How to fix the ‘CTRL F’ faster way not operating in Excel

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    Pl check if you have designated the ctrl F faster way key to any other Macro/ Function

    if not then inspect if the combination is working in any other office application, if it does not work there then you need a service engineer


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    Firstly, make certain you have an active cell i.e. just click on any cell and then press Ctrl F (faster way for find function). Basic however a great deal of people make this mistake and if it still does not work, inspect your macros to see if you have actually used the very same shortcut for any other macro records.


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    Thanks for the A2A.

    Please inspect the following things and then utilize CTRL F in stand out:

    1. Check that your search alternatives are set to search in worths and not solutions.

    2. Ensure that you don’t have multiple cells chosen.

    3. Guarantee “Match whole cell” isn’t chosen.

    Please do make sure the above guidelines to use Find choice in stand out.

    Hope that assists.



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    If any macro faster way is assigned is Ctrl F then default Discover & & Replace won’t work.

    To fix the problem: Go to ribbon, select Macros, get rid of the macro shortcut key from Macros Options



    Check that your serach choices are set to look in Values, not Formulas. Make certain you do not have numerous cells picked (otherwise, Search will just look in picked cells). Make sure “Match entire cell” isn’t picked, unselect Match Entire cell contents.



    The syntax of IF is =IF( Logical_test, Value_if_True, Value_if_False).

    In your concern, take the part referenced by “If one is true” and make that be the first IF statement. You might have something like this:

    = IF( this holds true, IF( A2= 5,” Bypass condition here”,” override false here”),” What to do if first condition is incorrect here”).

    Or … you might have an IF declaration for value_if_false:

    = IF( G2=” Paid Invoice”,” Thanks for your payment”, IF(( TODAY()- F2)>>30,” Invoice is overdue – please pay instantly”,” Billing due quickly”))

    You can quickly nest one IF function inside the next, (approximately a ridiculous limitation of 32 … if you get anywhere close to that, you should switch to a VLOOKUP or MATCH or something else)

    If you occur to have Workplace 365, you may have a look at the new IFS and SWITCH functions.

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    Shortcuts for what?

    On the Mac, the CTRL key is a modifier key, just as on Windows. However, it’s NOT the modifier key utilized for most keyboard shortcuts. That would be the Command key, 2 secrets to its right, simply to the left of the area bar.

    So the shortcut you most likely desire is COMMAND i, and COMMAND b instead (italic and vibrant, amiright?)

    If you are believing why would the Mac modification things around, just to be various? Would not it make more sense if keyboards were more standard across running systems? Yes, it most likely would. The Mac did it first, because at the time that the Mac came out, the “typical” standard keyboard layout didn’t yet exist, and PC keyboards didn’t have a “command” key. Hence when MS inserted Windows onto all the existing and uncomfortable hardware that currently existed, they needed to utilize the CTRL type in that way. Even though keyboards later on embraced the more universal layout originated by the Mac, they never ever chose to change it, or even allow users to alter it. A minimum of MS apps on the Mac follow the Mac conventions, and do not impose Windows requirements on Mac users.

    If you want to rapidly see what a keyboard faster way for any given command is on the Mac, take a couple of moments simply to browse through the menus. Versus lots of menu commands is the keyboard shortcut. The little cloverleaf symbol (⌘) implies the COMMAND secret. In some cases shortcuts include multiple modifiers, e.g. the OPTION secret (⌥) and even on celebrations the CTRL (^) key.

    Ctrl V is utilized to paste the worth which is already copied or cut. If Cut/Copy is not done at first, paste will not return any worth. Accordingly, it is the 2nd action of cut/copy information which currently there in clipboard.

    Different to this, Ctrl D is taking the exact same worth which exists in Cell above. If you have some data in Cell A1 and you select the Cell A2 and press Ctrl D, you get the very same A1 information into A2. You can utilize this to fill all picked cells downwards i.e. choose the Cell A1 to A10 and press Ctrl D, you get very same information filled upto cell A10

    Please keep in mind that if information is copied/Cut from any cell, it can be pasted any where in the file utilizing Ctrl V but Ctrl D will work just at the cell listed below the information.

    Another difference is Ctrl V works the majority of the application whereas Ctrl D operate in Excel just.

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