How to get an email address for Amazon

  • How can I get an email address for Amazon?

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    It depends which department you want to send to. If you want to send an email to every single person who works at the company, you can email [email protected] If you want to send an email to, say, all of the managers at a specific warehouse, you would enter the warehouse name and then “[email protected]” For example, emailing the TPA2 warehouse in Florida would read “[email protected]

    If you were looking to procure an Amazon email address if you already work there, your manager or HR can usually set it up for you; they use Outlook as the main client. Also keep in mind that you can only access Amazon email while within the Amazon intranet.


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    As a manager at Amazon, I can choose to do one of two things with new hires.

    1. You can accept the randomly generated word salad the computer creates for a person’s email. I’ve seen people receive very strange combinations including randomly repeating letters. For example, my name might produce [email protected] for my email. The repeating ‘b’ has no relevance on my name.
    2. You can spend time trying to choose a more relevant alias for your new hire. I really like three letter aliases or first names since they’re easy to tell coworkers when they ask for your email. I try something until the system accepts it.

    The second option always has to be done some time before the new hire starts or the system will accept the auto generated one and it’s permanent once that happens.


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    Yes, Indeed!!

    Amazon takes good care of there customer and they are very helpful when needed.

    I ordered oneplus 6 phone on 14th July 2018, and as a prime member was promised to get it delivered by 15th July 2018, but unfortunately the phone didn’t got delivered And inspite of the delivery status being OOMUT FOR DELIVERY, the phone was not delivered to me till 16th July 2018.

    To get my phone as soon as possible I contacted many customer care executive but no one had any idea when and how my phone will get delivered, so I took an initiative and emailed Jeff Bezos regarding the situation and I got response from them with an email and compensation of some amount and even my phone got delivered the next day itself.

    Email sent by me to Jeff Bezos

    Reply from Amazon after the above email


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    There really shouldn’t be a need to email customer service to Amazon. Email is very old-fashioned. Everything can be be handled quickly without the back and forth of email. Amazon is open 24/7 and they prefer to get problems handled one and done. If you go to your Amazon account and go to the bottom of customer service. This will then take you to what area your concern is. You can then live chat or use the phone. 1–800–280–4331 It truly is much quicker than email.

    Amazon are not taking emails or calls during COVID-19. Online chat is available, or you can have them call you. The only email address is for return postage refunds, and is only to be used when given out by them during a call or chat.


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    On 2 February 2021 I placed order #11478837910708268. The item was defective, so I returned it via your internal return service. Your return service lost my return, and now your automated accounting service is charging me for the defective returned item. Why don’t I use your handy chat service? I can not use the telephonebecause of my hearing. Can you edit my account to stipulate I am deaf?


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    Just go into your account/orders to email them. There is also a customer service link. Click on it and they will call you back nearly immediately for faster service. As a rule, Amazon has very good customer service, but nothing ever stays the same… Good luck!


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