wwalking in terror, a familiar voice is saying her name. He takes her hand and says:“I am here darling. I found the road you walk on, I will walk with you. You cannot see me, nor I you.,I am not forced to wear goggles , monsters or memories you see.But I am walking next to you,holding your hand.not leaving you until we reach your destination.I have goose pimples and watering eyes, feeling the joy and relief your hand would bring , my closest friend and lover walking the road of my depression and fear with me. You do not have to wear the glasses, nor see any of the hellish foes surrounding, but this person holding your hand, walking along aside you offers hope and comfort in a world you cannot see..You are that person!To access the road must you must feel the detachment and loneliness. Be there for her as you would if she had been in an accident, or lost her memory, never try to wear the glasses but to find the road is enough for her, so much more than you could ever know. You will never know either -I hope. Empathise- listen to her explanations,and descriptions. Ask questions, you will find a picture in your head of the road and you can ask her what her journey of depression, at its worst,feels like -that way she knows you are there with her. When the darkness lifts tell her you will be there next time, and gather more insight into her journey, she may not have a scene to visualise and you could paint a setting with her, make it both of yours, imagination and perceptions, built on her descriptions. I hope that helps, one thing more- whilst offering to understand she may rebuke or tell you are wrong. But persevere, use your own way of ensuring her you will be with her when she is forced back into this world. If nothing else, ensure her you are not one of the green monsters she must confront on her walk..You can feel the wind and hear the trees
    http://rustle.Be her ears and her senses, share with her antyhing you can,and let her trust you-make her believe you want to be on that journey with her. (if you don’t be honest about it),

    Imagine the joy in hearing her tell you she knows you are there with her. That would be the most wonderful gift you could give, and receive. You can learn about it, read accounts of other sufferers. Understand, believe, listen and read
    Resources and Information. donot judge, or be upset if you feel you are not getting anywhere. You can do no more; but a hell of a lot less. She will know you want to be there- if you do. Give security and trust. Walk the walk. You can find it, just by hoping. James Anderson

    Depression is a phase of life as well as mind where you are so much dug into a negative situation that it becomes difficult to get out of that phase.

    I believe It’s not a choice but it’s a place in life where you go when you feel there is no other choice.

    1.Whatever people around you will say won’t have any effect on you when you are in depression just want to be alone and don’t want any companionship.

    3.You forget to find positive in things rather everything seems negative to you.

    But this happens when you are very deep in depression and find no meaning in anything.


    1: As we know prevention is better than cure hence try to identify the beginning of a depression. Say if something is haunting you try to find a solution by yourself and if not try to talk to people around you they may be your parents, friends or anyone you find comfortable talking with.

    2.If you have been dragged into depression one thing that can change everything is meditation. You will find it difficult at first but then when you keep on doing it you will feel relaxed and you will not make any rash decisions. You will be able to think clearly.

    3.If this doesn’t help try going for a therapist. Going to a therapist will be helpful because firstly they will be strangers and you could talk to them about any of your problems. It won’t be revealed because of attorney client privilege pact. Also since they are experienced they would have dealt with several situation and have knowledge , hence they can handle your situation very easily.

    4.Try pursuing your hobbies. I know it’s difficult to persue a hobby when in depression but at least you can try.

    5.Try meeting people, going out and having a little time for yourself.

    6.Lastly, nobody but your parents can help you out in a way that nobody can. However big the situation is talk to them may be they will get angry at first but they will do whatever to protect you.

    Thank you for reading. Hope we take mental health seriously.

    I’ve recently dealt with depression. I’ve found, no person, not even a psychologist could snap me out of it. I had this barrier around my head that anything said to me wouldn’t get through me. It was brutal.

    But I pushed through it and bacame a stronger, wiser person mostly by my own efforts. Here’s how:

    1. Diet – I got into the ketogenic diet. FYI, the Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high fat diet used to treat children with epilepsy back in the 1900’s. It’s extremely promising as it have shown to reduce symptoms of a lot of diseases as well as being effective in shedding excess body fat. After a month on keto, I felt better. My mind was clearer, I was generally in a better mood overall. I also felt better about myself as I can see excess weight shedding off and I had clearer skin. I feel amazing and I would never go back to the way I was eating.
    2. Mindset – One of the reasons why I succumbed to depression was because of my perfectionism and the grind I put myself into when I was in culinary school. Sure it was passion, but it was toxic passion as I had unhealthy expectations of myself. I sulked when I did poorly in school. Then I stumbled upon Stoicism, a school of philosophy that emphasized on doing your best on the things you control and leaving the things you can’t control alone. It was actually the basis for the treatments currently used in patients with depression, PTSD etc. I changed my outlook, eliminated my expectations and started reading the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and books with Stoic context in them. It changed the way Ied life, almost completely eliminated my disappointments (which ultimately lead to depression) and kept my about life grounded and realistic.

    So, there you go. Those are the two things that made me overcome depression. Sure, you have the friends and family, but when you’re depressed you have a tendency to just hear, but not listen. Every close friend and family member was talking and trying to ask me whats wrong, offering advice and such. It was only until I decided I wanted to change that I actually saw the change.

    Let’s understand Depression from the eyes of Biology.

    Ever heard of a Parasite? Am sure we all have.

    What does it do? It feeds on the nutrients of the other organism.

    What happens to the other organism? With it’s lack of nutrient, it succumbs to death.

    When the organism is dead, what does the parasite do? It goes on to find a new life-form to suck the benefits out of it.

    Well let me tell you something, Depression and Parasite are one and the same thing.

    Depression like a parasite, feeds on your happy emotions. It sucks every bit of happiness out of you, making you weak internally and externally. You become a person trapped in their own virtual cage.

    There seems no exit. You want to get out of it, but the “Parasitic Depression” is a cocky little bastard, and it just won’t allow you to exit from it. Being cocky, it gives you an urge-a imaginative push-a hope and you feel a sudden surge of Adrenalin. But unfortunately, this surge is just a partial phase. Depression seems to push you for it, to provide it Feed. And once it is well fed, your back to square one.

    Depression is worse than any disease in the world!

    Well then how do we fight it? I see people resort to inspirational videos, motivational speech. But do they help? Of-course, they do. But only for a couple of hours. You need a push that is undying, that is a strong disinfectant for your “Parasitic Depression”.

    So what is this strong medication that will cure this problem?

    “The phoenix was injured bad, the shrapnel had pierced deep into her. She could see death and tears fell from her eyes as she all her dear phoenix next to her. As her tears fell on her wound, she found the wound dissolving. How was this possible? It was beyond repair! Miracle was happening. And that day the Phoenix realized that she herself was her cure for every pain.”

    Read the above lines and be the Phoenix.

    Depression cannot be cured by anyone else but YOU!!!! You can listen to million of speeches, surround yourself with friends, but until your heart doesn’t choose to distance this problem, you are not going to get out of it.

    Motivate yourself. It is very important to understand what depresses you. People have come to me and told me that they themselves don’t know the reason why they are. That’s total Balderdash! We all know are reasons for depression, we are just afraid to confront it. Face your fears.

    “A lion not always roar to devour a prey, but sometimes in pain.”

    Once you know your problem, it’s important to restore normalcy to it. Sometimes the problem is how we are leading our life, or because of someone, but they all have a common conclusion and it is,

    “It is important to be Un-Done to know how much Done you are.”

    Understand the statement. Whatever you are right now, is not what is making you happy. But does that mean you can’t change? Of-course you can. You were happy once. Can’t you become that person again? Of-course I can.

    But how to become that person again?

    Pretty easy. What all additions have happened in your life that turned that smile upside-down and made your tears a well always overflowing.

    Once you have figured this all out, figure out what you want most. Remove the negativity. Feel hope again. It is the most powerful tool. And you want to know why? Because I once knew a guy who had everything. In one year he lost everything-Lost the love of his life when he was on ship to another person, saw the death of a close acquaintance, Fucked up miserably at his job…in the end lost all hope. He wanted to die. But he choose not to. And kept fighting. Here he is right now writing this article. And you know why I say it? Because I realized one thing and I stand by it Forever,”God is Kind and Hope is a beautiful thing.”

    To all you people depressed, You can fight it. And you know why? Cause I fucking trust you.

    As a kid we were never taught what is depression. But we were definitely told Life teaches you everything. Amidst the teaching sometimes we just lose ourselves. We lose the very essence of living and life.

    I have seen the darkness of depression. So be assured I have tasted it and I know it doesn’t taste good. But it will teach you a lot in its own way. Its not impossible to be trapped in it. and Its not impossible to get out of it.

    I keep reminding myself – Do not let your mind drive you, Drive your own mind.

    Now you must be like, but mind is sitting at the drivers seat how can you drive then?

    Its not the mind who should take the drivers seat. If you let it do that, it will just produce numerous thoughts some important and many waste and would drive you crazy. Eventually making you fall trap to anxiety and depression. Mind is a gadget of its own kind. Let it do its job but don’t let it take control over you. Its you who chooses, what is wrong and what is right.

    Here are some things which you can do to get back you control on your mind :

    Q. First you need to get over that day long anxiety feeling. How do you do that? By sleeping all day?

    A. No. Just get out of your bed. and start engaging yourself in whatever you ever wanted to do ever since childhood(I am sure you had many aspirations). May be you wanted to travel, go and travel. May be you wanted to exercise or go for a run, May be you wanted to write. Do whatever you feel comfortable in. Choose as many activities as you can.

    I started writing, Singing, listening to more music, and sometimes drumming too 😛

    Q. And what do I do of so many problems in life that are troubling me?

    A. Are you able to fix those anyways? You are not. Because right not you are not capable enough. So just forget about the problems, even if it is as big as your career, marriage, relationship, or fear of losing a close one. Its important to patiently tackle any situation. Impatience will lead you to the wrong ways mostly. Give it time. Stop thinking about it too much.

    Q. Do I need support?

    A. Yes you do. But its not important that you can always get support. If you are alone it does not mean you cannot overcome anxiety. You are capable enough to do everything. Yes it might take more time. But the key is to stop thinking and thats in your hands and not others. The key to overcome depression is realizing that you are wasting your time thinking unnecessary things in life. Most of the thoughts which cross your mind right now are not even important to give attention to. Let them come and go.

    If you realize this one thing that peace lies within and no body can get it for you, you will be the happiest person. What you see is what you perceive. So think positive, rest all will fall in place.

    I do not say follow me. But I would say if I am able to help you in any way, help others too. I am open to any questions or any help you seek. I can share more if you want me to 🙂

    I have fought with depression and anxiety for 10 years and now I am coming out of it gradually. Medicines helped me from panic attacks. Counselling worked lil bit.

    I went for alternate healing. As per my birthdate I am a spiritual person, so my alternate healer suggested angel therapy. It worked!!! I m slowly getting out of depression by it.

    I was mistreated by my family since childhood. My father raised me when he was depressed. We had a lot of family issues which lead my sister to depression and finally she died because of a suicide. After that, I got little anxious but then after unemployment in recession and my break up I got totally in depression.

    If your birthdate doesn’t fall into spiritual being then maybe angel therapy and reiki will not work for you.

    I will just tell you what I leart in angel therapy:

    1- Forgiveness: Forgive all people who hurt you or wrong you, cut the cord with negative people.

    2-Gratitude: Just make a list of 10 positive things in your life every morning. It will make you feel good even in depression and slowly u will understand you have a lot and should not be depressed.

    3- believe in god and his miracles. Pray daily. Visit temple atleast a week.

    4- Meditation: It helps you to get grounded.

    Try Eft tapping also, it helps me to get going.

    Few more things which I learnt is

    1-make a schedule of the day. Wake up early, go to bed early. Plan your day so that you stop getting depressed and anxious in a tight schedule.

    2- break big task into small pieces and do it.

    3- Find pleasure in small things. Appreciate yourself in small small things. Give a pat on your back when you complete a project, assignment and cherish it, celebrate by small token, party or gift to urself which will motivate you to do better. Enjoy small things in your life.

    Hope this helps,

    lots of love and light. Get well soon!

    First step- Confront and accept your depression.

    Second step- Are you sure you want to overcome it on your own or do you think there is someone who can help you overcome it?

    If your answer is former, then first let it out. Isolate yourself and see that you have a room just for yourself and have ample privacy to vent out your depression either through crying, swearing or just any coping mechanism. However strongly refrain from self harm of all sorts.

    Once you’ve confronted the reason that gets you depressed try finding out why it depresses you. It could be peer pressure, it could be love failure, it could be a boring life. I get it. But can you answer yourself what got you to be affected to the point of depression? Once you answered it or atleast closely get an idea ,dive into it and see what will happen if you cannot let it affect you.

    Say, your friends are well off and party regularly and life a large life while you are pretty grounded and have restrictions. Maybe your taunted with their Snapstories and Instagram posts. How about uninstalling those apps? From personal experience it definitely helps avoiding unnecessary social media exposure that instigates depressing feelings. Find ways you can use that time on some other app or activity of your interest like watching that long overdue TV series, reading some book, trying some new receipe or playing some Indoor /outdoor game.

    Did it reduce the thoughts that bug you? Do you feel light headed? Well now you can further lighten up by listening to some amazing music that lifts your mood and probably dance and groove as you feel like. Dance from your heart not mind.

    Even more light headed? Well check out some old pictures that bring back some good memories you shared with friends and family. I’m sure you’ll be left smiling the whole time. While doing so you could probably text or call one of your favorite people(s) and catch up and talk, without hiding anything. Literally talk crap too , it won’t matter because the other person is someone your close to, just open up your heart and let it out.

    Much more light headed? Well go out now and treat yourself for getting better. But before you end the day with a peaceful sleep and dry pillow , promise yourself to repeat this process next time you feel depressed. Trust me the effect of depression keeps reducing from time to time until you can hardly feel any.

    If you chose the latter, that is reach out to a friend/family then you can probably do all this with them in their presence alongside some other ways of recouping together and fighting it back harder.

    Sincere request : Do Not get comfortable with your depression and enjoy wallowing and self pitying. It’s more harmful than you think.

    I understand that you feel the need to pity yourself as the only sort of pity and empathy you can get but you’re damn wrong. Confessing and confronting are the key to taking yourself out of depression.

    Hope it helps. Don’t be ashamed. Ever.

    A few things:

    1. If you live near a major university, call them or see what studies they have. Personally, intravenous ketamine and GLYX-13 helped me a lot
    2. Cold showers / cold plunge is amazing. It stimulates mitochondrial activity as well as dopamine and it helps alleviate depression / anxiety. If you stay in cold water for more than ~30 minutes, you should then hop in a sauna. The variance between hot and cold is extremely good for you.
    3. Tiny dosages or Adderall (15mg) provided me with a 3–4 hour window of “normality”. Adderall is toxic though so don’t overdo it.
    4. Tianeptine, an SSRE, helps a lot and is neuroprotective
    5. High dose Niacin (B3) helps a lot – it’s uncomfortable though because you need the flushing kind. You’ll need to take at least 2 grams a day
    6. Obviously your diet is super important. Eliminate grains, lectins, dairy and eat a lot of fats (avocados, etc.)
    7. If you’re taking medications, you should be very careful because many of them are extremely toxic. They have Fluoride, a potent neurotoxin, and are also hepatotoxic (bad for the liver)
    8. High dose krill oil. Don’t take fish oil because it’s oftentimes rancid. Krill oil is better. If you insist upon fish oil, make sure it has Astaxanthin in it to prevent rancidity.

    I discuss ~30 ways to cure depression / OCD here and anxiety:

    The Fastest Way to Permanently Cure Depression, Anxiety & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Kindle edition by David Jaffee. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

    I have never been diagnosed with depression so I feel a little out of my depth in answering this. However, I feel that I do get to the point sometimes where I could end up depressed, if I carry on the way I am. When this happens I recognise it, have a cry or wallow for a bit, ask myself what is making me feel this way, take 5 and face it, change it or walk away from it.

    This is my on it.


    Letting yourself be a victim. When something terrible happens to you you can feel like it’s the end of the world and you get stuck in a rut asking why? You wallow on the negative and feel pity for yourself.

    Blaming others. When you feel like your situation is other people’s fault you will feel resentment and anger, and an unwillingness to do anything about it because its not your fault. Which in many cases it won’t be but the way you respond to it is definitely your choice and is what ultimately will change the overall feeling. Blaming others doesn’t solve anything. it just encourages you to focus on them and not you.

    Fear. Being scared of change can stop you from changing things and staying in the dark place.

    Negative people. When you are around people that are not good for you, whether this is being nasty to you or just someone who constantly moans and puts a downer on any positive this feelings and actions Will affect you.

    Not doing anything to change it. These things are in your hands no matter how much you feel like they are not. If you are not going to DO anything to help switch it up how will they ever change?


    Do something different. Look at where you are and seek out one thing at a time that is making you feel crap. Look at how you can change it. Give yourself little goals every day (tiny goals even) that are achievable and actually do them. Eg house is a tip – choose one thing, just one thing to do each day(small pile of ironing, hoover upstairs, clean the toilet, change the bedding). What part of your house do you walk past and think argh each time? Do something with it. Overweight – again choose one thing each day, drink more water, do 10 squats or 2 mins of jumping Jack’s and build on it. Little wins add up so don’t not do them because “it won’t make a difference” it will over time and it’s better than not doing anything. If it’s the kids, ask someone for help (this does not make you a bad parent! If anything it makes you a better parent and a fab role model. You are teaching your kids it’s OK to not be OK and it’s definitely OK to ask for help). If there isn’t anyone to ask, ask yourself what your most struggling with and start there. Little tiny steps are better than nothing.

    Time. So many people feel they don’t have the time. Look and be brutally honest with what you do with your time. Where are you wasting it? Social media, sleeping in, watching too much TV, doing nothing too often, working far too much? You have to be brutally honest with yourself. There is almost always somewhere that you can steal time from and use it to do something that will benefit you.

    Spend less time with people who make you feel crap whether intentionally or not. Time to concentrate on you and then when you get yourself good if there’s anyone that you feel is just as stuck as you were/are you will be in a better place to help them.

    Leave things that have happened in the past, in the past. This is obviously not something that is always easy and somethings need to be faced and dealt with for you to be able to move on. Face them, you lived them and survived them, they are done so time to work on getting them out of your head. Acknowledge that they happened and accept that the past cannot be changed no matter how much you wish that it could. Time to focus on the present and the future. If it’s something you done that you aren’t proud of ask yourself what you could do to help heal it. If there isn’t anything, then it’s time to move on and just accept that it’s done.

    Write. Write a list of to dos get all of them out on paper and pick one at a time to focus on. Write about how you are feeling. Write your fears challenge them. What scares you about them? When would they likely happen? Are they Really likely to happen? Can you change them? If not, then please try not to wallow on them and accept that you can’t change them because it’s not in your hands.

    Choose to do what is good for you. Do something that is good for you, physically, mentally or emotionally. If it is not good for you don’t do it.

    Help others. It takes your mind off of your own problems for a bit and seeing the other person smile or be better off because of what You did can be such a positive boost for yourself…its a win/win. I will add though don’t feel like you have to help everyone. If you have the time and the resources then do it but make sure you are not bending too far for others that you are in turn neglecting your own needs and wants.

    Be honest with yourself, really, really honest. Accept that only you can change this feeling for good and take the first little step and then another and then another. If you fall…that’s OK…. Dust yourself off and get back up. Failure helps build us up and strengthens us without it we would be pretty weak individuals. I don’t believe in failure at all, if your still living you still have a chance to get to where you want to be.

    It might not be easy but all you have to do try and try again.

    The most important part in coming out of a Depression is to do something.

    Most people suffering from depression do not get any real joy from their lives anymore because they cease to do anything at all. They deem nothing as being worthy of their time or nothing as bringing them happiness so they don’t even try.

    With this, however, they run themselves into deeper and deeper spirals. Because they don’t do anything they do not get any positive feedback from the world, which just makes the negative things more apparent. They notice those negative things, but without the will to do anything and change things there will be no positives to counteract them.

    In the end this creates a cycle of regret, doubt and pessimism about the future that can hardly be broken.

    Doing something, anything, is a great start to counteract that.

    Even if it is just a small step forward; take whatever you can!

    That being said, this is not easy by any means, nor is it something most people suffering from Depression are even aware of, because they cannot see what is worth doing.

    That is also why talking to someone, like a therapist, has huge benefits to countering a Depression. Research shows that up to 80% of people that get treated for depression show improvements, which is a staggeringly high number (Depression Statistics).

    Alone you cannot see your own mistakes or the effect of your own actions, especially if your mind is clouded in negativity.

    Just talking to someone who has your best interests in mind and knows what they are doing is often enough to get you back out of it. But that too is an action you must take!

    Nothing will happen on its own, but something will happen if you seek the right help.

    You wouldn’t try to fix a broken leg on your own so why are you trying to fix your mind by yourself?

    Do something. Get help; it will help. Do not try to fight this battle alone.

    That being said, should you, for whatever reason, really want to fight this battle on your own (which I must advise against), then the best way is to increase your emotions and then act to go further in your life.

    Move one step forward, improve in something, level-up one area of your life and seek to better yourself in whatever way you can.

    One step forward is all it takes for you to have a win under your belt. And every win matters.

    Once you have a win, remember it. Think back to all your past wins, be grateful for what you have and keep thinking about all the good things that happened to you; they are out there.

    Just because you only see the negative doesn’t mean the world is only negative. It is just your perspective, at the moment, that is changing how you the world.

    So many things happen that you are simply unaware of. Find those things! Notice the beauty and the amazing things that happen! Remember the amazing times!

    Find an arsenal of positive experiences to fight the negative ones. And remember, you do not have to find these alone.

    Do the best you can to hang on, as hard as that can be sometimes. I can totally identify with what you’re describing. I’ve struggled with severe, chronic, treatment resistant, major depression, among other things, for well over 20 years now. I’ve thought about suicide the majority of those days. Seeking professional help is a very good idea. There are also some groundbreaking drugs that are almost certainly set to make it to market over the next couple of years. ALKS 5461, rapastinel, a different version of ketamine, called esketamine, that will be covered by insurance, among a few others. If you have the monetary means, there are also ketamine clinics around the country now offering ketamine therapy. The only drawback is the cost, which is in the thousands for one course of treatment, with patients usually having to return within a few months for another round of treatment. As far as I’m concerned, it’s practically criminal that a relatively safe, cheap, generic drug, that could potentially help more people than any antidepressant in history, is unattainable because doctors are either charging ridiculous amounts of money for it or insurance won’t cover it because it’s off label, despite the fact that insurance companies routinely cover other drugs that are used off label. Depression, by way of suicide, kills far more people on a daily basis than ketamine ever has. Oh, and did I forget to say it’s dirt cheap!? Just another one of the many indicators of how flawed our system is. Anyhow, I know how one day, or even a few hours, even a few moments, can feel like an eternity, much less waiting another year or two for the pharmaceutical companies to put out a new drug that actually works and isn’t just a another new and “improved” version of the same drugs (SSRI’s) they’ve been putting out for the last 30–40 years, but try to hang on as best you can. I hope this helped even a tiny bit. Take care.



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